Friday, July 25, 2014

July 25th, 2014 What I Like and Nothing I Don't

July 25th, 2014 What I Like and Nothing I Don't

Today's schedule, affected by yesterday's, wasn't easy to navigate. Any day that starts with me sleeping in the car outside our downtown studios, in order for a colleague to wake me prior to my show, isn't ideal to say the least. I know myself well enough to know that had I tried to go to bed for a couple of hours I would have missed my show on a crucial day. Despite the choices made, I pulled it together in making follow up choices. I negotiated a schedule change with Gayle from our sister station, giving her the early location broadcasts today and allowing me to go home and sleep a couple hours before returning for a full slate of broadcasts this afternoon.

I exercised the three P's before heading to the studio at 4am. I planned, prepared and packed a good breakfast for later in the morning. I did the same thing for lunch, post nap, before returning to work. I was eating my lunch when I realized it didn't taste good to me. The dry Joseph's pita making my turkey "sandwich" a sandwich, just wasn't appealing. Perhaps I've spoiled myself with the toasty goodness of "dry grilling" the pitas on the George Foreman grill. Dry grilling doesn't add any calories, yet it totally changes the flavor and texture. The pita becomes thinner, toasted and the ingredients inside become nice and hot! I was in a hurry while packing my lunch, so I didn't take the time to do anything other than throw it together straight from the package. I ended up eating half before having the realization, why am I eating something I suddenly don't care to eat?

Just because I'm eating better than I have my entire life, it doesn't mean I'm eating things I don't naturally enjoy. If you scroll through my Twitter feed, you'll see--I eat what I like and nothing I don't. For me, this is a very important element of success. I've made some adjustments (no sugar), so I do not eat anything and everything like a previous, less evolved version of me, but the "what I like and nothing I don't" philosophy and practice is still a solid part of my approach.

I haven't had much time this week to cruise through blogland, reading, commenting and supporting as much as I prefer, but this crazy schedule is coming to end this weekend. I'm looking forward to a less busy week ahead. Reading, commenting and taking a genuine interest in my fellow bloggers is very important to me. When a good blogging friend is absent from new postings for a while, I wonder and worry about the possible reasons behind their hiatus. Then, I think--I wonder if some had the same concerned thoughts about me over the course of my journey? 

The commitment I've made to blog daily is one I felt was critically important for my recovery and continued success.  It's an accountability thing for me. It's also a pleasure thing for me, something that brings me not only clarity in my trek, but extreme joy in the process. When I started getting away from daily postings in August 2010, three and a half months shy of hitting my predetermined goal of 230 pounds, I was trading one of my greatest joys for the distractions of everything else. I'm happy to say that this is my 92nd consecutive entry in this daily diary, even happier to say it's made a monumental difference in my life. I must pause and thank Life Coach Gerri Helms and my private therapist for inspiring and convincing me to return to daily writing. It's interesting to note that both presented different, yet equally powerful reasons why it was a good idea. Gerri was focused more on the consistent accountability and support it creates, while my therapist supported a return to the joy, pleasure and clarity I experience in writing. Combining the two made perfect sense, so I made it one of my top priorities.

My last location "Crazy Days" broadcast wrapped at six pm this evening. I was exhausted. The nearly two hour mid-morning nap had long since worn off and I found myself displaying the obvious outward signs of extreme tiredness. The station sales rep responsible for the last broadcast even inquired if I "was okay to drive home." Not being a drinker, I'm not normally on the receiving end of that question. I'm always the one asking that question. It was a clear indicator that more rest was an immediate choice needed, despite it being late in the day. I set an alarm for 9pm and dropped in bed at 7pm for what I thought could very well be a much needed all night sleep. I was okay with that happening, if it did. It would have meant falling drastically short on my calories, not working out and missing my nightly blog post--but it would have been okay, and I would have written this update in the morning and exercised and ate well tomorrow.

Instead, much to my surprise, I did wake to the alarm and felt much better. I prepared a late dinner and hit the trail even later for a good walk. I planned on a 5K walk but didn't quite make it a full 5K. Instead I headed for the car a lap short after 2.5 miles. It was good exercise. I was just as happy with 2.5 miles. Mainly, I didn't like being out at the dark trail so incredibly late. Not that I'm scared for my safety or anything, after all, I'm a big tough man, of course! Well, kind of, a little tough...okay, I'm at least a big man! You know how the imagination can get carried away when it's late, dark and quiet? Suddenly every person and every vehicle becomes a "suspect." :)

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  1. A couple of things. First, for some reason I guess I cannot post comments from my iPad but only just realized today that the stuff I typed was not going into the comments section for some reason. Secondly, I love that you are back on track. I need to make reading your blog a priority so that maybe you can get me back on track. I really appreciate having you in my life Sean. You got me going once and it is possible you will get me going again!

  2. I had no idea that a broadcaster had a schedule worse that a surgeons. I'll have more respect every time I turn on the radio or tv from now on. You should ask for an on call room, so you have somewhere to sleep on shifts like that. I'll have to try fish tacos...I see them all over the place (food trucks especially) but something about the combo turns me off. Yours look good...maybe I'll give it a go.

  3. You wored me out just reading so I took a nap :)

    I missed you big time when you weren't writing. It scared me for me and scared me for you. Scared me for me b/c I wasn't writing either...and for me, not writing is a sign I'm struggling mentally. It scared me for you for the same reason, wondering if you were in a bad place, struggling. Such is the nature of our addiction, isolating. I also stopped reading my FriendBlogs which is even a bigger red flag. So when I "came back" and went to read the blogs, Friends had left about the same time I had. All that to say recovery is a process and so often we learn more about ourselves when we're struggling than when we're riding the wave. You're a gifted writer and I'm very thankful you are back :) Kuddo's to Coach Gerri and Private Therapist for nudging.

  4. Sean,
    Thanks for the shout out (at least I think it was for me) in today's post. Like I emailed you earlier this week I initially lost 114 pounds but gained 67 pounds of it back. I have started eating healthy, working out, and blogging again. Thanks for all the motivation. Can't wait to hear from you soon.


  5. Sean, I just finished listening to your book. I, of course, read it when you sent me the transcript a while back, but it was more powerful to me hearing you read it. Now I can't help but read your blog posts in your voice. ha ha.... You're doing amazing! I love your realness!

    I'm trying to get in the habit of reading and commenting on other blogs as well, and also write daily post. The self-discipline to accomplish those goals is greatly beneficial to the journey.

    I thank you for all of the time you invest in your writing and I also thank you for sharing everything.

    My blog turned into an ego fest when I had a lot of weight loss success but I'm slowly learning more and more about myself and what it takes to have safe, lasting results with my emotions and weight loss.

    Thank you again,



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