Sunday, November 1, 2020

November 1st, 2020 A Break

November 1st, 2020 A Break

I'm still here! I'm alive and kicking. I appreciate the many messages of concern I've received. While I've taken a break from most forms of social media and writing this blog, I haven't taken a break in the daily self-care of my continued recovery.

My food plan is simply one piece of my daily musts--and it doesn't take a break, ever. At least I pray I never again justify "a break" from that! If ever I do, just know: It's the addiction talking. Even in my absence from most social media and this blog, my daily food plan accountability postings on Instagram continue without interruption. 

My connections with support friends in the same lifeboat have actually increased in the last month and a half. Most importantly, my daily connections with the God of my understanding, have increased as well.

Could specific elements of my daily practice be better? Always. I don't exercise enough. I find things to hyper-procrastinate over. My sleep patterns aren't good most of the time, either--and that right there is a big big big one. This daily practice has never been perfect. It's consistently imperfect. I believe maintaining the consistency of the core non-negotiable elements will help me evolve the other things in positive and supportive ways.

One thing that's very important for me is to keep my ego and pride in check. In the course of my regular therapy sessions and also through watching, listening to, and learning from others along this road, I've gained a better understanding of healthy ego and pride vs. unhealthy ego and pride. Taking an extended break from most social media, this blog, and my podcast has provided an opportunity for me to really connect in deeper ways with my purest motivations and purpose.

This isn't the "Sean Show." I don't have all the answers. I'm not a guru. I don't know it all. I'm just doing the things to help me make it another day. I don't live in fear of not making it another day, I simply do my best to live daily with a very healthy respect and reverence for whatever it takes for me to remain well. 

It's real life. It's recovery. It's one day at a time. It's humbling. It's full of things worthy of my gratitude, daily. It's full of challenges. It's full of loved ones. It's full of people who get me. It's full of mental, emotional, and spiritual practices. It's full of imperfections. 

As I pick this blog and other things back up-the intent is to use these tools for accountability and support--the original purpose when I started this thing in 2008!

A lot has happened in the last month and a half. I've set a time limit for me to wrap up this post-- so I'll include some photos and captions as quickly as possible:

Courtney and I recently spent a day together.
I'm so proud of her!

I recently had a great birthday weekend 
visit with this little one!

More photos from our recent visit!

Mom and I recently had a very cold outdoor
visit. They've since stopped the visits
because of an uptick in positive Covid-19 cases.

Six feet apart-grateful for what we can do right now
even if it means no hugging. That's the hardest part.

Noah and I have enjoyed some playtime
with the visual effects on messenger!

Halloween! I spent a little bit of time with 
three of my grandkids and my youngest. 
I was the "friendly zombie."  

An update on mom: She's not doing well right now. If you can spare some prayers for her, please do. She's fighting another horrible UTI or something--it isn't COVID-19, thankfully, because they test her twice a week. Her brain fog/delusions, one of the symptoms of the infection, are the worst they've ever been right now. It's not good. I must have faith and put it in God's hands, trusting she'll once again make it through this pattern of infection plaguing her.

Thank you for reading and continued support,

Practice, peace, and calm,


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