Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 152 A Donut Showdown and The Un-Romantic

Day 152

A Donut Showdown and The Un-Romantic

While I talk about eating whatever I want on this journey, and I do within reason and within my calorie budget, there are still some foods that I just naturally avoid. I've listed them before—you may remember—I avoid real mayo, real butter, I drastically limit sugar calories like candy or chocolate, and I've just naturally cut way down on bread. The list is a little longer than that and somewhere on that list is donuts. I can't remember, I don't think I have, no—I'm pretty sure I haven't had a donut in 152 days. I use to gobble down donuts all the time. I'm a morning radio personality, donuts are practically required on a regular basis. It doesn't help that a Daylight Donuts location is a mere three blocks from my house. I drive by it every morning. If you ever see me pull in there, then you can safely assume one of two things. I'm either buying them for other people or something has gone terribly wrong. And more than likely the latter. My family and friends would be really concerned if they spotted me buying donuts. I would expect the same reaction if they saw me in an alley behind the grocery store with a half gallon of Blue Bell Moolenium Crunch and a plastic spoon. One time, several years ago, we had a dozen Daylight Donuts and a dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts in the studio on the same day. I ate at least two in front of everybody, and at least four more when no one was looking. The calories are not as bad as you might think, a regular Daylight raised/glazed checks in at 140. Krispy Kreme list their original glazed at 200. Still, I want better value for my calories. Hold the donuts. My list of avoidable foods are based on poor calorie values. I'm allowed 1,500 calories per day and I have to budget those calories like cash. I can't spend that kind of dough (calories) on few donuts. This morning I came face to face with a dozen Daylight Donuts. We were interviewing a newly elected official on the show, and sure enough, as many guest do, they brought donuts for everyone! I didn't even open the box to take a look. After all, I've laid eyes on these things many times before, I'm sure they look just as tasty as they always have. I did have a good excuse to eat one... “I wouldn't want to turn down his offer, that might be rude.” He was kind enough to bring them, I could at least eat one. But I already had breakfast and honestly, I wasn't tempted by them in the least. Apparently I wasn't the only one making good choices today, because that box was still untouched by this afternoon. Maybe everyone was waiting on somebody to be the first to grab one, that use to be my job, not anymore, and I think it kind of threw everyone off a little.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and candy is everywhere. A co-worker left me a box of candy today. I was already gone, but I'll pick it up tomorrow. If I have a piece, you can bet that I will count every last calorie it holds. It was a very nice gift. You see, I like it that the gift giver gave me the candy, instead of say, uh...a bag of heart shaped carrot slices. If I went nuts and ate the whole candy gift in one setting, it might be said... “Well, she should have never given him those things.” It's Valentines Day, people give chocolate! It's up to me to be responsible for what and how much I put in my mouth. So thank you anonymous co-worker, I'm sure it is a very nice gift! I've learned that accepting personal responsibility is a big part of this process. It naturally makes us feel better to be able to blame someone else if we stumble, but after years of doing just that, I've learned I only have me to blame or credit with my failure or success in controlling my actions. So bring on the chocolate covered-nutty-chewy caramel-filled center goodness! I can handle it. I may take a bite and give the rest away, but I'll always be gracious in the acceptance of a gift! Unless it's donuts....get that stuff out of here! I'm kidding, kinda.

Irene is working tonight and tomorrow night, so our romantic St. Valentine plans are set for Sunday evening. I want to take her to a place we've never gone and do some things we've never done! Irene has never considered me to be romantic at all. Just ask her and she'll tell you how I proposed. But remember, I was 17! I had no business proposing anything at 17, except maybe pizza and a movie, or maybe some Putt-Putt Golf. Through the years my reputation as an unromantic has bugged me horribly. It was my extreme obesity I tell ya! I was always too focused on trying to move and breathe, and too convinced my beastly appearance was repulsive, so how could I expect romantic notions by me to be taken seriously? I didn't have the time or the mind to be romantic. Every time I would use my weight as an excuse that precluded us from something romantic, Irene would say “then do something about it!” And I always said “someday” I will. Now that “someday” came 152 days ago, I've noticed a change in the way she looks at me. I've noticed she's looking a little longer, she's smiling a little bigger, she's hugging a little tighter, and she's kissing a little longer, and she's chewing a lot of Big Red gum for some reason. OK, the gum part was a joke, but seriously, the differences my weight loss has made in my marriage of nearly two decades is undeniable. The spark in her eye is reminiscent to our carefree youth, and that's something I thought was gone forever. What a gift I've been given. A second chance at life and all the wonderful things it can be. After twenty years of “somedays,” my buddy's patience is finally being given the respect and consideration it deserved. And I'm giving that same respect and consideration to me everyday of this journey. It's so late, and I know you're reading this tomorrow, so Happy Valentines Day my dear buddy! I love you.

I arrived at the YMCA a little behind schedule tonight and was only able to get in 2.3 miles, instead of another 5K. But, I knew I didn't have 53 minutes to complete the 5K, so I bumped up the speed to 3.6 mph from the start. Trust me, it was a real workout! I'm about 150 calories under my 1,500, but it's too late to grab anything in the fridge, except maybe a bite or two of turkey breast, I may do that. Thank you for reading and all of the wonderful support it provides. Good night and...

Good Choices,

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