Wednesday, December 4, 2019

December 4th, 2019 That Blessing

December 4th, 2019 That Blessing

Since our last edition, I've maintained the integrity of my food plan boundaries, I've remained refined sugar-free, I've met or exceeded my daily water goal, I've enjoyed some good walks, and I've stayed well connected with exceptional support.

Saturday's all-day tailgating and OU-OSU game experience were incredible all the way around. It was a day full of exercise (lots and lots of walking and stairs...oh, and shivering in the cold!), fun with a lot of friends, and some good time to simply hang out with my son-in-law. I loved watching him enjoy the experience of being there for one of the biggest rivalry games of the year. The fact that he's a lifelong OU fan and I'm a lifelong OSU fan made it even more fun.
"Enough with the pictures!" LOL

Darren Dyer is a good friend of mine and he also happens to be my insurance agent of almost a decade. It was his invitation that created this opportunity for us to have a great time. I was actually the designated driver for Darren's OSU Party Bus. And OMGoodness, it was a party on wheels, believe me. Big thanks to Darren for inviting us along for the crazy ride!

You never know who you might run into at the Bedlam game! I went to high school with Bob Wettemann, have reconnected with him at the reunions, and it was wonderful bumping into him and his wife at the tailgate! He's kind of a big deal at the Naval Academy in Colorado! Oh, and he's one heck of a singer on the high school reunion stage! So much fun!

One of the best things about the tailgate celebration and game experience was the underlying current of peace and calm within me when it comes to my food plan boundaries. To be surrounded by and offered so many things on my trigger list--and to feel a large measure of neutrality that day was a divine gift I don't take lightly. It is a one day at a time kinda thing. I made sure I brought some backup food options in my man-bag, just in case--and I did use some of those items on my tailgate plate. On that day, I felt blessed to be free of compulsive food thoughts. I'm full of gratitude for each and every day I receive that blessing.

The super-late night Saturday really did a number on my Sunday schedule but by Sunday evening I was ready to resume my planned get-together with my youngest daughter, Courtney and my six-year-old grandson, Noah. The entire holiday weekend was all about family. It was beautiful. We dined at one of our favorite Mexican places.

Courtney is an absolutely amazing mom. I'm so proud of her. The love and respect Noah gives her is such a beautiful thing to witness. The younger ones were in bed back at their place, with Lucas. I love hearing Noah speak of his mom and dad--it just warms my heart because you can tell, he feels comfort and support from them in the most wonderful ways.

We had a fantastic visit together and since Courtney had to leave our Thanksgiving get-together early, it was much-needed catch-up time for us!

Mom is doing better, by the way. The nursing staff is doing remarkable things for her. Aunt Jean (mom's sister from Michigan) has been spending a lot of time with mom since Thanksgiving and I can tell it's really helped mom's spirits.

Aunt Jean and Uncle Sig were back in town last evening, so we dined out at the restaurant around the corner. It was good conversation over dinner. Their account of Uncle Sig's heart attack and emergency surgery was scary to hear--I can't imagine how scary it was for Sig and my Aunt. He's very lucky to be alive. Most people don't survive what he did. It was a great catch-up, for sure.

Through it all, I'm starting each day with a solid foundational routine of prayer, meditation, gratitude, positive affirmations, and positive visualizations. When I make this practice important each morning it dramatically increases my chances of having another good day despite whatever challenges might come my way.

I'm also staying closely connected with a lot of support contacts. Giving and receiving support each day is something incredibly special to me.

There are so many things worthy of my gratitude!
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