Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 27th, 2015 Rest Night

June 27th, 2015 Rest Night

Taking a rest night, tonight. Letting the Tweets tell the story of Saturday!

 photo Noah20and20Me20ascting20vrazy_zpsolfddacd.jpg
Had a blast with Noah today! Here, we're acting silly in Stilly.

My Tweets Today:

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  1. LOVE the "banana face." What fun! I bet Noah would have loved that. I am on Day 4 of no binging/being back on track with my eating. Feeling good about myself again, and that is nice, after being ashamed of my behavior for the last 6 months.

    1. And truly, Dupster, that is key-- reaching an accord within, a forgiveness, and letting go of the guilt, shame and every other negative emotion-- isn't easy, but it's critically important for moving forward in a stable way.
      Something that can help further solidify this: Make "a list of Dupster." This list should contain the answers to this question:
      What are the things about me that do not change if I'm heavy or at a healthy weight, or for richer or poorer-- what are the core qualities of Dupster that are constant, regardless of everything else?
      The list should be populated with your likes, dislikes, things that bring you joy, things you're passionate about, things you're good at doing!!! Also, the things that make you a loving and compassionate person--- these wonderful things we posses often get ignored when we're preoccupied with all of the negative thoughts and feelings surrounding relapse/regain. For many of us, these are things we've ignored for years because we've been too busy, either focused on how good we feel about our success or how bad we feel about where we are at any given point along the way.
      Embrace your core, Dupster-- wrap it in a level of love and compassion you normally reserve for yourself that love, compassion and acceptance-- and realize: Heavier, thinner-- successfully losing or struggling with relapse/regain--it truly never, EVER, changed any of these core qualities in you. You've always been an amazing person worthy of love and worthy of extending yourself the gift of extraordinary care and the improved health and vitality that comes with it.
      I wish you all the best, Dupster. I'm so happy you're here, where you are, moving forward with a resolve reserved for the most important things in your life. I'm honored by your sharing here, and I'm absolutely appreciative and grateful for your incredible support over the years and to come!

  2. So well said. I myself so often am critical of myself. I've lost 91# in the past 18 months, not very fast the past couple of months. I know how to diet having lost 150# and 211# gaining it back each time. Addressing the mental aspect is hard but the key to success. Working with a program that includes behavioral therapists, dietician and fitness coaches as well as meeting with my pastor and his wife as I feel for me the spiritual component is huge as well.

    1. Laobeau, congrats!!! Very VERY nice! You've found the elements creating your personal groove, so well! All of those other experiences along this road has led you to this and your well rounded successful approach, today!
      The spiritual component, very nice! I never write too much about the spiritual aspects, simply out of my desire for privacy in that area of my life--and mainly out of respect and consideration for the religious diversity of a readership from various parts of the world.
      But I agree--it's something, whatever form it takes for someone, a very important part of the process!
      Thank you so much for your support, Laobeau! :)
      I'm incredibly impressed by your ability to never give up--and to dissect what worked, what didn't--and making the necessary changes you needed for success. You're rocking this thing!


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