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Our Most Powerful Thoughts

Our Most Powerful Thoughts

I've spent a bunch of time in the past day or so catching up on emails and messages.  I sincerely appreciate the amazing outpouring of support.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write me a message.  One of the biggest questions I've received lately is "How do I get back/find the mindset I need?"

When I started struggling again seven months ago---It terrified me. I started focusing on so many negative thoughts... "I can't gain back weight" "If I continue this destruction I'm nothing but a fraud" "I can't seem to regulate my emotional eating anymore" "I know exactly what I need to do but I still choose not to do it..."

Our thoughts and feelings become our reality. Even when our thoughts and feelings are pleading to run contrary to the negative--the negative reinforcement is powerful.... and if we're not careful and mindful---These self-defeating thoughts will take us back to places we once thought were forever in the past.

Making it a priority to re-frame our thoughts into positive affirmations is paramount to regaining control. The most powerful advice I can give has little to do with food and exercise and everything to do with our thoughts.  What messages are we feeding ourselves? Are they positive and empowering or fearful and defeating?

We get back whatever we choose to focus on the most.  You've heard "You get what you give," and believe me, it's very true.

My little brother Shane was terrified of walking on ice covered sidewalks. He was so focused on his fear of falling, he actually attracted more falls. He would fall with every attempt. It came to a point that, if there was ice on the sidewalks, he was inside until it was gone completely. One day Shane and I planned to go out for lunch. I knew there was ice on the ground---but I decided to help him as much as possible, and take as long as we needed to get him in the car. I had ice melt ready to spread in front of his every step. When I pulled up--my phone rang and I answered.  It was work calling, and I was distracted... As I continued my conversation, I witnessed Shane do something miraculous... 

He walked with confidence from his front door to the car, opened the door and got inside the car without any hesitation or help from me.  He didn't realize we received a coating of ice overnight. He thought it was simply wet. His mind was convinced this was just a wet sidewalk--not a sheet of ice. His focus was unimpeded.  His intention was to get into the car, and he walked without fear and did just that.  I was stunned. And when I told Shane what he had done, he was stunned too. I walked ahead of Shane the rest of the day, spreading ice melt wherever he stepped.  But I'll never forget the powerful lesson he taught me. 

The law of attraction is real and powerful. And you can use it to your advantage. The mindset you're looking for exists inside you.  This is the biggest battle.  It's us--our thoughts and feelings. 

The sacredness of the limits you set...The "no-excuses" workout policy...All is affected by the thoughts we're allowing. 

For me, I know emotional eating and how it can snowball.  And if I allow, it's devastating to everything I hold precious.

Food's job isn't to comfort me and my emotions.  I must deal directly with my emotions instead of stuffing them away with a temporary escape.

I am once again dealing with my emotions differently. My desires, my dreams, my losing this extra weight I've gained back--It's all a matter of time now.  I've decided and it's happening. 

And I know--Choosing what will be my dominant thoughts is just as important as choosing what I'll eat and how I'll exercise today. 

Thank you for reading.  Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. "Choosing what will be my dominant thoughts is just as important as choosing what I'll eat and how I'll exercise today."

    I don't care how many times I read this, or in what form it comes or from whom... I can ALWAYS use the reminder! It is absolutely the bottomline as to whether or not we make it on this journey of change.

    I believe God will give us the grace and strength to do this, but we can't sit around allowing those negative "thought birds" that fly around over our heads to make a nest in our hair! :-)

    Thanks for sharing these truths, Sean. As usual, you've highlighted what our priorities should be if we want to succeed.

  2. Sean, I'm very sorry that you've had a struggle over that past several months, but you know, I think you will ultimately help a great many more people because you HAVE had to personally deal with this challenge. Considering what a small percentage of people actually manage to keep off the weight they lose, these issues of how to handle a setback and how to tune down the negative or indifferent voices within us is at least as much of a challenge as the intial weight loss; even more of a challenge, perhaps, because there is that added weight (no pun intended) of feeling as if you are undoing the good work that you did.

    I have to confess-- as inspired as I always was with "steel curtain zone" Sean, I also found it very difficult to relate to someone who never seemed to give in to temptation. Nowadays, you are someone I can relate to better. For people struggling with excess weight, a cheerleader and a trailblazer might be nice, but having a friend who is facing or has faced the same struggles, someone who understands and appreciates the emotions involved and is walking beside you as an equal, is infinitely more valuable. It provides that priceless feeling of "We're in this together."

  3. we attract what we fear...I think we 'make' it happen. Great post.

  4. I REALLY need to utilize the "no excuses workout policy". That is my problem area in healthy living. I'm doing three exercise classes a week but I need to do something at least five or six days a week.

  5. Oh goodness, "Choosing what will be my dominant thoughts is just as important as choosing what I'll eat and how I'll exercise today." This is *it* the 'secret' everyone asks for when they hear of weightloss success.
    You've cracked it! Now we all need to DO it. ^_^

  6. Bravo..excellent mentality

  7. I agree with you completely: you're NOT perfect.

    I'm happy to see you back in the blogging saddle, Sean. Giddyup!


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