Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 543 Emergency Breakfast and First Time Asparagus Experience

Day 543

Emergency Breakfast and First Time Asparagus Experience

I slept sound last night. Too sound. I overslept horribly. It was a good thing I showered before bed! I must have really worked out harder than I realized with the stairs yesterday, because my body demanded and took the rest it needed. I didn't have time to fix coffee! I grabbed a banana on my way to the vehicle and a mad dash to the studio. I was hungry, horribly hungry, and a banana just wasn't going to be enough. So I quickly swung into a fast-food place for an order of plain scrambled eggs and a fruit and yogurt parfait—oh, and a coffee. I'm not mentioning the name of this place, but you already know. The mere mention of it disgust some, and I completely understand why---But--It was an emergency breakfast!

I really didn't have time to stop. But breakfast is just too important to me, and I made the best choices possible. I think I've finally 'trained' the early morning crew at this place. Usually they're out of the fruit and yogurt this early, telling me that the person who makes those doesn't arrive until 7am or so. Last time they told me this, I asked two pointed, yet polite questions. First---Does it really take a specially trained individual to put fruit and yogurt in a cup? And second---Am I the only early morning breakfast orderer in Ponca City that wants fruit and yogurt? They made them early today for some reason. Hmmm, maybe I made a good point...I really think they hate me there! The eggs and yogurt represented 300 calories to me, the banana—100, so 400 to start the day...that was good for my metabolism.

I knew from the start that today was going to be a really busy day. I stayed focused, made a plan of attack, and got everything done I needed to get done. Wait---except six sixty second commercials that start tomorrow on stations across the region. Oops! After a long day, I had no choice but to go back and get these finished...people were waiting on me....Oh the pressure! I finally left the studio shortly before 7pm. Uhhg!

Before I returned to the studio this evening, I enjoyed a nice dinner invitation from a friend who prepared a homemade shrimp linguine. The invitation included the question “Can you eat shrimp linguine?” My reply sometimes confuses people. “Oh, I can eat anything and everything.” Portion control is key here. I enjoyed a normal portion, nice and slow. It was amazing! And then I ate something I've never in my life tried. I ate asparagus. Well, I didn't want to be rude! You know me---I eat veggies, but a limited kind and limited amount. I've never been a huge fan of vegetables, And asparagus? I never thought I'd see the day it crossed my lips. I wish I could tell you that it was the most amazing first bite ever, and now I'm hooked on the stuff, but no. It was OK, and it looked great on the plate---but I'm still not a fan of these green little twigs. At least now I can say I tried it. Usually when I tell someone I don't like something, they ask “Have you ever tried it?” If I say no, then of course they start with the “then how do you know...?” routine. If I say I have tried it, then they'll go into “Well, you haven't tried it the way I fix it!” I'm really bad, like a little spoiled kid when it comes to food. I've never tried brussel sprouts, cauliflower, raw broccoli, or bean sprouts either. Never. And I'm not sure that will change. But maybe someday I'll turn into an adult and give some of these a shot. Nah, probably not.

It was a super long day with a workout just like yesterday. Stairs at the theatre...not bad a flight or two at a time, but over and over---that's a workout pure and simple. And it was a workout tonight. I hung out with friends until way late tonight. I dropped in bed shortly before midnight---making sure to set three alarms.

Amber is coming in tomorrow for spring break from school. I can't wait to see her!! We're going to have a blast! Alice In Wonderland in 3D is on the agenda this weekend, as is a trip to see the fam in Stillwater.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. You can't just say you don't like asparagus without telling us how it was cooked! Preparation makes all the difference...

  2. Do you have the asparagus gene?

  3. Listen, you have to have roasted or grilled asparagus. Roasted at 400 for 8 minutes, with a 1 tsp. of olive oil over it, salt and pepper, maybe some crushed garlic. On the grill, in a basket, prepared the same's like candy. My kids beg for it. But, our pee smells funny after for a day. :) Hence, the asparagus gene!

  4. My husband has the PVE gene (Picky Veggie Eater gene), yet he will eat cooked broccoli or cauliflower with a little lite cheesy-mustard sauce over it. It really is true, it's all in how a thing is prepared. I used to detest bitter brussel sprouts til I had them oven roasted!

    But ya know what? Your eating has already evolved so far from what it used to be. I just know that in YOUR own time, you will become a Food Adventurer, exploring the Veggie Jungles of the world. ;-)


  5. Lol, it took me years to acquire a taste for asparagus. Now, I eat it regularly. But it definitely has to be prepared the right way. Roasted with a little garlic is my favorite. :)

  6. You were very brave! I love vegetables. There aren't many I won't eat.

    Glad that you are open to trying new foods. It really helps with food boredom.

  7. I was taught that children need to taste and item close to 20 times before they acquire taste buds for it... That is why I asked children to take one " no thank you bite" of each thing I had gone to the trouble of cooking... to develop their tastes into habits. I encourage you to try them again..maybe prepared more Sean friendly like baby asparagus spears saute'd with mushroom halves etc.....

  8. Mmm, asparagus is delicious, especially roasted with a little olive oil, parmesan, and red pepper flakes!

    Bean sprouts are not only delicious, but they are nutritional power houses!

    Raw broccoli has never been my thing, but it isn't terrible either.

    Cauliflower, I USED to hate, but now it is one of my favorites. Delicious, mild flavor.

    I used to be pickier with my vegetables, but as an adult I have MADE myself go back and try all the veggies I thought I hated, to see if it was just my tastes at the time that were the issue (flavors are stronger to children) or if I genuinely hated them. I got over a dislike of avocado, cauliflower, tomatoes, and avocado just by trying them again.

    And beets? Even more disgusting!

  9. Asparagus is a favorite of many vegetables can be completely ruined in preparation...mostly overcooking. Roasting asparagus with a simple marinade of italian dressing or a shake or two of lemon pepper seasoning is awesome...pull them while they are still crunchy. Also (and it may seem like wasting) take each spear with two hands and bend them until they snap. Take the bottom portion and compost it or plan to boil the hell out of it for a soup or something. Woody asparagus is also a big killer of the enjoyment.

    Oh yeah...umm...some people don't care for the odor of their urine after eating it. I call it Asparapee... I deal with it. Happens to some, not tall due to some natural elements of asparagus.

    Good choice(s) Sean!

  10. White asparagas is the go yummy, you should try canned asparagus first, easier to eat great in quiche, vege's are definitely all in the preparation, big thing is don't overcook them, if they are frozen just heat them up they are already cooked.

  11. Hello,

    I have been reading your blog for a while now. I really look forward to reading new post.

    Eating veggies is a tuff for me too. The way I get it through my mouth is dipping it into a sauce I like, that way it doesn't fell nor taste like vegetables.

  12. Sean,

    Have a wonderful time with your daughter!!!

    Diet Buddy Girl

  13. Brussel sprouts....You are missin out man! they taste liks little slightly sweeter cabbages to me and you can make them lots of ways! grilled, roasted, steamed! you must try them! ;)

    that is all...

    As Ever

  14. Every one of those veggies are BEST when roasted with a little s & p, olive oil & a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. :)

  15. I love most veggies roasted!! However, i do have to say that although i've tried asparagus a few times it's just not my favorite.

  16. I have to disagree with the comment about the canned asparagus! Gag! That is what I tried first and swore it off. Then I was served it fresh roasted, YUM! I now grow it in my garden. I love to go out and just pick it and eat it straight from the garden.

    Pick up some Just for One Green Giant cauliflower with cheese to try. It is almost like mac and cheese!

    Brussel sprouts must be very fresh or they will be bitter. I have a friend who grows them, so those are the only ones that I will eat. Fry up some turkey bacon, cut the sprouts in half and saute with a little onion and garlic...add a little balsamic vinegar at the end. Yum!

    I love challenging myself to try out different fruits and veggies that I thought I didn't like. I found out that I LOVE roasted/grilled eggplant. I was never fed it as a child, so I never knew. Oh and canned beets versus fresh roasted...again Wow! what a difference the fresh stuff makes!

    Keep exploring new fruits and veggies!


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