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May 28th, 2014 Scheduling Passion and Joy

May 28th, 2014 Scheduling Passion and Joy

Finding a balance with time management has been a challenge for me. I remember having this same issue when I started this blog. The things I'm doing, the elements of my recovery are all important and each has their place, an importance. Realizing that the challenge isn't any of the elements, it's the time management of everything as a whole, is an important distinction.

Better quality of sleep is helping. Not getting enough sleep isn't helping. I understand that this will not change unless I make it a priority. I remember when I was in the middle of my initial weight loss and I decided it was a great idea and a wonderful time to pursue a lead role in a dramatic play. I had always wanted to act and with the new found confidence within me I won the role and had the time of my life. And I was still working full time, still exercising consistently, still writing nightly...and all while committing to a six week/5 day a week rehearsal schedule. How did I do that?? I honestly don't remember. I think it had a lot to do with how much passion was involved and how much joy it brought me. It was truly a dream come true and I was living it so wonderfully, that perhaps the adjustments needed in the schedule just effortlessly conformed.

I'm once again experiencing a considerable amount of passion and joy, but I wouldn't say the schedule is effortlessly conforming. Adjusting will take deliberate actions; choices best suited for doing what I love while maintaining and taking care in other areas of my life. This is one of the issues near the top of my priority list, right up there with the key elements involved in taking the best care.

Three different people in the last few days have commented on my weight loss. All three have said the exact same thing, "I can really tell in your face." Isn't that always the first place people notice? I think that's simply because it's where people are focused the most. We look at each others faces more than anything else.  I'm excited because not only can I see it in my face, I can see it in other areas too---and most importantly, I can feel it all over.  

It's interesting: The thought of taking pictures of all of my food and sharing it via social media was once something I was absolutely against. I didn't want to be judged. I didn't want anyone to feel like I was saying, this is what you should eat (because that ISN'T what it's about at all), and let's be honest--I didn't want the accountability. <<< That. That was the biggie.

What I had been doing was a product of my inconsistency and struggle. I've written about having a few good days followed by four bad and another two good and so on---and during the good times I might enjoy preparing a fabulous meal--a meal so wonderfully suited for me--calorie wise, taste wise and everything I would take a picture and post it to my facebook page. But it wasn't indicative of anything other than that one meal...because the next day I might be eating God only knows what--and where's the picture of that?  Nobody wants to see my fried catfish (not a bad calorie value, really) and three hundred calories worth of tarter sauce (horrible calorie value, really). The point is, if it's accountability I wanted and honesty--then I needed to go all or nothing. And in doing so for all the right reasons, I've found my initial objections have all faded away.

I'm loving it. I mean--like, looking forward to it-kind of loving it. Not one person has expressed judgement of any kind in any way. I've clarified my objective several times--It's a tool for me. Having this accountability tool in place inspires me to eat better, to slow down and enjoy not only eating my food, but preparing it. And in this, it's inspiring me to take better care. I still eat what I like and nothing I don't. Trust me--if I don't like it, I'm not eating it. It doesn't mean I'm not open to trying new things--it simply means if I try it and hate it--it'll not be back, ever.  You're welcome to follow the live-tweeting of food and exercise on my Twitter page by clicking here.

I had two workouts today. I didn't officially count the first, but it still counts because I'm a little sore from the experience. I helped a friend clean up his private dock at the lake this afternoon. I was balancing on loose rocks, climbing insane angles up and down a ramp affected by seriously low water levels and bending over, over and over while picking up debris. I was stretching and even dancing.  Well, I wasn't intentionally dancing. A couple of times I was doing what might have appeared to be a dance while I dodged red hornets--and at one point I stepped on a board and out shot a big snake. This thing was at least a few feet long. I don't know what kind it was, maybe a blue racer? All I know is, when he shot out from under the board and into the water, I was dancing a nice fade away in the other direction. The other workout was a good 1.7 mile walk in the park this evening.

I plan on another YMCA visit tomorrow.

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  1. "All I know is, when he shot out from under the board and into the water, I was dancing a nice fade away in the other direction" FREAKING hilarious!! You are braver than I...hornets and snakes? That's a negative ghostrider ;)

    Great read as usual-lots for me to ponder :D

  2. Yea Sean! You are doing so good! I can identify so much with what you were saying about people noticing your face and weight loss. So happy for you!

  3. great job sean...when you are super have to schedule just about everything. So happy for you...

  4. I started reading your blog in 2008, I was on the same journey. I did not reach goal. Last year I found myself fighting for my life, I was attacked with necratizing pancreatitis. Most people do not live that have this. My doctor says out of all the people who he has treated there are about 5 of us alive. So this was a wake up call, I am blessed to be alive and want to find my way to health. I lost a bunch of weight, still have some to lose, but I need to get my soul healthy so I do not repeat the same things over and over again. So like you I am on a journey to wholeness and wellness. We are going to get there. It is a wonderful life, I think I may have to rent the movie. Blessings, thank you for being real.

  5. I am having more bad days than good lately, but coming here to read you every day brings me new hope. I wish I knew what we possessed for those years we were losing weight and maintaining, I would bottle it, sell it and become a millionaire. It's definitely a passion, and I have found, it is hard to maintain that passion at the intense level that is required to beat the food addiction. But every day I try anew. Thanks for your help Sean.

  6. If only we could identify what breaks the pattern of a couple of good days, followed by the few horrible days scenario we all know so well. If only we could discover how to help someone break out of the vicious cycle that creates. Then, my friend, we'd be millionaires! I'm so glad we've both found ourselves out of that cycle but I'm still longing to articulate what exactly breaks the cycle. Not to become a millionaire, but to avoid ever getting back on it! This is the first time I've ever not seen my weight loss mostly in my face...I think it's the no sugar thing working on my tummy first! This makes me happy! But, interesting reasoning to why people notice it in the face first.

  7. How weird----I posted about VERY similar issues (Sleep vs. other important stuff) in tonight's blog, then decided to read yours before heading to bed and you posted about the same thing! I guess it is a common factor. *yawn* rest well


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