Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12th, 2015 It Was Old School

October 12th, 2015 It Was Old School

It was a really long day. I did a late afternoon location broadcast about 35 miles from home that ended right before 6pm, then participated in the Monday night support group conference call from the broadcast vehicle in the parking lot. I used pen and paper instead of my computer. It was old school.

We had a great support group conference call tonight. Every single person on the call tonight has either exceeded their 10 week goals early (8 weeks in) or they're on target to hit theirs. There was so much positive on that line tonight! Our next 10 week session will open for registration this weekend. I'll post details on this blog and on my Facebook page on Friday night and Saturday.

I got home late, prepared a late dinner and enjoyed an after dinner cup of coffee. I have 160 calories left in my budget and I'm letting them expire tonight. Dinner was very filling!

Tomorrow will be another rather challenging day. Tomorrow evening we have a big "all hands on deck" annual event our station sponsors. It'll be a long day. But fun. It may be an opportunity for me to put on a pink accented tuxedo. These days, it's always fun to dress up!

An event like this one requires me to plan ahead as far as food is concerned. The event is full of free food and wine. I'll be maintaining the integrity of my plan in whatever I choose. And who knows, there might be some good things for me in the spread.

Hitting the pillow, feeling well.

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