Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 100 Me? A Firefighter? And Lasagna All Day

Day 100

Me? A Firefighter? And Lasagna All Day

We're in the triple digit days now baby! And almost in the triple digit pounds lost! We'll find out for sure tomorrow just how close I am to the first 100 pounds. I'm excited for sure! Today was weigh day, but since we're going to Stillwater tomorrow anyway, and I found out today that the health department will be open tomorrow all day, just made sense to wait. Besides, after today unfolded, it turns out I wouldn't have had the time for a Stillwater trip even if I wanted. Today was extremely busy. With all of the last minute holiday production at work plus a doctors visit plus a remote broadcast from 4 to 8pm, then more production after that, I didn't get home until after 10pm. And I started at 5:15am. The only workout I've had today came from walking Wal-Mart during my broadcast. I just didn't have the time. But now I'm off until Monday the 29th with the exception of another Saturday morning broadcast from Wal-Mart and some weather forecast recording late Saturday night. Today was a necessary evil if I wanted to enjoy the time off. And I will! And I'll have plenty of time to exercise including the Christmas Day 5k. Debbie and Candi are joining us for this one. If you want to join us and are in the Stillwater area on Christmas Day, we plan on hitting the trail at 3pm on the east side of Boomer Lake. If you'd like to join us just send a message and let me know, then I'll send you back more detailed instructions of where we'll meet and start.

When I arrived at the doctors office the new front receptionist greeted me in a way I've never been greeted. She said, “Hi there, you're a firefighter right?” I had to look behind me to see if she was talking to someone else. Me a firefighter? That's a scary thought. With my speed, strength, and stamina, I'd last maybe a half a day as a firefighter. I took it as a compliment. I thought, “Does she really think I look like a firefighter? Wow, this weight loss is really making a difference in my appearance.” If you are a firefighter, you should really be offended. I'm in no condition to be a firefighter. I'd probably be rejected from a volunteer fire department. I asked a few questions as to what made her think something so unlikely, and I found out. She said she recognized my voice and that she remembers me on the air with the firefighters that day we were collecting toys for tots at Wal-Mart. Suddenly it became clear. Surely she witnessed my heroic dash across the parking lot to save a runaway shopping cart, if so I could totally see where she might mistake me for a firefighter. I was really hustling that day. I probably didn't look near as good as I felt while chasing down that cart. I explained why she had me confused and we all laughed at the thought of me being a firefighter. Anyway, she checked me into the office and I was ready to be tested and poked. My blood pressure was 132 over 85. She said “that's good”, I guess compared to what it was at 505 pounds (219/118---or something like that) I was really looking healthy. My pulse was a very athletic 65. The nurse said anything between 60 and 80 would be fantastic. I was 65! Yeah! Take that obesity! She told me that if I wasn't already on blood pressure pills, and I came in with that blood pressure, they wouldn't even start me on medication. That's how under control it was. What a blessing. Unfortunately I can't give you the cholesterol numbers and blood sugar results just yet, because my veins wouldn't cooperate. They poked me several times and finally told me to come back Friday morning and they would have the PA do it. I even offered to do some jumping jacks right there in the office, you know, to get my blood pumping. They just looked at each other for a second and politely declined my offer. Once they draw the necessary three tubes worth on Friday morning, it takes them about an hour to give me the lowdown on all my numbers. That'll be interesting.

I did something today I've never done. It probably wasn't a good idea, but oh well, I didn't go over my calories so it's OK. I'm kind of ashamed to mention it...But I have to tell you. I had lasagna for lunch, a late afternoon snack, and again for dinner. That's all I've had today. Leftover lasagna. Garfield would be so jealous! It just worked out that way. I didn't set out to have leftovers all day, it just happened, and I was happy to let it happen. I love lasagna, and at just under 300 calories a piece, I'll enjoy it as much as I can! I had four pieces of lasagna today for 1,160 calories. A piece of garlic toast for 150 and a 130 calorie ice cream bar. As it stands right now I have 60 calories left. I think I'll go lick the lasagna pan. I'm kidding. How nuts is that? I had lasagna and ice cream today...and I'm losing weight doing it! That just doesn't seem right huh? No other weight loss plan in the world could accept this, but mine does. Counting calories is a wonderful thing.

I'll tell you what, I'm so pumped about the amount of weight I've lost so far. The differences I see and feel in myself will be multiplied by the time I reach my ultimate goal. I just keep thinking about, if it feels this good now, then what in the world will it feel like when I've lost over 250 pounds? I guess I'll find out in good time. I must rest now. Thank you for reading and giving me your support and encouragement. Good night and...

Good Choices,

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  1. This is an old post, and I don't even know if it will accept my comment, but yes! Counting calories is a good thing! I simplify my calorie counting by using an older (not the new horrible current) version of Weight Watchers, back in the days when we could eat what we wanted as long as it didn't go over our points. Now the plan's new points formulation is very strict; more like a diet and not sustainable. Anyway, I just had to comment, because I did something like you did the other day. I was having a bad day emotionally and ate my points in popcorn and Slim Fast baked BBQ chips! Awful, not healthy, but I won't gain weight. Some days are just like that. Thanks for an awesome blog.


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