Friday, June 20, 2014

June 20th, 2014 The Guacamole Rules

June 20th, 2014 The Guacamole Rules

Getting to bed earlier last night made a profound difference in me today. Where before, my sleep apnea prevented me from feeling rested no matter how many hours I "slept," now, if I'm feeling exhausted it's me and my time management skills to blame. This is a good place to be. Because last night proved I can do it. I can get to bed at a decent hour and still accomplish all I'm requiring of myself.

I had a great food day, a wonderful workout and the minor struggles of yesterday were nowhere to be found. I know they're lurking, out there--ready to jump from the shadows at anytime. The comforting thought is found in how I faced those challenges yesterday. I might have flinched, but I didn't give. It was empowering to overcome; felt really good.

I've been eating a lot of homemade guacamole lately. I had a fresh guacamole omelet this morning and I enjoyed some again for lunch. Actually, it's one of those foods I must watch myself around. It's on the list with peanut butter (or any nut butter), cottage cheese, mixed nuts or peanuts and several other things. The difference is, I have some strict boundaries with my guacamole consumption. Number one--I must weigh and measure all ingredients. Number 2--I only make enough for one meal. I don't make a bunch and store it for later--that would be awesomely convenient, but I'm afraid I would keep going back again and again.  Depending on my calorie budget, I'll either do a half avocado or a whole, depends on the size and weight in grams.  Avocado is calorie dense good food. I know 100g is 160 calories. As long as I know the count, then I can build a nice serving within my limits--adding some light sour cream (1/2 serving), diced tomatoes, onions and a dash or two of ground black pepper and salt--and it's perfect for my taste! But again--I'm very adamant about my personal boundaries concerning this food. It's healthy. My past behaviors with it wasn't.

I suppose I could do the same with peanut butter if I were willing to make my own fresh, every time. Of course I would need to lock up the peanuts and have someone else hold the key. ;)

After working out without my music last night, I made sure to have not one, but two pair of ear buds ready to go today. I have an incredible talent for interpreting lyrics to fit my situation. It's funny. Whatever the song, I can take it to a personal level real fast. Tonight was the Imagine Dragons "Radioactive." I'm convinced it's about recovery from addiction. "I'm breaking in and shaping up, and checking out on the prison bus. This is it, the Apocalypse, whoa... I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones, enough to make my system blow. Welcome to the new age, to the new age, welcome to the new age, to the new age. Whoa Oh, oh , oh , oh, Whoa, oh, oh , oh, I'm radioactive, radioactive." To me, the "Apocalypse" is a metaphor for the damage and havoc one creates while hitting rock bottom. The "new age" suggest recovery in a post "apocalyptic" existence and the "radioactive" suggests an awareness that one is forever affected by their transformation in this "new age." My brain immediately zeroes in and makes all the calculations needed to arrive at these wild conclusions. I could be totally wrong, of course. And it wouldn't be the first time!

I interviewed Christopher Cross once and I told him how much I loved his song "Sailing." I briefly described for him what I took from the powerful lyrics and his reply: "I hate to shatter your interpretation, but it's literally about sailing."

Oh well, okay then!! Lyrical interpretation is a fun exercise in creativity. If I had more time, I'd analyze Culture Clubs "Karma Chameleon," but it's bed time for this guy.

I'm about to eat my #lastfoodofday and maybe watch something fun on Netflix before bed. I will be sleeping in as long and late as I can tomorrow. Oh yes I will!

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  1. Hey. I put a link to your last post on my post this evening.

  2. I usually weave the songs I'm listening to into an elaborate storyline, like I'm in a musical, with me or others around me singing the songs. It can be a challenge to fit in whatever song comes on next! And if I really can't fit the song into the story, well then I'm on stage performing it to the adoring crowd!

  3. Love the guac! Even just a mashed avocado to put it on a burger, or chop it and add it to salad so that adds a nice healthy creaminess. But I had to say "Buh Bye" to the tortilla chips though (no self control around them yet).

    Glad the tunes are helping you keep focused at the noisy gym. I use tunage to keep me on pace. Who can walk slowly to an uptempo song like the B-52s Rock Lobster? :D


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