Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 16th, 2014 Best Of All

December 16th, 2014 Best Of All

I sincerely appreciate the outpouring of thoughts and prayers after my expressed concern and worry in yesterday's post. I was on top of things immediately after my show this morning, getting counsel from professionals on how I could help and then making a doctors appointment on my loved one's behalf. I also communicated with them frequently today--and discovered other family members were doing the same. There was a lot of love and prayers surrounding them and it's made a wonderful difference.

When stress and emotions are heightened, that's when the fundamentals of my plan must be tightened. The biggest difference is letting it be known. One of the first things I did this morning was express my need for additional support today in the secret Facebook group set up for members of the weekly conference call support group I co-facilitate with Life Coach Gerri. This, combined with sharing what I did in last night's post, followed by numerous supportive text messages from group members, gave me an incredible amount of strength.

I had a great workout at the YMCA and completed another wonderful water day. My goal is a minimum of 8 cups per day. I hit 10 cups a couple of times in the last week.

I worked late this evening, resulting in a super late dinner time--and as long as I don't make it a habit, I'm okay with it occasionally. Sometimes my schedule demands flexibility--sometimes, my lack of good planning demands it, too. If I combine a long day with poor planning, that's when it gets really creative, quickly. Despite the long day and not the best planning, today was a success. It had all the earmarks of a potentially bad day...stress, emotions, food planning on the fly--busy schedule...but I refuse to give up. If the day is tough, how can I make it better? 

Sacrificing the integrity of my plan isn't the answer, although that's the lie the brain tries to tell in the middle of it all. Getting through rough patches with the integrity of the plan solidly in place, makes it better and best of all. I'll be smiling tonight as I drift off to sleep.

Tomorrow is weigh day! I'll make my way to the doctors office for the tri-weekly event shortly before 10am. I stopped trying to guess the results. It will be whatever it is--but naturally I have questions. The biggest being: Did I get enough exercise this three week period? And although I feel I'm ready for whatever the scale says in the morning, I'll be reaching out to a support buddy on the way in and out, as I do every weigh day.

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  1. My prayers and condolences for the difficult time your going through with family members at this time. Hoping for good news!

    You rocked weigh in day! Yeah!!

    Take this as a complement in a good way Sean when I I have to smile & LOL out loud when you mention your concern about how exercise activity might effect weigh in day. IMO your current food intake levels in the absence of sugar is over 95% responsible for your 123 pounds in 34 weeks. Weight lifting and exercise if anything will slow down weight loss in a good way. Getting the weight off through good nutrition is still more important but now would be a great time to get that weight training going as my only concern is loosing too much muscle mass your next 50 pounds if you wait until you lost all the weight. IMO, It will be much easier in the long run to start weight training now, slow down the weight loss a bit, rather than continue the rapid weight loss, making weight training that much more difficult later.

    1. Thank you, Jon! Good analysis, too! Very good points!


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