Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20th, 2015 Sign Of Growth

April 20th, 2015 Sign Of Growth

I spent quite a bit of time replying to emails and comments this evening. Thank you, sincerely, for each and every one.

This entire experience has been incredibly rewarding. When I recently included a flashback excerpt from a year ago, right before returning to daily postings, one of my favorite parts was "it might get a little boring." This was my way of alleviating a self imposed need or pressure, if you will, to explore and elaborate nightly on anything and everything related to this road so many of us travel.

I've experienced and learned so much along the way, sometimes I can't help myself and I must share what's on my mind. It helps me dissect things and truly understand how it applies to and informs my entire experience. Some of it might not apply to you and some of it might hit you square.

I always look forward to sitting down and writing without constantly checking the time and hurrying along. Other times, like tonight, I have to call myself in from the pleasure of writing with a big, "it's time to go to bed!" This is a sign of growth in me over the last year or so.

Including the Live Tweets from the day in each post has been a big help!

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  1. When you bring your avacado home, do you immediately mash it and put it in an air tight container? Or do you make the guacamole as you eat it? Just saw something on youtube about putting onions in the bottom of a container, put the half avocado on top (skin side down) and it will stay yellow. Have not tried this as yet but sounds like it might work. Love avocado but not browned out. need help here.

    1. Sometimes when I buy one, I intend to use it when I get home or back to work, so I immediately cut it, weigh it--and mash it up. If I'm buying a few, I always wait to cut them until I'm ready to use. If I know it'll be a few days, I'll select some a little more firm. If I'm going to use them right away, I'll make sure they're a little more ripe. If they're waiting to be used, I'll let them hang out on my counter. I guess the simple answer is, I prepare it when I eat it. :) Thank you for the question, Nancy!


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