Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24th, 2014 A Quick Post

June 24th, 2014 A Quick Post

Every now and then I'll post a quick update, just touching the points of the day. This is difficult for me because I enjoy "exploring" through my writing. Unfortunately, some nights it's just not the best thing for me to indulge. And it is a joy, a healthy indulgence I do each night. I love writing, thinking, unraveling, unlocking and discovering deeper understandings of this road many of us travel. Sharing what I share helps me in so many ways. It's an extremely valuable element of my journey; a major part of me. And I love it.

Tonight is one of these short posts. This is tough. I want to write about so many things I've thought about recently! I'll save it for another day.

I was activated tonight for weather coverage and this meant dramatically changing my plans, or at least the order of events in that plan.  It's important to be flexible. I wasn't able to join my weekly conference call support group until it was almost half over. Good thing Life Coach Gerri was ready to go solo. We do that for one another in times of special circumstance.  I decided to make this the one day I pass on the workout. I'm at the point now where I look forward to it, so the dynamics of the decline has changed. Before, I would excuse myself because deep down I was dreading it. Tonight, I excused myself because getting to bed at a semi-decent hour is more important. Big difference.

I'm not using my newly acquired spare bedroom workout facility until I purchase the necessary padding in an effort to reduce vibrations in this upstairs apartment. The very nice older lady who lives below me deserves my careful consideration of her peace and quiet! This is apartment living!

There was a time when a missed workout would create a storm of negative self-abusive thoughts and feelings. Not even a little bit tonight. That's a miraculous change. From where did this change come? From a place of self compassion and self love, that's where it's found.

I was baking a mushroom pizza cap when I was activated for weather duty. I refused to leave the house without it---I quickly plated that juicy, savory, melty thing and cling wrapped it up and into the man bag it went! It was a nice early appetizer to my burger and fries dinner that came much later.

Tomorrow is a short day for me at work. I'm leaving midday to pick up and transport mom to her eye doctor appointment in Oklahoma City tomorrow afternoon. We may have dinner out somewhere, haven't decided on the plan just yet.

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  1. I find writing it out helps me too. They say politicians don't know they exist if they aren't seeing themselves in the news, I don't know what I am thinking if I'm not writing it down!

    Glad you keep sharing with and inspiring us all.


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