Sunday, July 26, 2020

July 26th, 2020 Exceptional Week

July 26th, 2020 Exceptional Week

Since our last edition: I've maintained the integrity of my food plan boundaries, I've remained refined sugar-free, I've met or exceeded my daily water goal, and I've also stayed well connected with exceptional support.

It's been a really exceptional week. Mom and I enjoyed our first sit down 30-minute lunch together on Wednesday afternoon. It was very well done. We were socially distanced well (see Facebook Photo below) and simply enjoyed the relaxed visit. Our next one is already scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. We're grateful!

I've been off from the radio station for the last four days. I headed up to Omaha, Nebraska for a big grand opening event for a new IQ Car Wash location. I'm the voice of IQ and the franchisee wanted me there to assist with the broadcast on an Omaha radio station. It was a fun getaway and a huge success!

Everyone did fairly well with distancing and we all had masks for when in close contact with anyone. The challenging part was during the broadcast breaks without masks. A lot of hand sanitizer was used! A car wash is a good place for social distancing as far as the customers were concerned--they stayed in their own cars the whole time! Gina, pictured above, is the morning personality from Omaha's Kat Country 103.7. We worked well together!

In the spirit of "the content isn't as important as the consistency of the action," I produced and released a podcast episode from my hotel room on Saturday morning. I'm all the time pushing "consistency beats intensity," so it was an example of me walking the talk. You can find episode 22 "Road Trip Ramblings" on Transformation Planet wherever you get your favorite podcasts, like Apple podcasts and Spotify. Here's the episode on a PodBean player:

I needed the time away. It was for work, yes, but it's work I love doing and feel like I can do well, so it doesn't necessarily feel like work at all.

Mom was constantly worried about me being away from home. I contemplated not telling her about my trip in order to avoid her worry--but I worried she might find out in some other way. She was very happy to see me at the chapel window tonight. We had a good visit!

We had some catching up to do! It was a good visit tonight.

After my visit with mom this evening, I was off to have dinner with Noah. That wasn't the original plan. The original plan was dinner with Courtney and Noah, but Courtney needed to reschedule--so we canceled the plan tonight. Noah was very disappointed--and suggested he and I enjoy dinner together, instead. That kid is the cutest--and he has me tightly wrapped around his cute little finger! Without hesitation, I was on my way.

We masked up until we arrived at our table, outside, at least twelve to fifteen feet away from other people. It was perfect. He told me I was born back in the "olden days." Yep. I imagine the 70's does sound like the "olden days" to him. (see the tweet below) It's the equivalent of me, when I was his age, speaking of someone born in the 30's, so yeah--I guess it makes sense.

It's way too late for me to still be up. I suppose I'm getting as much out of my time off from my day job as I can.

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