Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 6th, 2014 My Obsession

May 6th, 2014 My Obsession

I'm certainly still working on finding a balance with time management.  You may have noticed my regular postings, not only on this blog but on twitter and MyFitnessPal--these are accountability tools I've given top priority.  And I'm happy to report they're working wonderfully.  Is it too much? Obsessive? Perhaps.  And that's perfectly fine. It's fine because it's doing wonderful things for me.

I spend a good amount of time alone and I like my time and space, I do. But being alone too much is tricky when you're in recovery.  By maintaining a blog writing schedule, facebook  and a twitter feed, I instantly don't feel alone at all. And I sincerely thank you for your support.

I'm getting better sleep, although I woke up again this morning with cramping from swallowing air. I still feel more rested than I have in a very long time.

Now that I have my priorities and my accountability tools firmly in place, it's time to rearrange some things for better time management.  I must get to bed earlier and still make sure I take the time to exercise and write.  I'm making a huge commitment to myself.  But I believe it's worth every bit of effort I'm exerting.

I'm cutting this blog entry short because it's 10:30pm and I really must hit the pillow.  I'll do it under budget and after just completing a solid 1.7 mile walk.

I enjoyed a wonderful support group call tonight. We had special guest speaker Phil Werdell M.A., the director of the Acorn Food Addiction Institute.  You can discover their amazing website at www.foodaddiction.com   I asked him a question about how I've dramatically increased my accountability tools of late and if this was my recovery, or just recovery, and if he could see anything needing concern in that way. And although I may not be articulating the intent of my question well, what he shared was wonderful. During his recovery process, it was suggested that he was now addicted to going to meetings, and he agreed. And it was good.

I just might be addicted to writing this blog and sharing this journey. I could perhaps call it my obsession.
And that's awesome for me.

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  1. Would you consider not labeling your selfcare behaviors? I see them as very, very positive but for some of us, me for one, the word "obsession" has negative connotations. I throw that out there as food for thought and to reflect back positive energy on all of your efforts.

  2. There's a very pretty song called "Beautiful Obsession.". Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0b0e2qum0Q

    I'm glad you're doing well, Sean. :D

  3. I for one hope you become addicted to blogging. You are helping me so much. I'm on the same journey - losing re-gained pounds. Thank you, Josie.


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