Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 21st, 2015 If Every Day Were Like Today

October 21st, 2015 If Every Day Were Like Today

A follow up to last night's armed robbery: It was confirmed through the Wichita Police Department activity logs--the clerk wasn't physically hurt. It also noted the suspect committed another armed robbery an hour later about one and a half miles North on the same street. I'm so relieved the clerk wasn't physically harmed. Mentally and emotionally--I can't even imagine how that experience might affect someone. Racing away from the scene felt like the right thing to do, even though I felt horrible for the clerk left behind. There wasn't anything we could do other than what we did--get to a safe distance and call police.

It was difficult to fall asleep last night. It must have been 2am before I drifted. It set my day up for a rough one. Luckily, I was able to split the day in half and get a midday nap. It was necessary. My food schedule was tilted somewhat. I didn't feel like eating a big lunch, opting for an apple with natural peanut butter and a cup of coffee, instead. The consequence was less than 1,000 calories consumed by 6:30pm. I eventually caught up, but I'm still leaving 81 calories on the table tonight.

I must evaluate my weight maintenance calorie budget carefully, especially if I register another significant loss in a week. MyFitnessPal just told me "If every day were like today" I'd weigh 203.7 in five weeks. I'm not getting too worked up about it. I feel good, really good physically. It's just, the more weight I lose, the more I realize I need strength training. And for whatever reason I haven't made that commitment.

You know what I'm doing? I'm over-complicating the strength training thing. Yep! The very thing I passionately write and speak about NOT doing when it comes to weight loss, I'm doing when it comes to strength training. Consistency beats intensity applies in this regard, too. Right? 

It's also very interesting that I haven't firmed up accountability and support measures for strength training. Why? Because if I did, I'd need to do it!! But I complicate it, so I avoid the accountability and support needed to encourage. 

It reminds me of my water tweets. I didn't start incorporating those until about a year ago. I started after the person I was dating at the time asked why I didn't track and share water like I did everything else. My reply was straight up honest: "I don't want to be held accountable for my water goals." In other words--I wanted an out. If I didn't share the water consumption and I didn't want the water, by golly--I just wouldn't drink it--and nobody would be the wiser. 

But then I started thinking about it--and going through all of the benefits increased water would provide and it was then, I realized: I needed to include the water tweets. Since then, it hasn't been perfect. I still have an occasional day when I don't hit the minimum goal--but 95% of the time, I do. And that's a dramatic improvement over the last year.

Accountability and support works.

I truly believe if I apply a greater importance level to strength training by installing some structured accountability and support, then I'll be in for an incredible "phase two" of this transformation.

Happy 'Back To The Future' Day!!!!

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  1. Gretchen Rubins talks a lot in her blog about habit forming, and she divides people into four groups depending on whether they are motivated by internal or external accountability. Sounds like you are what she calls an Obliger, so you should always make yourself accountable to someone other than yourself.

  2. Sean,
    Perhaps it is time to reconsider a yoga practice. It of course brings ease and flexibility, but there is also much full body strength gains in practicing many of the poses. That weekly beginner class would be a great to commit to for five or ten weeks. Then reevaluate. Seems your recent 'running' related injury is less of an issue......very good.


    PS wish I could/would but no can do on FB, and the group.

  3. Keep up the great work! According to the CDC BMI calculator, the normal weight range for a 6 feet, 4 inch, man is 152 pounds to 205 pounds. This may be interpreted, in a rough, ballpark-range estimate, as meaning you don't need to worry if your weight hits 203 pounds or lower. It will eventually level off in a good location inside your normal weight range if you maintain your current 2,300 daily calorie budget and lightly-moderate activity level. Google "CDC BMI calculator" if you're interested in this.

  4. Out of interest, what are your strength training plans? I ask because if you're looking for a simple routine that works and offers very quick returns StrongLifts 5x5 is probably the best overall strength workout for beginners (five total movements, two workouts, 3x a week) and it has an app which tells you what to do for every workout so you don't have to spend any time figuring out routines for yourself. If strength is your goal barbell training isn't necessary and, sure, you can make strength gains using yoga or other bodyweight training (gymnastics, calisthenics, etc.) but as a beginner you will probably see the fastest results from a very simple workout routine that incorporates compound movements + adds weight every session to push your muscles at the limit of their capabilities. I did SL5x5 for six months (as a woman) and made huge strength gains during that period of time, I became a faster runner, and it motivated me to work on flexibility and mobility. Obviously the best workout is the one you enjoy and can do consistently so if it's not your thing and you'd prefer a different routine there's nothing wrong with that, I just thought I'd throw it out there because it's a very efficient way of becoming reasonably strong reasonably quickly.

  5. Sean, you KNOW I get your issues with ST!!!!!!!

    If it helps, I did arm weights tonight!


  6. I love that! Consistancy beats intensity! I love the ahha moments I get when I read your blog! Thanks for being so transparent! It allows the rest of us to be as well!


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