Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 433 Slower Saturday and Family Movie Night Sans Snacks

Day 433

Slower Saturday and Family Movie Night Sans Snacks

After a football game Thursday night and a big concert Friday night, I was ready for Saturday to be a little slower pace. Thank goodness it was! Amber is in, so I really looked forward to spending time with her and KL. Amber is really enjoying her special education major at school. She can clearly see that it’s the career she really wants and will enjoy. She’s so perfect for that profession because she’s so compassionate and caring. My brother Shane was mentally challenged, and I believe his wonderful influence on her as a child made a lasting impression that carried over to her high school career as a peer advocate for special needs kids, and now her studies in special education. She’s going to make such a big difference in the lives of so many young people. I’m a proud daddy!

Feeling good and full of energy is something that is new to me. I never realized how sluggish I was at 505. Oh, I knew I was always tired and fairly miserable, but the contrast between then and now really makes it clear. I was slowly dying back then. The energy I feel now is such a wonderfully liberating experience. I’m so happy that I grabbed control when I did, and in the fashion I did, because it was getting really bad. My overall physical feeling today is like a whole new world of freedom, limited only by my imagination. It’s beautiful my friend.

We have been eating out way too much lately. It doesn’t change my choices, they’re still good, but still---I want to grill and prepare good healthy meals at home. We’re in a transition period at our house, so the kitchen is out of sorts. The grill has been moved to Irene’s new place. I may have to go over and grill a bunch of chicken! I’ll be in my new place within nine days, and you can bet—we’ll be eating at home all the time! The choices are just better at home, you know? You know me; there isn't a restaurant that intimidates me. I've conquered BBQ places, The Olive Garden, every fast food place under the sun, and more. You pick the place and I can get in and out--and be satisfied and under calorie budget, no problem, but still, getting back into the groove of preparing and enjoying good, solid, tasty, and healthy meals at home is something I long for.

After a late Friday night, I slept in late and grabbed a roast beef sandwich from Arby’s for lunch/breakfast, brunch we’ll call it. A regular roast beef from Arby’s is only 320 calories. If you remove half the bun it’s even less. I didn’t this time, but I have on many occasions. I had some apple slices ready for a snack later in the day before an early evening dinner with Amber, KL, and Irene at Irene’s new place. We enjoyed some baked chicken wings with a little pasta alfredo. It was good and the conversation was wonderful. Courtney was working and unable to attend. Later, I ended up napping in the recliner. It was a lazy Saturday indeed.

We planned a family movie night tonight. It was a little different because we decided against popcorn or any snacks of any kind. Usually we have something, at least some low calorie microwave popcorn, but not tonight. After the pasta alfredo and wings, the old calorie budget was reaching it’s limits. We sipped on zero calorie tea and enjoyed the movie until we all started falling asleep. Isn’t caffeine supposed to keep you awake? Didn’t work that way tonight. Irene conked out first, then me, then Courtney---leaving Amber and KL awake to finish the film. Amber was a little upset that we were all snoozing during family movie time, but she was very nice about it---waking me up and encouraging me to go to bed. I told Irene she should crash here, but she declined and left late. She had work to do at her place. She is incredible at decorating. Anytime we moved to a new place, you could bet that by day 2---everything was in place and on the walls. She has a wonderful way of making any house a home in record time. She’s promised to help me with my apartment. Thank goodness! Otherwise it might look like we just moved in for several weeks afterward.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for this year. Last Thanksgiving this journey was so new and we were just feeling our way forward. Now, armed with a year full of lessons and experience—we’re more ready than ever before for a big holiday. I plan on keeping a food journal that day. I normally don’t, because I’m all about keeping things simple. I don’t want to carry around a notepad and pen everyday. If I can’t accurately keep track of 1500 calories in my head, then chances are it’s more than 1500! But Thanksgiving is different. With so many food choices and the extra 1,000 calories to enjoy---I’ll do it. Plus, I’ll be able to share it with you in this blog. I’ve written about past holidays that completely blew up past weight loss attempts. But just like last year, it’s different now. I’m no longer restraining myself from the desire to overeat. That desire has been replaced with the joy of feeling great---the consequence of good choices over the last 433 days. There's no need to fear a holiday like this. Embrace it with a conscious plan of responsible portions and above all else---enjoying those around us more than the food. I’m comfortably content with eating responsible portions and completely controlling food and my choices instead of the other way around. It’s a very nice place to be mentally. A place I once thought I could never find. I love it here.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. Reading the paragraph about how much energy you feel now made me smile. It's amazing how we settle for less than we deserve, accepting that feeling tired and miserable is okay. I'm glad you've moved on and now have the energy and life that you deserve! :)

  2. Reading the paragraph about how much energy you feel now made me smile. It's amazing how we settle for less than we deserve, accepting that feeling tired and miserable is okay. I'm glad you've moved on and now have the energy and life that you deserve! :)

    Wait... that's what Mary just said. She stole what I was gonna say. That girl!

  3. Say what?! Both Mary AND Jack stole exactly what I was going to say!

    Actually, I almost cried when I read it... in a good way. I want that so much, and reading about it in a real persons life just stirred me up that much more. I WANT THAT TOO! Thank you so much for sharing things like this, it really does help the rest of us. Never ever doubt that.

  4. I didn't know your daughter was a SpEd major-that's so awesome!! They are such dedicated, caring ppl-you must indeed be proud.

    Sounds like a very nice weekend :) Good luck on the move and getting settled in. You'll be grilling soon I'm sure ;)

  5. The energy and the way our abilities increase with the working out is amazing, isn't it? I also noticed something else the other day...just out of the blue. I don't have anymore physical pain anymore. Just a few months lower back hurt every single feet knees hurt....sooooo tired all the time. All the pain has dissipated, and with the workouts, I'm feeling stronger every day. I can't believe I wasted so many years feeling like crap....let's hope there's a lot more left to feel great and appreciate being healthy, strong and pain-free! :)

  6. hey there virtual buddy! I've been neglecting my blogging duties big time! But that's because I've been away from home with aerobics and freelance gym visits! I'm building muscle and getting through some pretty hard classes and feeling the burn and soreness of the building process ... but I'm glad! I see you're in good spirits and feein' fine!

    and to Tammy up there..yeah, you comment about "wasted so many years...." is what I think everyday and I'm thinking, man, I hope to have many years of life to enjoy being at my goal when I get there!

    Take care all!

  7. Sean, The happiness that this post expresses, is the happiness you share. Thank you for that. I am glad that things have "settled" down and you had a great night with your family.
    I work with "challenged" folks and I love every minute of it. I'm sure from what you have shared with us about your daughter that she will excel as well. If she has any of your qualities she will bring a lot to our profession!! Good for her!!
    Glad to see you have your holiday all planned out!
    Thank you for sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. You say what most of us feel helping us the realize our struggles!!

  8. george forman grills are great to grill anything in a pinch. Not as good as outside..but they will do. It would be a good Xmas present for someone to buy you for your new bachelor pad. They are perfect for cooking meals for one or two. Frozen salmon burgers from Costco are great on them, chicken or steak works great sliced thin for fajitas on the forman grill.

  9. While there's nothing like grilling outdoors, I second the George Forman grill, we use ours a lot!

    I'd love to be a fly on the wall at your place on Thanksgiving - it would be fun to hear your family's gratitudes.


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