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Day 367 Another Pound and Is It Hard?

Day 367

Another Pound and Is It Hard?

Today was weigh day and I completely forgot to send out the weigh day update! Well, it's not too bad because I sent one on Monday. I wasn't expecting too much more than the three pound loss from Monday's Day 365 weigh-in. I added another pound! I'm down to 292. Total lost: 213 pounds! I'm very happy about that. The extra pound lost today makes this two week period end with a four pound loss, and I'm thrilled with that! I think my days of being upset about “small” losses are over. My anxiety over my weight is gone now. If I lose a couple of pounds a week all the way down to my ultimate goal, then fine by me!

I'm already needing a belt with the latest jean size of 42. I think a 40 would fit just fine! That really feels good to say. It'll be so magical to hit the 30's. You know that as soon as I can wear 38's, I'll be writing about it! I'm already writing about the anticipation. It'll be great.

I'm very lucky to have such an amazingly supportive wife. Not only does she support my weight loss efforts, she's also lost over 140 pounds! It's a mutual support thing, really! Irene posted a wonderful blog the other day that she dedicated to me in honor of my one year anniversary. If you haven't already, you can read it at She's a very special woman. My beautiful buddy of twenty-two years! I love you girl!

I've heard several people lately express “how hard” it is to lose weight. It reminded me of an early post, so I thought I would post this excerpt from Day 18 titled “It's Hard! Or Is It?” My entire life I've always thought of weight loss as something that's really hard to do. I've convinced myself that it is so difficult, the mere thought of it makes me want to eat a Twinkie out of complete terror. But isn't that what most of us think? I can't count how many times I've heard someone say “it's so hard to lose weight!”...And I agree, if that's what we decide it is, then it is hard. The big multi-billion dollar weight loss industry loves this perception, because it's a perfect mindset for them to drop in and say... “hey, we have an easy solution for you to try!”. I always get a big kick out of weight loss product commercials that tout an amazing solution, only to include the disclaimer... “with regular diet and exercise”. Ok, so we eat less and exercise more and we take these expensive little pills too, and like magic, wallah! We're slim and fit! So many people fail to listen closely to this, or they'd realize that if you eat less and exercise more, you're more than likely going to lose weight---whether you're taking some expensive pills or not! It's all about your mindset. I've talked about this before in this blog. This journey to lose weight and get in shape is hard if I say it is. But I say it's not. It's not hard! There, I said it! All I am doing is eating normal portions, I'm not over eating, and I'm exercising...and everyday I feel better than the day before. And along the way I'm learning how to eat better and how to exercise right, and these are skills that will keep me fit forever. When you're completely focused and determined it is easy. And once you're in this mode it's very difficult for something to shake you away from it. I knew I had to find this mode, this gear if you will, I knew that if I didn't find this attitude, then I would forever be a victim continually suffering from the consequences of my size and bad habits. I've encountered extremely stressful situations during this first 18 days, yet one thing that hasn't changed is my calorie counting and exercise plan. It doesn't change, no matter the circumstances. Circumstances that would normally send me to the nearest convenience store for a pint of “comfort” food (ice cream), don't stand a chance against this rock solid determination. If I lost my job and became homeless tomorrow I believe I would still be counting calories and probably be walking much more than I do know. It's that important that I lose this weight. The effects of losing this weight and getting in shape are really exciting to think about! I truly believe that my excessive weight has held me back for many years. I often wonder where my family would be had I done this years ago...What could all that confidence have done for us? At the risk of sounding boastful, I know I have the talent to be in a big market, with a big station and a big salary...So after 20 years in radio, why haven't I made it there? Lack of confidence? Breaking chairs during big interviews? I've been way to busy gravitating to the line of least resistance! It's too easy to settle at that line and get by and accept the current situations that make up our daily lives. It's way too easy to NOT take control and do this. But once I made a real committed decision to change it became easy to do this. I'm excited to dream of what the future may hold for my family and friends at the end of this journey and the beginning of the rest of our wonderful lives! By the way, a Twinkie is 150 calories.

Oh, and that's a regular Twinkie without being deep fried!
Thank you for reading, goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Hi Sean. I think that some people do need a psychological prop to get them started on their weight loss journey. As long as they don't fall into the trap of believing that their success is solely due to the product rather than their own dedication and hard work. Once you are in better habits it's much easier to keep it up. Whatever gets you going I say!

    But of course you are right, it's all just about belief.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  2. Sean I guess Hard is a relative term. I know for me dieting isn't HARD it's the not eating part I don't like so much :)

    Ps. Can you tell me EXACTLY how you made that pizza yesterday? I am dying to know.

  3. Deep fried Twinkies are not what they're cracked up to be - speaking from experience. I don't think it's hard once you get in the groove. I do believe Americans in particular have a huge problem with self gratification - it must be immediate and constant. In turn I believe that makes food the easy solution. Once we break away from that, the rest of it is a piece of cake -- or a Twinkie.

  4. When you get your mindset right, this isn't hard. I was just thinking yesterday, how interesting it is that we, as overweight people, think we need to eat more food than we really do. I have found here recently that I don't even need to eat a "regular" sized meal to be satisfied. It's very nice to have a new attitude toward food. I don't eat anymore because it's "time" to eat, i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner. I eat when I need to eat, and I don't eat a "full" meal. Just what I want and I stop there. It's very easy when you get over any pervious misconceptions about food.

    Sigh... it feels great to be free from the prison of delusional thinking about food and weight loss. Thanks, Sean.

  5. Hi Sean,
    Your blog inspires me each and every day! Can you answer a couple of questions for me? I read that you have 1500 calories a day. As you lose weight have you or will you adjust that amount? How would I know how many calories I should have in order to be successful? Thanks in advance. :)

  6. Way to ratchet down your expectations on the weight loss front. You can still pull some respectable numbers, but the massive fireworks of your past may be gone forever.

    Man, a Twinkee doesn't even sound good to me right now, either deep-fried or natural (well, not "natural" but you know what I mean...)

  7. I had dinner with an old friend recently and she said that she had lost 30 pounds over the last year.

    And I said that was great!

    And she said that she hasn't started working out yet, but she will eventually. For now she's just going to keep taking these pills and eating twice a day.

    So the magic pills were helping her lose weight, all while she didn't make her lifestyle healthier. In fact, she was making it less healthy.

    Anyway, congrats on another pound biting the dust.

  8. I have to say that yesterday was *hard* for me. I was very hungry---physically and mentally---at times. Part of me wondered if I was doing it all wrong, because I don't see a mention of you getting really hungry as you started your weight loss plan. (And I'm eating 200 more calories than you.)

    I guess I'm just used to eating all the time and it will take some time to break that habit/cycle! Still, I made it through yesterday and here's hoping today is easier (it is so far) :). I love your positive outlook and I enjoy revisiting your older posts!

  9. Sean, I'm really enjoying your posts. You and your wife are sooo cute! I wish my hubby would call me his beautiful buddy just once, in public would be great! Thank you for posting all of this. You've inspired me to get going on this wt. loss. I'm starting today on losing about 40 lbs. so far so good. Just got back from a 350 cal bike ride.

  10. Great post Sean! And way to go with the continued losses. You are doing so well and so is Irene! Andy could use some encouragement. He is really feeling down right now about his weight--he just needs to take charge of his life. Blessings--Bonnie

  11. Sean, thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog to say hi, and lend your support. I intend to read your blog from day one. Congratulations on so much weight lost! I have found a whole new network of friends that are full of encouragement. I am so blessed. Thanks so much....Kathleen

  12. Hey Sean,

    It's been a little while but I just wanted to congratulate you on your 1 year anniversary and the wonderful weight loss thus far. You've done a fantastic job....keep it up!! Love the "AntiJared" interview.

  13. ok, I cant catch up...I am gonna have to start reading from now....and catchup as I can...or I will NEVER get to read teh current stuff from you!!!

    I am not sure "weigth loss" is hard per se...but rather the discipline it takes over teh long haul.I mean truly, in the rawest of forms, I got to where I am because of a lack of discipline and care for myself. Breaking 27 years of habit and self laothing is what is hard...sticking with the good choices day in and day out because I choose to be a disciplined person such that my body reflects that, gets hard. But it is not impossible. Weight loss? Easy. Basic math...calories in...calories out...make calories out bigger than the first and you got weight loss! Ta Da!

  14. Sean: Love your blog. Very inspirational. Weight loss is 90% diet. Just think how easy it is to consume 1000 calories (one good cheat will do it) and how hard it is to burn 1000 calories. I try to think of how many stadiums I will need to run to burn off my occasional splurges! Not worth it to eat it sometimes. BTW: your posts always brighten my day. KEEP GOING...congrats!

  15. I'm a big fan of this being EASY.
    I've gone in to cruise control with my eating plan and it sure feels good to be this relaxed about weight loss for once.
    I absolutely agree with you that it's about changing your mindset and deciding how difficult or easy this weight loss thing can be.


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