Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22nd, 2014 Why Resist This?

July 22nd, 2014 Why Resist This?

The effects of my weekend schedule on yesterday seeped into today, however I resisted the urge to continue the disruption of my sleep pattern. Of course, my workday wasn't allowing a break anyway. I had every intention of getting into spinning class at 4:45pm today. As the workday kept going and going with more and more production deadlines marked "today," I knew by 4:20pm spinning wasn't happening. I finally left the studio at 4:50pm. I was tired. It was a long day. My first inclination was to hurry home and grab a nap before my 7pm weight loss support group conference call. Then, I imagined oversleeping again and immediately nixed the plan. Instead I whipped out the Starbucks card a colleague recently gifted and headed toward the caffeine.

I'm probably not using the lingo of a seasoned Starbucks pro, because I'm not, but I ordered a venti dark roast pour over with a shot of espresso and 1/4 cup of steamed skim milk. I took it home and added some stevia and POW...it had me alert in a flash.

The conference call was powerful tonight. Life Coach Gerri Helms and I have a small group that is on fire! I'm inspired by the wonderful things the group members are doing. I wrapped the call, then had to get out to finish some work duties before heading off to the YMCA for a good workout.

Here's the deal: I didn't want to workout tonight. Even after missing the spin class for the second consecutive day--still, I wasn't feeling it tonight. Perhaps the caffeine rush was over and I was starting to crash. As much as I wanted to stand down, I just couldn't rationalize not even trying. I made my way in, reluctantly and once again the power of a good workout transformed my attitude. The music was awesome, the movement felt good--the sweat and heart rate confirmed my effort, I was doing this deal. I walked away from the workout feeling incredible. Not tired--Incredible, like I had even more energy. I'm sure any second now I'll collapse, but that feeling right after a good workout is insanely powerful. I thought, why resist this?

Apparently I need to do some more grocery shopping because my selection tonight just didn't seem very appealing. I settled on what could only be described as a salad. The meal tweet is below.

Tomorrow morning is my 13 week weigh-in. I feel great about it and I can't wait to share the number on Facebook, Twitter and right here tomorrow night. This is where I must be very careful not to get too wrapped up in the number. If it isn't what I want, then I might make some adjustments, perhaps add some good calories as I suggested not too long ago. I have a feeling it will be fine. No matter the number, my job is to practice what I encourage and be okay. I'm in this for life. I'm doing what I'm doing as a way to develop lasting changes that give me the best opportunity to return to my healthiest weight and live a life where taking extraordinary care is always important. If I make taking this level of care important then I'm confident maintaining a healthy weight will be something I can do and not just something I do when everything is peachy. This is the life I choose. I pray I'll never again sacrifice that choice no matter the future circumstances.

Good food day!

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  1. Sure that's a salad! Lettuce with stuff on top - great definition.

  2. I do not like working out at night. Yesterday for example, I overslept because I hit the snooze way too many times. Yes, maybe I was tired and my body wanted rest, but that meant running last night. I hated every single second of that run and truly it felt like junk miles that weren't really doing anything good for my body. I even posted on Facebook that I was going to remember that ugliness when I am tempted to snooze some more. Seriously, if I had to work out after work every day, I wouldn't.

    This morning when the alarm went off, I got up and headed out for a nice 5K walk. I felt better on that walk than my run last night. I will also do yoga in the park around noon today as it's a cross-training day for me. Even if something happens and I don't make it to yoga, I feel good knowing I've already done at least some exercise for the day!

  3. Have you tried nonfat plain greek yogurt in place of your sour cream? Not sure what the calories are in the sour cream but in fage 0% yogurt there are 130 calories in an entire cup. Besides using it in place of sour cream, I mix it with fruit & sweetener for a nice lunch. You are doing great, Sean. I'm reading a book called "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg. I haven't read a lot of it but I think you are definitely working on making exercise a habit and not a chore by making yourself go every night. Eventually it just becomes part of your routine & you hardly even have to think about it to get it done! Nice job!!!

  4. I've no idea what it was you ordered at Starbucks but I'll have one. Surprisingly, Dunkin donuts decaf is strong and tastes amazing.


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