Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 441 Not A Plateau Just Yet and More Sleep Is Awesome

Day 441

Not A Plateau Just Yet and More Sleep Is Awesome

I sincerely appreciate all of the encouragement of late. I totally agree, one weigh-in doesn’t make a plateau…we’ll see what we find on the 9th! I was just a little concerned and really I believe I needed that zero loss weigh-in to give me the kick I needed to propel me into the right frame of mind for the last 48 pounds. I’ve been on cruise control too long; it’s time to fight! Thank you for being in my corner along the way.

I slept in big time today. I can’t remember the last time I slept for eleven hours straight, but I did last night and it felt so good. I must have needed it right? It was a solid sleep, very comfortable, very nice. I have improved the sleep part of this weight loss equation. I’m getting more sleep these days and many times that comes at the price of posting the next day instead of at the end of the day. I hope you don’t mind. There was a time not that long ago where I wouldn’t think of writing and posting the next day, but I’ve learned to not be so crazy fanatical about it. I’ve put it in perspective, and if it means I get to bed earlier, then it’s the best thing. Now don’t get me wrong---Ideally I’ll post the night before or early the next morning—but when I don’t, trust there’s a valid reason that usually has something to do with sleep vs. a busy schedule.

I had a wonderful workout today. Whitney, a long time (from Day 1) reader who happens to live right across town called and suggested a racquetball workout. Whitney can play with anybody and beat him or her too. I really didn’t have a chance at winning, but I didn’t care. She couldn’t help but beat me three straight games and we had a very nice workout in the process. I’ve written before about Whitney and her weight loss journey. It’s hard to believe now that she was ever up to nearly 200 pounds, but I remember---and so does she. She’s below 135 now and if you ask me, she’s there, but I think she’s working on another 5 pounds. She’s already below the goal she set a when she started, but like we’ve said before: It’s not a number, it’s a feeling. Whitney will know it when she gets there. I’ve worked with Whitney’s mom at Team Radio for years, so I’ve known Whit for quite a while. She also remembers 505 pound Sean very well. Certainly not the Sean that somehow scored eight points in one of those games today, I mean we were moving good! And I have to say, she’s a good Sooner fan too. Whitney and her husband Jim are huge Sooner fans, so you know they had a great time Saturday when the Sooners embarrassed my OSU Cowboys. Whitney made one mention of the game, and then totally dropped the subject. She’s such a good sport!

I enjoyed a six inch Subway Black Forest Ham today. I ask for half the cheese they normally use and I load it up with veggies. Even with a thin strip of lite mayo, and I mean thin---I tell them “I want the thinnest strip of lite mayo you’ve ever put on a sandwich,” and that usually makes it just the way I like---and just under 350 calories. It’s filling and good, and completely doable with the calorie budget. No problem at all.

I also enjoyed some more leftover turkey breast today. It was a good food day really. Even though I did “invest” 250 calories in coffee creamer. That’s seriously ridiculous. I desperately need to stop that! It’s just a waste of calories---pure and simple. I guess I’m not going to quit coffee anytime soon, but perhaps I should limit my allowable coffee calories to 100. At dinner the other night, after ordering water with lemons, I mentioned how I don’t like spending calories on drinks. A friend of mine quickly reminded me of my fondness of coffee creamer. “Oh yeah, that’s right” got me there. Got me good!

If you’re in the USA then I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday weekend, if you’re outside the USA, I hope you had a wonderful weekend too! This week will be a very busy time for us. We’re moving into our apartment this week and we’re not ready at all! I guess we need to get ready, because it’s here---this is it. Time to pack already! It helps that Irene has already moved, so it’s not quite the chore of a full move, but still…any move is a move, right? I can’t wait to get settled into our new place and new kitchen. I swear, we’re not eating out for a long time once we get in there! I’m looking forward to preparing in bulk and freezing stuff for easy heat and eat convenience. And I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’m looking forward to being able to workout anytime night or day. I honestly think I’ll start working out good in the very early morning. It’s going to be nice my friend!

Thanks for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,

Taken moments after the beating. Just like the bedlam game---I don’t think I had one 3rd down conversion. It was a great workout---and that’s all that counts!


  1. That is a chunk of calories to squander on coffee creamer. I was exactly the same way, but got on a habit-kicking habit and ditched the coffee. I nearly fell asleep at work the next day, but since then it's been smooth sailing. And I've been sleeping much better. I still have it as a once-in-a-while treat, but I no longer feel that gotta-have-it need.

    I doubt you hit a true plateau either. You just hit too many fast food joints. ;)

  2. Years and years ago - 15 or so - I realized how many calories I was expending on coffee cream. I slowly but surely took it down a notch: Lite Cream to half'n half to whole milk to skim milk to black. I didn't have to give up my coffee although now I have to watch the caffeine and do switch over to decaf after a certain point in the day. Ah, the travails of aging.

  3. I loooove coffee, for me it's something I really enjoy. I used to enjoy it a pot at a time. Now I drink two cups with 1/3 of a cup of 2 % milk and 4 T of sugar,,,and it is so worth it to me. It clocks in at 220 calories for the coffee.

    I drink Starbuck French roast dark extra bold.
    nummy. Anybody attempting to strip my last two cups will leave with bloody nubs. LIfe is short, enjoy it. I just deal with it and eat a lighter lunch.
    Will sean see a drop on the scale soon?
    The answer is: Yes
    The magic eight ball

  4. Sounds like you had a great workout! I don't drink coffee very often and when i do it's usually with skim milk, but 250 calories does sound a lot.

  5. Hi Sean. I have an award for you over on my blog!

    Well done for scoring some points in your racquetball workout!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  6. Glad you had a great workout with a great friend....but 250 cals on coffee...are you serious?????

    Dude....I drink 2 c. of decaf in the evening, and the sugar-free Coffeemate creamer is only 15 cals a Tbsp. I use one in each cup, for a total of 30 cals of yumminess. I either use the hazelnut or the vanilla caramel. How in the hell are you spending 250 cals on creamer??? lol

  7. Sorry to hear in the last post that your dad isn't doing great; I hope his condition improves soon.

    Moving is always so stressful; I absolutely hate it! Hope the lure of the new apartment is enough to ease the pain a little. :)


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