Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 432 Breakfast On Me and Conlee Is Incredible

Day 432

Breakfast On Me and Conlee Is Incredible

I hope you understand how I sincerely appreciate your support and readership. I deeply regret ever sharing too personal details of my family’s situation. You know how I feel about honesty and keeping this blog very real. And part of this journey is dealing with whatever life throws your way—or better, whatever circumstance you help create, and staying focused and learning regardless of those circumstances. I said it from the very first post that mentioned our marital issue---we have both hurt each other over the years. I sincerely regret and am saddened that a dear reader and follower of this blog has been hurt and upset by all of this. I’ve sent that reader an e-mail in hopes that she’ll accept my apology and continue her very inspiring story here in blogland. I hope she responds. In the meantime, I’ve really reorganized my thinking about everything and here’s what I’ve concluded: This blog is extremely important to me and it will continue in the spirit that has served me so well. It’s a daily account of my transformation from 505 pounds to 230 or whatever feels right…and it will continue to be just that, but---with a more responsible approach with sensitive personal information—especially if it involves anyone other than me.

I grabbed a fruit and yogurt parfait and some fresh fruit on the way into work this morning. I also grabbed one for Dave down the hall---He’s the guy that has succeeded me on KLOR mornings. Dave is also the director of the Poncan Theatre---the guy who bought me breakfast after I spent the entire night at the Poncan…remember this from Day 404?: While I was on the air later in the morning, the director of the theatre was kind enough to go buy breakfast for the two of us. I was busy with the broadcast, so he didn’t have a chance to ask me what I wanted. Even though I would have selected a 160 calorie fruit, yogurt, and granola parfait (I love those things!), I graciously accepted the 720 calorie breakfast he so kindly bought me. I picked at the breakfast in between on-air breaks and ended up throwing half of it away. You know I talk about eating whatever you like and still losing weight, and that’s a key element in my success, but still---I don’t eat 720 calorie breakfast anymore, I just don’t. I don’t like the way it makes me feel. Too heavy, you know what I mean? I can do a 400 calorie breakfast occasionally, but usually I keep breakfast between 200 and 300 calories. Dave loved the fruit and yogurt---and he also brings fruit. It’s going to be fun working down the hall from this guy. He’s a wonderful talent!

It was an extremely busy Friday to say the least, we’ve had plenty of those lately for some reason. I didn’t get a chance to get a nap before heading off for the John Conlee concert. If you’re a fan of country music---oh my—check out John’s greatest hits. The show was incredible. I sipped a Diet Coke during the show and some water. After the show I enjoyed some cheese and a few Triscuits. I love Triscuits---they rock! I have to watch myself around those things!

The “wow” reactions happened a few times before the concert. I ran into some listeners that remembered me from a station I worked for 15 years ago, and they were shocked at the difference. That was cool. And the big question I get these days is “How much have you lost now?” 227 pounds and counting! I’m very proud of that. Can you tell? Nah—not at all huh? ;)
After the show, I returned home and spent an hour or so visiting with Amber before bed. I’m so proud of her for a variety of reasons. She’s so mature and smart. And she’s so easy to father. Both of our kids have made parenting so easy for us. We’re so extremely blessed. Good girls indeed.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,

With John Conlee. That over-shirt doesn't do me any favors! As much as I think it does, it really doesn't! Makes me look bigger actually.


  1. This entire drama played out on line has really taught me to set healthy boundaries as to what should be posted, how it should be posted and what kind of contact I should have with my supporters. It's NOT criticism of your choices, just a great lesson learned for me. I sure hope Sheilagh comes back because she was the kindest commenter, supporter EVER!

  2. well, you have lost a lot of weight. I hope everything else falls into line. Keep up the good work sean.

  3. Even though you have come so far, we all need to allow each other some "grace", since we are ALL still a work in progress. Thank you for showing such a teachable spirit, and helping us all learn how to be more loving, patient, kind and understanding of one another's "humanity".
    And 227 pounds!! Golly gee whiz!!

  4. You're doing great hottie....hope you have a great visit with Amber this weekend! :)

  5. Sean--you are a dear person. Your sincerity is evident in everything you do. You risk a lot by being so open in this very public format. Many people are apt to think that your sharing is a ploy for attention, to create drama, or to create a situation where people take sides in your family struggle. I know that is not the case. You are only trying to share your journey through life and what that includes. You continue to prove that we can make good/responsible choices in our lives even when faced with life altering stress. I know that you are an amazing father, an adoring son/brother, and a very kind friend. I suspect that you have been a good husband, even when you admit weakness and fault. You cannot take everything that people say to you through this blog as the gospel truth. Their comments are only opinions. Even people who know us in real life never really know our situations or our hearts as well as they think they do. What's that saying about walking a mile in another man's shoes? If only that were possible.

    Be encouraged brother! It is okay to stand up for yourself. It is also okay to forgive and to love. Do not be discouraged. Stay strong and continue to make the next right decision. Blessings to you and your family--Bonnie & Andy


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