Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 686, 687, and 688 Catching Up, Calories or Points? And My "Someday" is Now

Day 686, 687, and 688

Catching Up, Calories or Points? And My "Someday" is Now

Really? Wow...I didn't realize how much I depended on my daily writing schedule. I honestly didn't plan on posting every other day, or in this case--three days later, this soon. And really, I don't plan on continuing this transition just yet, not until maintenance mode. I had this conversation with Kenz tonight, and she agrees. I've had many wonderfully supportive comments in my "absence" from daily writing. Here are just a few:

Jodi said: "Sean...Please don't get upset about double-posting. You had a VERY busy couple of days. Everyone totally understands. I know how you feel though because this blog is your therapy."

Lisa Love said: "Sean, Don't let double day posts stress you out, really. It means every now and then you actually have a life:) A wonderful life outside all of the hurry scurry/hum drum/blogging/life in the fast lane/chaos?"

Weighdown said: "Breaking away from a daily post speaks volumes and carries as much message as your written words. You're living the dream that those of us who check in daily are still dreaming. We miss you when you're gone, but applaud you at the same time. You're alive, and you are living life with new freedom. We're all so proud of you!"

Maureen said: "Sean, You are always such an inspiration, please don't allow guilt or whatever negative feeling you have to get in the way of this wonderful time, we're here, the blog is here, you're doing everything this blog was intended for you ~ living your potential every day."

Chris said: "You know wha t the double posts tell me's me that you got a life now bud.
Your living it.
Not writing it.
Keep it up.
someday you may have to go a whole week cause you are bungee jumping in Bali, or cruising the med.
Have fun, you deserve to.

Fiona said: "Hi Sean,I forced myself a few months ago to have 3 weeks totally 100% free of reading and writing blogs. They are both things I love doing, but they started to become an obligation. After the three weeks I came back to 'blog world' on a much smaller scale and refuse to feel obliged to read or write unless I actually want to.
It feels fabulous! Yes people love your blog... but they will still love it even if you don't write every day. Good luck!"

And then Lisa Love came back to add: "OK Sean, you are slippin' now...lmbo!"

Thank you Lisa, you made me smile big. I'm thankful for every wonderful comment. This week has been kind of like an accidental experiment for me. And although I don't believe I'm ready to post just two and three times a week---until I hit goal at least, I still needed to "let go" a little and see what it feels like. I've been emotionally tethered to my blog everyday for almost two years and it's done wonders for me, and the record is there---it doesn't go away. I'm proud of this diary. "Proud" doesn't even seem big enough---I'm eternally grateful for what this blog has done for me.

The other night, I enjoyed dinner out in Stillwater with Kenz, her father, and a couple of their family friends. After dinner, we all made our way to Marble Slab. Uh, wow...this place is...incredible. BUT---I feel different, very different. I'm a different person now. I can walk into a place like this, enjoy a "kiddie cup," and honestly be completely satisfied--without breaking the "Calorie Bank and Trust." It's funny--I made my way into the archives and found an excerpt that deals with my crazy love of ice cream, actually--it deals with my avoidance of what I consider to be my number one weakness food, or--my "kryptonite," if you will. From August 2nd, 2009:

The girls had some friends over last night for a sleepover. Late last night their friends decided to run to the store to buy some goodies. My defenses were immediately heightened. Upon their return I noticed something in their bags that concerned me. I knew it wasn't Amber or Courtney's decision to purchase this item, but still I was uncomfortable with it being in our house. It was kryptonite. My kryptonite. A big half gallon of ice cream. We haven't had a half gallon of ice cream in this household during this entire journey, why start now? “Because our friends wanted it and they made the purchase.” I was completely cool about it really. I call it my kryptonite, but really, I'm not sure that I can be swayed by any food at this point. I say this because, if ice cream doesn't do it, then I can't imagine anything else moving me a stray. I looked at it long enough to remember the old times and then I turned around and shut the freezer door behind me and retired to the bedroom. If I had the calories left I may have had a serving, I didn't. The empty carton was in the trash by the time I got up this morning. Amber and Courtney may have had a small serving, but the bulk of it was devoured by one of their friends who is always telling Courtney “I need to lose weight like you, but I don't know how.” I wonder if they noticed Courtney and Amber's example?

I still refuse to keep a carton of ice cream in the freezer, preferring instead to get my "fix" in small, calorie friendly doses. Not that I couldn't do that at home with a carton, but anyway--you understand, right?

Kenz recently posted about the difference between counting calories and counting WW points. It was a wonderful post. It was a question she received from a regular reader. I believe both methods are wonderful, whatever you choose. I couldn't resist commenting---because our success has so much to do with our mental approach, and much less to do with the method we choose. Kenz, my dear--Please forgive the really long comment!

"Honestly, WW points are a more well rounded approach---taking into account the fat grams and fiber, along with calories. And I know, like counting calories, you can get very good at it--really quick. I chose to count calories only, as a way to simplify this process for me. And it's a process---either way, points or calories only, that is designed and kept as a way to teach us, train us on proper portion control. Both give us a way to understand responsible portion control.

The support system with WW is an amazing element and the structure of the meetings is something that can really benefit. It's strange really--I'm normally someone that craves structure--so maybe I would have loved WW, had I started that way. Instead--I relied on the people around me, this blog everyday, and my iron clad decision to change regardless of the circumstances or emotions of the day.

So better? No---I think both methods are wonderful---it just depends on the individual.
Ultimately, if we're successful or not--it will not be because we chose calories or points, it will be because we made that unwavering decision to be consistent in our efforts. It will be because we decided to become really honest with ourselves about our relationship with food and exercise. It will be because we decided to make this time different than any other attempt---steamrolling excuses or rationalizations that try to give us an easy exit to our old behaviors."

Kenz and I had a wonderful workout at the YMCA tonight. I had an eleven hour, napless day at work--and I'll be honest---I felt like crashing, not working out. But I called Kenz during the final hour of my broadcast from the casino and she said that she was dressed and ready to workout. It was this little push that put me on the treadmill tonight and on those weight training machines. Thank you for the push Kenz! By the way---Kenz absolutely rocked the elliptical, wow---she totally owned that thing. It was amazing. We seriously needed that workout. I'll sleep so much better.

I'll wrap this post now--but I'll be back, sooner than three days from now---I promise! I leave you with some pictures from a Tuesday afternoon at my cousin Rick and Kristen's house. We all gathered for a late lunch and visit. It was a great time--great people, great food, and beautiful scenery. Yeah---I'm enjoying the scenery these days, really---I'm living, and this scenery--in this physical condition---is exactly what I've always dreamed and hoped I would someday enjoy. My "someday" is now.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

From behind and afar. Thank you Kelli for this perspective. I look relatively "normal," and it's pictures like these that help my brain accept that truth. With my cousin Rick on the way down to his pond.

Maybe a veggie challenge is coming soon---I'll discuss with Kenz!

Or maybe a SunChip challenge...Ok, maybe not...

A Picture of me taking a picture.

Kenz, Kelli, and Me

Kristen's Sodastream Machine is incredible!!! I love it!

With Aunt Jean and Uncle Sig


  1. Glad you are starting to see yourself as 'normal' I believe really strongly that we become what we think we are. When you can see that you are a healthy slim person that will make staying that way a lot easier :)

  2. Welcome back to the blogosphere! It is amazing how quickly I had come to depend on seeing your daily blog; it helped me start my day. What an unexpected eye-opener for me to lessen my dependence and focus on my own journey for a few days. I'm glad to hear that you are finding a peaceful and happy balance with your life and schedules.

    Thank you again for sharing your story. What an inspiration. My new blog is

  3. I missed your post but totally understand!

    You look amazing and I know you feel that way too. So happy to hear how you are enjoying life. I can't wait to say that!!

  4. I understand about not having ice cream in the freezer--TOTALLY. I think even when I have "overcome" all my issues and even when I am at goal, I'm not going to be an idiot----and tempt myself with that stuff. (yes, I love it) I hope to do as you are doing...and just have the occasional ice cream out somewhere.

  5. Your legs look strong and healthy from that view - better than normal, I'd say!
    My younger brother has recently begun his journey, I suspect, at a starting weight similar to yours. He chose GP surgery as his tool, but he is reading your blog for the mental/emotional support he will need along his journey.
    From the day I discovered you, I've prayed that he would be inspired by you. Thank you.

  6. As usual, I am inspired by your blog. You are doing so great! I've had to post less often lately because I haven't been around my computer much, I am not sure I am really "ready" for that, and have slipped up a little. I look forward to getting back to more regular posting, but its wonderful to see you get to the point where you don't need it as much!

  7. Sean I'm an avid fan of points and will most likely do that for the rest of my life. I have to totally agree with you when it comes to method it doesn't matter calories vs points....its the decision that each one of us makes. I wish Mark and I could meet you and Kenz..she just seems like she is very sweet. Such an inspiration to me....are still coming to Tulsa to speak?

  8. Man I missed you. I wanted to tell you that before but I didn't want to make you feel guilty... I look to you for wisdom and insight multiple times a day.

    Thanks for being awesome!

  9. Don't be scared--it's time. :) Deb

  10. Yay for the veggie challenge...coming from a vegetarian. Hope you and Kenz have the best visit so far. Blog when you can and live in the moment.

  11. Bring on the veggie challenge...great idea! I would love to be a part of that. I think a lot of other people would, too.

  12. "My someday is now..."....tears. Sean? Stop making me cry please? It's really not like me. Knock it off - seriously! :) In all honesty, you not blogging quite every day and sharing with us your adventures in your NOW - it's nearly as much of a gift as your two years of daily blogs. I mean this. You give us hope, peace beyond understanding and what we have to look forward to, ya know? Keep on living - and thank you for sharing it with us. That inspiration spurs us on our own journey.

    Hugs and stuff!
    (p.s. hope Kenz gave you my hug! and give her one back for me too, please? :)

  13. Write the book! We will all buy it and read it!

  14. I absolutely love the sodastream machine that Kristen has...I totally want one at some point. It makes water more interesting..

    Elizabeth, I totally gave him a hug for you, but I'll make it official when I see him tomorrow night. I'll even make sure to get one back too. ;)

    I do think a veggie challenge is in order so we'll talk about that Sean...I love that thought!

  15. Sean...That is awesome. Your "Someday" is right now, right at this moment. All your hard work paid off. I learned I have to live for now and not keep worrying about what once was. That was the old Jodi.

    Just wanted you to know that I just finished my 64th ounce of water right before I went to sleep. So, I'm sure I will be reminding myself to finish the PEWC a little earlier than midnight when I get up in the middle of the night. LOL!

    Interested in this veggie challenge.

    Have fun with Kenz!!! (Hey Kenz!!)
    Good choices and no regrets!
    Jodi :)

  16. Sean,

    I love making people smile:) You made me smile when you posted my comeback. Thank you for posting Kenz post regarding calorie counting and the point system. I had planned on joining Weight Watchers at the beginning of the month but decided to continue counting calories. It's not as hard as I was making it intitially. I am slacking big time in the exercise dept, and totally disgusted with myself and the fact that I haven't recieved my "Sweatin' to the Oldies 2" I ordered ummmmmmm over a month ago, special ordered.

    Thanks again for the wonderful post and the smiles, today was a rough day and I needed it:) I enjoyed the pics so much, especially the lake pics!

    Take Care and God Bless!


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