Friday, June 27, 2014

June 27th, 2014 Vitals

June 27th, 2014 Vitals

Remember last week when I struggled against my desire to eat the catfish brought into the studio? I had already eaten my breakfast and was satisfied when the fish showed up, filling our studios with the smell of deep fried fish and chips. The fried catfish last Thursday morning was a preview for today's event. After last Thursday's struggle, I decided I would enjoy a catfish lunch today, making it a part of my food plan. I was fine as long as I found some accurate calorie information and brought along my food scale. What made last week so difficult was knowing that I wanted to eat it, purely for sport--driven by food lust. Today it was my planned lunch.

The event today was the 8th Annual All-American Fish Fry Blood Drive with the Oklahoma Blood Institute. This critical blood drive is always scheduled right before the Independence Day holiday and serves as a boost to the blood supply going into what is typically a high demand holiday. It also serves as an opportunity for me to donate blood. I was on the air live when the needle was inserted into my left arm. I enjoy donating despite my fear of needles for several reasons.  I know my donation can save up to three lives is the biggest reason. Another is because I wasn't always able to donate. At my heaviest I was turned away because of my raging high blood pressure. Donating now is a wonderful reminder that I'm not in that shape anymore and this is one reality check that feels very good. I also appreciate the mini health screening automatically accompanying each donation. I received my vitals and an iron count (48) today. Soon, I'll receive my cholesterol numbers via mail.  My pre-donation vitals were wonderful! This would not have been the case 9 weeks ago, I promise you.

 photo photo16_zps5dfe2199.jpg

My food plan included the fried catfish today but I didn't want the baked beans and french fries being offered as side dishes. Instead, I brought homemade guacamole and a serving of wild rice chips. I also brought along my trusty digital food scale.

 photo photo14_zpsa49f2116.jpg
4.1 ounces of fried catfish checked in at a reasonable 255 calories

 photo photo15_zpseae600e9.jpg
The entire lunch totaled 543 calories.

Today's event broke its record for most blood donors. The staff from OBI had to shut it down early because they were running out of critical supplies. It was a big success on all fronts.

I felt prepared today and exceptionally calm. I declined the typical cookies and various snacks offered post donation, opting for lunch instead. I took the cookies last year and even some extra for the road. I'm a different person today.

A late afternoon nap, a great dinner and a short workout followed. Then I discovered I still had over 500 calories remaining in my budget.  My dinner was ultra low in calories:

It was after 9pm when I discovered the calorie situation. I decided to get my workout in then decide if I was hungry for something afterward.  I ended up with a good snack after the workout and another well after midnight as my #lastfoodofday.

Why so late tonight? Once again Mother Nature called me into work for weather coverage. This has been happening a lot lately but I'm not complaining. I handled the day well. I feel accomplished.

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  1. Great work! I agree that you can have anything as long as you plan and fit it into your day's diet. And good on you giving blood. I'm not allowed to anymore because I faint and/or throw up. Just due to blood loss, I'm not particularly scared of needles. But it's important to do it if you can.

  2. We are from different worlds. I don't even know where I could get fried cat fish here in Ontario, never mind crave it! But, I trust you that it's delicious! :) Happy for you that you could enjoy it within your plan. That's a good plan!

  3. Hurrah for the great numbers, Sean. I remember when I was morbidly obese. My numbers stayed good for a long time, but eventually my weight caught up with me. My body couldn't take all that extra stress. My blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels were creeping up. And then I started to get heart palpitations.

    Amazing how quickly the body starts to recover when we start to take care of ourselves. Today, like you Sean, the numbers are great today. I am maintaining a healthy body weight for 21 years! I also can donate blood where before I couldn't. Now, if my food decisions could only have a good effect on the arthritis in my thumb! LOL. If that's the only thing I can complain about today, its a bell ringer.

  4. Very nice numbers!

    I just got back from my carotid artery doppler. The tech didn't clutch her chest and call for back-up, so I figure I'm not at death's door. :} I'll have the results Monday, I think.


  5. I'm so impressed that you worked the fried catfish that you had been wanting earlier in the week into your food plan for the day! I love that it wasn't an automatic figured out how to have it in moderation. I'm also impressed that you brought your food scale...I would have been worried about what others would think. The lesson here...I need to be more concerned about doing what's best for me, than worrying about what others think!!! Thanks!!!


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