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December 10th, 2019 Headed Home

December 10th, 2019 Headed Home

Since our last edition, I've maintained the integrity of my food plan boundaries, I've remained refined sugar-free, I've met or exceeded my daily water goal, I've enjoyed some record walking here in Vegas including Monday's 5K hike in the Lake Mead National Park, and I've stayed well connected with exceptional support.

I've kept in touch with the nurses at the hospital and they've kept me up to date on mom's condition. She'll likely go back to the nursing home tomorrow afternoon before I get back into town. I plan on seeing her as soon as I arrive back home. I've spoken with mom a couple times over the last couple of days--and each time she's sounded better.

This trip has been a very fast one! Before Christmas is the worst time to take off from radio--if it were any other time of year, I'd be settling in for several more days. With my friend and one on one client, Jon, out here so much and two members of my private support group living here in Las Vegas, it's a great place to visit!

Jon has granted me permission to use his name, picture, and some of his story in this post. I've written about Jon many times. He read my book in 2012 and sent me an email on February 17th of that year. Here's an excerpt of that email:

Hello Sean,

      Bought your book, loved it.  More importantly thank you for help me grasp, come to terms with what I need to do, have been wanting to do, have been putting off the past 20 years. I have been so over-ready, just not sure how it would officially start.   My name is Jon Ludtke,  and today, February 17th is day one for me. On my way to losing 265 lbs and reaching my goal weight of 250. 

I am currently 46 years old, 6'4" and weigh 515.  I grew up as a farm kid here in West Central WI, lived and operated a family farm all my life, in the hay business.  6th grade 220, 8th grand 280.  9th grade 320 lbs  Wrestled and played some football in high school. (age 20-30 = 320-380 lbs).  age (30-40  = 360-450 lbs)  age 40-46 ) 420-520 LBS     I have 3 daughters, one a college freshman this year,  2 in 9th grade(twins)   Been married since October of 1989.  Farming has gotten incredibly difficult in the past 2 years.  Weight has finally caught up to me in a big way.   Still able to do everything I need to do, but that's all I can barely do.  20,000 small square bales per year, big squares, and round, plus internet business buy and resell. I am lucky my kids have been able to help me as much as they do with hay loading and delivery.   I still sometimes load up full small square loads of hay myself do the delivery. What used to take half of the day now takes a full day and total exhaustion.

   While I am close to 10 years older, I could not help notice from reading your book how our similarities our timeline in life have been the past 20 years.  Possibly crossing paths at one time.      5th grade I was also the popular kid to carry the football as I was so much bigger than everyone else & they could not tackle me.    I tried all those different types of diets with the same results. I often remember the few time I made serious attempts to lose 100 lbs counting calories with one free day each week where I could eat anything I wanted.  My last serious attempt was in 1996 or 1998.   I lost weight down to 360 lbs.  everyone congratulated me, thought I looked great.  I wanted to get down to 250 lbs at that time. I fought a war at 360 for three months not being able to lose anymore then gave up.  I have been going out to Las Vegas regularly for many years. I could not wait to load up on Jack in Box, Del Taco & In out burger.  I almost swear I  remember seeing you in a big and tall store out in Las Vegas 3-4 years ago. Reminded me of myself & very much of your book photos. For the most part, I look like you used to look. I always felt confident and have known all my life how to lose weight, just not gotten around to it.  Felt too comfortable around food. 

   I went to the doctor for the first time in 10 years 2 weeks ago for an incredibly bad outer ear infection. My wife almost fainted when she heard I went to the doctor. Treatment worked. More embarrassing tipping the scales at 520 lbs.  My blood pressure is sky-high (not as high as yours was in the book) I have a physical scheduled next week. Also doing the blood work to see where my health is at. Two huge steps for me showing I am ready before reading your book.  I actually feel good, never had any severe chest pains.  However my right leg & foot has been swelled up on and off, and now all the time for the past two years.  I almost broke it a year ago when I fell through the trailer boards when loading hay.  Should have gone to the doctor but never did.  My biggest concern is my calf muscle, possible blood clot, leg did not heal right. Kind of broke the doctor barrier and hoping all checks out good. 

   Yeah, definitely over ready, almost as if your book was written for me. The mental aspect part of it and being accountable for my own actions.


Jon  Ludtke
Fairnook Farms
Downing WI 54734

Jon, thank you! Over the years, Jon and I developed a mutual support friendship--and eventually, we added a mentor/client relationship to the mix. Jon has lost over 200 pounds since he wrote that email in 2012. Working with him is truly a blessing for me and Jon tells me it's a blessing to him, as well!

To find his blog on Spark People, Click here.

The trip to Vegas started with my friend, Susan, offering a place to park and a ride to the airport. She's been a member of my private support group before--and she's planning on rejoining soon. She's developed her practice and continues to develop her practice one day at a time. She's already lost 135 pounds--exactly half-way to her goal!

Susan first came to know me from my stand-up comedy days. She attended several stand-up performances almost twenty-years ago. The first photo of us was taken after a New Years Eve performance at a comedy club. She had no idea that one day we'd still be friends--and the transformation connections...how crazy is that?? It's pretty cool.

Thank you, Susan!!

On the way to Vegas, I realized I'd forgotten my digital food scale. I also didn't plan my food very well. Usually, I have a backup plan in my bag. I didn't this time. I didn't sleep well the night before I left--so I was super tired and really hungry during the second leg of the trip from Denver to Las Vegas. Luckily, a Walmart and a Chipotle were literally less than five minutes from the airport. Although I enjoyed Chipotle at lunch, I was willing to have it once again--rather than waiting any longer to eat an on-plan meal. It was a first for me: Chipotle twice in one day! No complaints from me---love that place.

The resort where we've stayed has suites equipped with full kitchens. It's been a wonderful thing to be able to cook meals right here at the resort. Jon was already stocked and ready with food--I just wanted to grab a few things. We found the Walmart--ran in--grabbed the stuff--then, found a Chipotle in the front of the Walmart parking lot--out by the road. Too tired and too hungry were handled well--and within minutes from landing. It was a good thing.

Jon invited me to join him and his hiking buddies for a 5K hike of Lake Mead National Park. That wilderness is incredibly beautiful. Let's remember, I'm not a hiker-- at all. But I followed these three experienced hikers and tried to do what they were doing--and it worked. I survived!! It was some of the best exercise I've experienced in quite some time.

This shot was from inside a tunnel underneath a road in the National Park. Kind of a cool photo-effect, we thought!

My daily practice has been strong--I'm returning home full of gratitude, Jon and I did some good work together-- and now it'll be back to broadcasting work tomorrow! It's certainly been a nice change of scenery.


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