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October 7th, 2015 I Think That's Sugar

October 7th, 2015 I Think That's Sugar

My doctor visit today went well. He doesn't believe surgery is even a remote need/possibility. He prescribed something new and suggested some over the counter things and assured me, this will get better. This was a much better doctor's visit than I imagined.

I was back on the air this morning. It was a busy show with plenty of special guest interviews. One of my guests brought me a coffee from the new coffee place in town. This coffee place is a new client of our radio station. I'm always very careful when I accept something from anyone and my usual first question is always. "What's in this?"

This guest knows me very well and is fully aware of my weight loss and abstinence from refined sugar. She assured me: "It's french press with half & half." Perfect!!

I have the best friends and studio guests! This was a premium cup of coffee--and you better believe I was ready to drink it. I snapped a photo for the accountability tweet and waited to take a sip. She came in for the interview and I raised the cup to my lips. The first sip wasn't what I expected. It was sweet. I commented, "I think that's sugar." She knew what she ordered for me and assured me it wasn't sugar. I took a second sip. "I can't drink this. My sugar alarm is going crazy. My head feels weird."

It turned out to be a mix up at the coffee place. Condensed sweet milk was mixed with the cream--and that's where the refined sugar was found.

I was in panic mode. Two sips was all it took for my brain to light up. I felt strange. Studio mates commented that my eyes looked different. My head definitely felt different. After almost a year and a half without refined sugar, my body and head immediately reacted to this very small amount in those two little sips. 

It was fascinating, actually. At first, I wasn't appreciating the fascinating part of it--I was in severe panic mode. I called Life Coach Gerri while I prepared some extra breakfast, some protein, something--anything to counter what I was feeling. I drank 3 cups of water with it, too. My biggest concern was my 530 days abstinence from refined sugar. Gerri assured me I was fine. It wasn't intentional and my streak still counts. She shared with me two instances in her 22 years of abstinence when sugar was unintentionally consumed. I felt much better, mentally, after the call. Physically, I still felt out of sorts.

My primary goal today was making sure to be extra aware of my thoughts and possible compulsions. I promised to stay well connected in support and take extraordinary care. I feel like I did that well.

It's bedtime and I've made it through just fine.

A few hours after the coffee incident, the owner of this new coffee place showed up at the studio with another cup of coffee and his apologies for the mix up. He told me how horrible he felt about it--and I assured him it wasn't anything to feel bad about! What an amazing person. It was the nicest thing. It gave the two of us an opportunity to get to know one another much better. His coffee is extraordinary, by the way. I enjoyed the sugar free cup of french press with half and half and even though my head was still spinning even three hours after the two sugar sips, I had to smile. I knew then, I was going to be okay.

And like Gerri said, "If you had continued past those first sips--after you realized what it was, then we would have had a problem and needed a serious talk. But you handled it perfectly."

A big part of my success is found in the importance level I give my fundamental elements of recovery. A big part of that is treating my abstinence from refined sugar with the same reverence as an alcoholic in successful recovery treats their sobriety. I've lived what happens when I don't apply this importance level. I don't want to live that way again.

It was like an unintended experiment.

It's not that I needed confirmation of how I react to refined sugar. But truly, it was fascinating to feel the profound effect--and so quickly!!! I literally felt drugged. My coworkers could tell I was "messed up." Isn't that interesting?? 

I'm still on guard tonight and I'll be extra aware of my thoughts and actions over the next few days. But all things considered, I'm feeling good about how it all turned out.

On the other issue of late, recovering from this ailment has been tricky. It starts to feel better then I do something and it gets flared up again. I'm looking forward to applying the suggestions from the doctor. I also received some awesome suggestions from my studio guest and friend. (she reads this blog occasionally--that's how she knew) Whatever works! I'm just looking forward to this pain thing clearing up.

I've taken a break from exercise because of this painful ailment and I must say, it's starting to mess with me horribly. I had to get out and do something tonight. So I simply walked. I had a good walk and it didn't seem to irritate the situation. The walk was more for me on a mental level than a physical one. If I go too long without some semblance of a workout, I start getting panicky. I've worked too hard to start falling back into old habits. Not that I am-- but taking a necessary break for healing, despite how normal and healthy that is, can start to feel that way.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon.
    I heard a good joke on being a health nut. Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday,lying in the hospital, dying of nothing. This joke makes me laugh and I can't wait to be called a health nut.

  2. My first though on you sipping a bit of sugar was you didn't drink it all so you are still on track. Your first sip was.thinking this has sugar, then the second one confirmed it and you stopped drinking it. What surprised me was how you reacted to it. My thoughts went to a baby having its first sugar and maybe that crying fussy baby was caused by a sugar overload. I know back when I had babies the next thing after milk was giving them apple juice which is not recommended nowadays. Massive sugar overdose.

  3. I think you handled it great!
    I am allergic to coconut and I can taste/feel it in a tiny nibble. People are disbelieving and ask how can I possibly know from just that amount. But I can! Our bodies let us know, if we listen.

  4. Wow! Kudos to you You give me hope and inspiration and motivation that it CAN be done. Pretty dang fascinating how quickly you noticed other physical changes/sensations too. I hear that putting sweetened condensed milk in coffee is a vietnamese style and once you start it it's like stopping crack or something. I think it best we all avoid that. Glad you're feeling a little better!

  5. I too have experienced that IMMEDIATE reaction with grapefruit juice. When ordering orange juice at a restaurant I have to be careful that grapefruit is not mixed in. My stomach charlie horses is what I call it. It literally goes into a spasm with one sip. I've had waiters check and assure me there is no grapefruit juice mixed in - but my body knows when that is so. What miracles these bodies of ours are !!! We have to stay aware - that's the program isn't it?

  6. Kudos to you, my friend. For recognizing it instantly, and once confirmed with a 2nd taste, refusing any further. I'm glad it didn't give you even worse symptoms.

    I have learned recently after the better part of 2.5 years eating most grain and sugar free, that I really cannot tolerate sugar or chocolate at all anymore in any format. It makes me very sick, and that sickness can last up to a week later. It was a major wake up call, and has me more committed than ever now, to abstain from ALL sugar. I haven't been that sick in a while, and it happened a second time yesterday, briefly (as with you, a confirmation of the first time, as it were)...and one I do NOT plan on repeating.

    People on the outside can question abstinence from certain foods or food groups, poo poo it, all but demand that only the sane use moderation, but until they have walked in our boots, they can take their opinions and shove them. ;)

    Glad you are ok, and glad the doctor visit went better than anticipated.

  7. That is so amazing that sugar has that bad of a reaction to it .... It really is an allergy isn't it
    My hu baby is allergic to mustard and can taste it in anything first taste.... His younger goes tingely and he is like mope can't have it
    So glad you handled it so well
    Well done my friend .... Well done

  8. Kudos for getting stopped, calling your support team. This has happened to me once or twice in the last 3 years. I was in a place (Starbucks) where I could run to the trash can and spit it out.

    Oh, the rush to the head and the physical changes with the sugar. Scary and grateful for food sobriety all at the same time.

    Glad you circled the wagons post exposure. Those habits will keep you well. Onward.


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