Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 527 The Unexpected Tip and Almond Milk is Good

Day 527

The Unexpected Tip and Almond Milk is Good

My Tuesday was OK. I spent some time catching up at work after my little break, I spent some quality time reflecting and meditating, I grabbed a nap, and I had a great workout. I could just end this post right here. Goodnight and...

Ok—you know me, I'm not going to do that. I get asked all the time for tips on weight loss. One of the best tips I can give doesn't involve food or physical exercise, it involves writing. I found the following on Day 162 from exactly one year ago today. That post by the way, has an on the go video of me eating an ice cream cone. I looked so big in that video! I guess that was 120 pounds ago:

My goal of breaking my all time personal weight loss record was a sweet one to hit. Now I'm focused on powering right past it and never looking back. I broke it by four pounds last weigh day. Why is it so important for me to power past this mark? Because 115 lbs lost is where I tripped up in 2004, and then gained it all back plus five pounds. Of course this journey is nothing like that time. It really isn't. I wasn't learning anything along the way back then. I wasn't writing and discovering, I was simply going through the motions needed. I mentioned this not too many days ago. It just goes to show how important it is to really learn along the way. Really open up to a whole new outlook on food and exercise. The writing is so very important. You don't have to share your most personal thoughts and feelings with the world, but still write everyday about how you're feeling and what you're experiencing, even if you're the only one to read it. If you do, I promise it will not only give you daily strength to succeed, it'll make a profound effect on your long term success. If you're completely honest with yourself in your daily journal, then you'll learn all kinds of things along the way. It's knowledge that can help you keep the weight off forever! Thanks for reading my daily weight loss blog.

I still have some of the food that Ann purchased on our grocery trips. I'm discovering things that will become staples around here. Almond Breeze unsweetened almond milk is just incredible. I honestly thought I would hate it, but no---and at only 40 calories per cup, I think I just found a better replacement for coffee creamer! The Kashi Heart to Heart cereal is really good too, in fact it's what I had for breakfast this morning—along with an assortment of diced melon. I'm still very careful with cereal, I have to be, but I was satisfied after one serving this morning. Of course my cereal binge mechanism always worked best late at night in front of the TV. It helps when you have some place to like 20 minutes!

My workout tonight was a date with the treadmill. I did a solid 5K. By “solid,” I mean---I actually worked hard during that 3.1 miles. I jogged in intervals and made the sweat run. I have to push myself during these, because seriously, at 265 pounds---I can walk a 5K without much sweat. A 5K isn't a good workout for me anymore unless I make it that way. I made it that way tonight. I was pleased.

I also messed a little with the machines, and I even set an appointment for another orientation—I need to learn those things in order to help my muscles develop enough to have proper form with the free weights. Really...I'm a big old mess in the weight room. Thank you Ann for the tips and suggestions!

It's hard to believe sometimes that I'm here. Day 527 seems like forever since Day 1. I feel good and confident. I realize that some of the hardest work along this road is directly ahead, and I'm prepared to get it done. Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

This video is from exactly one year ago today. I looked so big! I love this journey!!!


  1. You'll get there Sean. I know you will. :)

  2. I still haven't tried almond milk....keep meaning to do that, but then, I don't hardly every drink milk, period. I know that you've got that mental hurdle to get over in the weight room due to your arm, but I know as soon as you can beat it, that you'll really enjoy lifting the weights. And I'm glad you set up the orientation because learning proper form is so very important. You're going to really enjoy the toning that using the weights will provide. :)

  3. Great advice Sean: "If you're completely honest with yourself in your daily journal, then you'll learn all kinds of things along the way. It's knowledge that can help you keep the weight off forever!"

  4. "and ya know I love ice cream...I love it..**long pondering pause**.. Like A lot."

    I laughed right there a lot!

    As Ever

  5. While I don't follow your fast food ways Sean, I do agree that you can eat "regular" type foods if you're willing to learn what you need to in order to fit them in. Honestly, all the 'naturally thin' people I know eat regular food.

  6. You mentioned Whole Foods the other day in your blog and it is rumored that OKC is "suppose" to be getting one. If that is a fact once they get one it will be a closer trip for you than Tulsa.
    I may have to check out Whole Foods sometime when I am in Tulsa.

  7. Love the video Sean. Look how much you've accomplished. Fantastic Man... Fantastic. Hey, a little low fat ice cream now and then as long as it's within your daily calorie total is a good thing.


  8. "One of the best tips I can give doesn't involve food or physical exercise, it involves writing."

    As a former professor of English (and lifelong writer), I believe you're onto something crucial here. Not only are you a writer, but you have AN EFFING AUDIENCE!

    Okay. So I'm looking a little green ("Down, Envy, Down!").

    Seriously, I hope you will remember to pat yourself on the back for your amazing writing accomplishment. That is no small feat.

    Write, Sean, write!

    P.S. You get an A+ in my book.

  9. kashi is one of the few ceral safe to buy. I like the low fat soy on it myself.

  10. Writing is helping me mainly because there is a community out here. I can finally share some. Also reading is a huge part at this point. Thank goodness someone else thinks about their hanging skin, or tries to stop mindless late night grazing etc... someone else is trying a new exercise, someone else is beat up feeling form an especially good workout! I can relate to that someone else. Now I know there are folks who can relate and in that way.... these folks are gifts to me and I think key to continuing for the long haul for me. Also learning from maintenance gurus out here is of interest to me... more and more.

  11. You have just become my hero. I just started my journey to lose about 200 pounds. 16 down.....I hope to stay motivated by reading your blog and sharing mine. I get revitalized every time I read someone's story. It gives me hope. Thanks,


  12. Writing. Honest writing. You are so right, and I am so glad that when I was just starting out (I can't believe I am almost at the 200 day point!) that I found your blog, and you set the example.

    It's not always easy being honest. But even if no one else would know whether or not I was being honest, *I* would know.

    Thanks for all that you have taught the rest of us!

  13. I gotta try that almond breeze stuff. I hear only great things!

  14. I think I'm in that Steel Curtain Zone, Sean! I'm making "good choices" each day now. My journey continues!
    I love reading your blog. :)
    Thanks, as always.

  15. lol, I swear, I think I have heard your voice. Up till now I haven't heard you.
    well, I was shocked by how little calories there are in a vanilla soft serve cone as well.
    the things you find out.

  16. Great advice--funny, because I just started blogging a few days ago. I really do think this journey is 90% mental, and those immediately surrounding me have only a limited capacity for listening. Now how do you get over feeling like a lunatic writing to the great beyond? Good stuff!

  17. That ice cream looks yummy!! I looked at the store for almond milk after I read it on here and of course that is something that I will have to wait for until I move back to the states. Keep it up!

  18. Gee you've done an awesome job! I'm at 375 and i need all the tips i can get! I've blogged my food diary with absolute honesty, and that in itself has helped a lot.


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