Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 166 Poisitive Feedback Adds Fuel To My Fire!

Day 166

Positive Feedback Adds Fuel To My Fire!

The positive feedback from yesterdays blog pictures and videos have really been an incredible boost for me. Just when I think I can't possibly be more fired up, I get more fired up! The positive feedback came from all directions today. On myspace blog comments, phone calls, e-mails, private messages , and even unexpectedly from people I've never met. When I called the bank today, the nice lady who answered the main line recognized my voice immediately. She told me that she was in attendance during the “Lose To Win” kickoff event, and she thanked me for my story and inspirational message. By the time our conversation ended, I almost forgot why I called in the first place. It was cool. Then, I ran into a gentleman at the convenience store whom I remember calling me a couple of months ago requesting this blog address. I talked to him for a moment, then decided to stop by his business and talk with him a little longer. He told me that he started his journey on January 8th and he reads this blog all the time. He was solidly on his way, I could tell he totally “gets it.” He told me he immediately purchased a membership to the YMCA, not because he could afford it, but because he knew he couldn't afford not to. I love his attitude! We talked for fifteen minutes about our workout experiences, approach, and progress. It was really apparent that he'd made a very important decision to prolong his life by getting healthier the natural way, by cutting down and exercising. That's exciting. I stopped by the hospital today, now the number of people joining the “Lose To Win” program is fast approaching 600. That's just incredible!

The power of an individual decision to change can be so incredible, now multiply that by hundreds, and the possible effects of the “Lose To Win” program on Ponca City is immeasurable. I received an e-mail from a doctor today telling me about a flood of positive energy she's noticed around here. People are excited about breaking down everything that's ever held them back, and really going for it! What makes this especially exciting is the fact that this is a community recently hit hard by bad news about hundreds of local job losses, and instead of slumping down and being depressed about the economic times, nearly 600, probably more by Monday at 6pm, are lacing up their walking shoes and getting after their own individual journey. I speak with experience when I say...If you stay consistent, It will positively effect everything you do, touch, see, feel, and hear. This journey has completely changed my outlook on life and the possibilities the future holds.

I've gone back and looked at those “before” and “in progress” pictures over and over again today. I still can't get over how big I really was. Or how dramatic the change is in my appearance and in my life. I think I'll go check them out again, you'll have to excuse me, I just can't help it.

Tomorrow we're leaving early for Weatherford to visit Amber. We'll be staying over, so we'll be exercising and blogging from the road. I can't wait to share it with you. I'm really tired tonight, so I'm going to do myself a favor and drop in! Good night and...

Good Choices,

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