Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 522 Shame On You Food! And looking Back at 386 lbs---One Year Ago

Day 522

Shame On You Food! And Looking Back at 386 lbs—One Year Ago

This morning was very different. Instead of rushing around the normal routine---I leisurely greeted the day and enjoyed a mushroom and cheese pita pizza for breakfast. I might be addicted to these, seriously.

We made our way to the YMCA not long after for a decent workout. If you ask Ann, she'll tell you it wasn't much of a workout. But we're clearly on different levels in the workout room, and that's OK. For me, it was a decent workout---I'll admit, not the best...but decent. Ann showed me some different weights to use in the weight room and gave me some good weight training advice. It was nice really.

About four hours after breakfast I made a Flat Out Flat-bread pizza. See what I mean about “addicted?” I prepared Ann one too, hers with just mushrooms and cheese, mine with chicken breast, mushrooms, and cheese. It was a very good lunch. I enjoyed it nice and slow.

Tonight we watched “Food Inc.” If you haven't watched this one, wow...It's stunning on many different levels. I had no idea how the food industry worked. A bunch of it is down right sick and twisted. I'm still processing all of the information. I may watch it again. I'll tell you something---I'll be a little more careful with and un-trusting of the companies that I think are giving me good stuff. The practices in the poultry industry sicken me. The beef and pork industries are not good either according to this documentary. Does this mean I'll never eat meat again? No. But it disturbed me deeply, and makes me want to find better sources for some of my food. The food industry is sick on many levels. It was eye opening, it was.

Today was the one year anniversary of a gigantic milestone weigh-day. It was back when big numbers, and I mean BIG numbers were dropping almost every weigh-in. From February 18th, Day 157:

I enjoyed today's weigh day tremendously. Almost as much as my first two week weigh-in in the beginning. Two weeks ago I knew that if I lost 9 pounds this time, I would tie my all time personal weight loss record. I was going for 10, because I wanted to break it. And break it is exactly what I did! I was rewarded for my efforts today with a 13 pound two week loss, bringing my total lost to 119. My previous weight loss record was 115 lbs. The scale stopped and froze on 386 today. I love it! I weigh 386! Can you believe it? 119 pounds in 157 days, I couldn't be happier! Even though today was very busy and ran at a hectic pace, I was on top of the world from the moment I stepped on those scales! There's no time for celebrating. We're still not quite half way there, but we're fast approaching! And now, every pound I lose will be a new personal weight loss record. I really need to invest in some new clothes! Everything I wear now is too big, even those 54/30 Levis jeans---without a belt, I couldn't wear them at all! I hope to purchase some new clothes soon. I don't need to buy much because I'm not sticking around this size for very long!

I've lost 121 additional pounds in the year since. I was so excited to be 386!!! That's so look back while weighing 265's an amazing feeling.

OK---I got to get ready. It's actually the next day now and there's a workout ahead and a party for Anson Williams to attend. Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Yeah sean.
    I haven't watched food inc.
    I read a peta magazine about pork once...I didn't eat it for quite some time there after...I got over it though. lol.
    Glad you had a good workout and that you are having a good time with your new friend.
    Good brother, I sound like your mother.
    anyways. Have a good day.

  2. It's all relative, isn't it? I remember being so tickled to weigh 250, remember thinking I was done at 225. Your world changes as your body changes... and I think that's a good thing.

  3. You're a much braver soul than I have watched Food Inc. Someday (hehe) I'll muster up the courage, and then I'll probably have to start raising my own chickens.

    Hey, you are a great teacher. Everyday. Thanks!

  4. I'm way too much of a carnivore to watch that movie. Ignorant is bliss. :)

  5. I have watched those movies and also read 'my year of meat'. And been grateful ever since about the tough laws the food industry has to follow in Australia!!! (Because I can't see myself ever being vegetarian!!)

  6. I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a creative writing award. To claim your award go to FogDog Weight Loss and follow the rules in the post. Thanks for sharing your journey with the rest of us!

  7. It was nice to meet you! I will have to get to Ponca city sometime to see what the town is like. And how many years have I lived in oklahoma? Um my whole life, lol. Oh and tell your friend she needs to move here, :O)

  8. I haven't watched Food Inc. I will have to see if I can get my mom to mail me a copy in Germany.

    Sometimes it is so hard to do this journey in a foreign country. The military base hardly stocks the shelves with good food and if I buy on the economy EVERYTHING is in German Translating it takes forever but when I come home in a couple years I want to step off the plane and shock everyone. It keeps me going.


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