Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 437 The "P" Word and I'm Thankful

Day 437

The "P" Word and I'm Thankful

They warned me that this day would come. They told me that eventually I would hit it, but I just smiled a confident smile and kept on going. Did I think that I was immune to the "P" word? Weigh day after weigh day, every two weeks---another loss, I was so spoiled. The numbers were big at first, then settled into a slower, yet still generous groove. Over the last few months, it's slowed to a steady two to four pounds every two weeks. I guess I thought I could dodge the "P" word, like I was going to be different somehow. Well, trust me friend, I'm not different or special. I stepped onto the scale today and then off, then I stepped back on, then off...then I made sure it was properly set to a zero start and...still, 278. Today was the day. The streak of consecutive weigh days with a loss is officially over. I'm so lucky really, lucky to have lost the first 227 pounds before hitting this wall. Lucky it wasn't a gain, lucky and thankful I am here. I'm 48 pounds from goal and nothing can stop me now. Plateau? Call it what you will. Whatever you call it, I'm going to break it down quickly by changing up the workouts and perhaps, just maybe...increasing the calories for a couple of weeks. Maybe try 1700 for two...just a little extra metabolism booster--coupled with a workout changeup. My body has obviously caught on to my routine, so it's time for a few changes.

Responding to my weigh day mass text, Melissa Walden--Fitness and Life Coach, said "Time to readjust. Let me know if you need some ideas..." Cousin Dana in Minnesota agreed, "time to change something..." I also received several "you're doing great, keep going..." And you know I will. And I will make some tweaks here and there. Tammy from reminded me to consider all of the eating out we've done lately and all of the sodium that stuff contains. Tammy also agreed that changing things up is the way to go. She did it a while back--hit that dreaded "P" word, then changed things up by adding some calories and getting creative in the gym...and blammo---she started dropping again. I say "blammo" because that's a word I've been hooked on since I interviewed the legendary Jack Sh*t. Jack has some wonderful insight on this topic, in fact--he gave Tammy advice with her "P" and has given me advice on this very issue, and he's so right. What wonderful timing, right here on the eve of Thanksgiving in America--I weigh in with a big goose egg. Zero pounds lost. Ouch. But hey---don't get me wrong. I'm one very fortunate guy, the scale and this entire journey has been kind to me for so long. I just got spoiled, that's all. Now it's time to get schooled on breaking out and moving down the last 48 pounds. I've got some learning to do! But first, pass the pie...

Ah yes, here we are. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in America, a holiday where it became fashionable to be stuffed silly. We're not going to do that here. I will do what I did last year, I'll add 1,000 calories--and I'll keep a calorie log along the way. Irene is here at my mom's house too and we're going to cook together in the morning, just like we have for several years. It'll be fun and delicious! We'll be doing a 5K tomorrow afternoon, just like last year, except I plan on jogging as much as I can this time. Last year, I was just happy to make it all the way, now we're really flying!

I'm so thankful for the strength and resolve to do what I've done. I'm thankful for good health. I'm thankful for having such wonderful family and friends. I'm thankful for my career. I'm thankful for so many things---and this list doesn't even begin to list them. I'm so wonderfully thankful and happy, and warm...and grateful. I'm a new man, growing and learning along the way, getting to where I'm headed with confidence in the road ahead.

Tomorrow night will be an epic post I'm sure. I'll have the Thanksgiving food log, pictures, videos, and the stories of the day. Sharing this journey has been such a wonderful blessing for me. Thank you for reading and giving me your support. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. Hi Sean,
    I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now (just happened to stumble upon it) and I find you very refreshing. Thank you so much for being an inspiration for me to get off my behind and finally do something.

    I live in Toronto Ontario (Canada) and I'm not sure where you live but I'm glad I've met your keeps me going!!!!

  2. The big P. It won't stop you. You've come too far to let it get you down! Great job.Good luck on your run tomorrow and have a great thanksiving with your family!!

  3. Stopping by to say have a wonderful day with your family and friends. Some of those extra calories will come today and I'd bet you'll feel energized! Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Glad you're open to tweaking things a bit. It happens to all of us. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family. :)

  5. You have done so weigh in is not a plateau!!
    But I know you're going to just keep ploughing through it and will be at your goal in no time!


  6. As you get closer to goal, I'm pretty sure you'll find that the smallest of details start becoming a factor at weigh-in.

    Time to shift it into another gear, Sean. Have you got it in you?

  7. You've done great so far and you'll, no doubt, keep going. I am not sure I'd throw out the "P" word just yet...look back over the last week or so and count up how many days you skipped exercise...get back to it man...YOU CAN DO IT!!

  8. Every get a visit by the "p" sooner or later! No doubt you will kick it to the curb :) Have a great Thanksgiving!

  9. And remember, hitting a "P" doesn't mean you did anything wrong.

  10. Hi Sean. Hope you're having a lovely holiday!

    As someone said already, one week where you didn't lose weight doesn't equal a plateau. It doesn't necessarily mean you're doing anything wrong. It could just be some excess sodium in your system or a million other spurious things. At least now we all know you're human! (I had been wondering ...)

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  11. I'd weigh in two or three days, I have no doubt you will drop a pound or two... This is the reason I throw in the occasional high calorie day...I don't want my body to say "HEY,,,,WHAT'S GOING ON HERE!!!"
    So, occasionally I eat like a mofo....up to 2500 calories...
    Thanksgiving should help you with that...I do it once or twice a makes for slow...steady losses. I have never had a five pound drop..but I have never had a goose egg..but then I weigh in just about daily and record monthly...I don't want to get caught in the bad day trap and set off negative thinking...Hope the next weigh in finds you lower. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours sean.

  12. The "P" word. It sure sucks, doesn't it. But what doesn't suck? Both you and I will keep on plugging no matter what that stupid scale says.

    Have you read up on the BMR and adjusting your calories from that? That's what I'm doing right now. I also bought a book that Dawn (bbubblyb) recommended. The book suggested to figure your maintenance calories needed, eat those three days in a row, and then drop by a certain percentage for three days, and keep doing it. He said it will rev up the metabolism. Also to eat every three hours. That is what broke my plateau, and I'm continuing to do it. I'm also going to give it a month to see how it works. I even stepped away from counting WW points to counting calories to do this. If you want more info, let me know and I'll share more. I know you're pretty good at researching, so not offended if you want to just skip what I'm saying. lol

    If we had a dollar for every piece of weight-loss advice, we'd be rich, wouldn't we? Everybody has an opinion and a story, don't they? lol

    Happy Thanksgiving. We talked about you at our Thanksgiving table! I was talking about weight loss and the fantastic bloggers I've met, and mentioned you. (My family knows about you already.) A little while later, my son was talking about DJs. So I shared what I've read on your blog about what you do. He was fascinated. He thought the morning DJs just worked three hours during their show and then went home. lol =)


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