Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 86 Weigh Day Weather Delay

Day 86

Weigh Day Weather Delay

Today was suppose to be weigh day. Some sleet and ice coated the roads around here, and as bad as I wanted to go weigh in Stillwater, I just couldn't justify putting my family out there! But it's a clear, cold night tonight, and the sun will shine tomorrow! I'm OK with weigh day being delayed one day. It just gives me an extra day to anticipate my results. Anticipation, an-tiss-eh-pay-ya-shun is making me wait, it's keeping me way-way-way-yay-uh-aiting. Thank you Carley Simon. I've learned not to expect any certain results. It will be what it is. I know I've done extremely well. And no matter what, I'll keep doing what I've been doing, because consistency and persistence wins this game.

Tonight we had the most incredible workout at the YMCA. It was even better, because when we arrived the Director of the Y was there to give me a high five. The high five was because an important tax proposal passed by a margin of 55% to 45%. He was just getting the results as we walked in. The vote means that Ponca City will soon have the most advanced, up to date YMCA facility you can imagine! It'll be a facility that the city owns, but the YMCA will manage and maintain. The artist rendering of the new facility is just incredible, it will be a fantastic asset to our community, and a wonderful facility for future generations to discover sports and physical fitness. I guess getting a high five from Shane gave me an extra boost, because I tore up the racquetball court! I usually start with the treadmill, but tonight I amped it up with forty-five minutes straight of chasing that little ball. I was a big sweaty mess after twenty minutes, and I pushed all the way through to forty-five minutes! It felt real good! There's no computer in there to tell you your heart rate, or how many calories you've burned, or how many miles you've covered, but believe me, you know it when you have an awesome workout. You don't need a computer to tell you. I'm so much quicker in the court these days. You should see me fly! I go for the ball every time. I really surprise myself sometimes. The YMCA director watched me in 2004. He was thrilled when I reached the 100 pound mark back then, his enthusiasm and support was a wonderful thing. Then when I fell off the wagon, I avoided him like crazy. I didn't want to disappoint him, but I did anyway. Well, the other day I had him on my show and off the air I mentioned my weight loss so far, and he informed me in no uncertain terms: “Sean, you better stick to it this time, or I'll come out here and whip your rear end”...Actually I may have been paraphrasing there, but it was something to that effect. He could do it too. And get this, he runs all the time...right across the sidewalk in front of our lawn! He doesn't live very far from here, and we're right on his running route. So I can't avoid him now! I have to do this all the way! Thanks for the added motivation Shane!

Tonight we put up our Christmas Tree. Our tree trimming tradition was very different this year, because we didn't have Amber with us! We miss you Amber! Come home, and we'll put everything back that we looted from your room! I'm kidding, we'll keep the cool stuff. Seriously Amber, your dad jokes, you know me. Besides, mom is going to get real tired of that Johnny Depp poster in our bedroom. Anyhow, it was also different because we didn't make homemade cookies. We purchased some Chips A'hoy chewy chocolate chip cookies. I totally wasn't prepared for the cookies, so with only 100 calories remaining, I had one for 60 calories, and some sips of Irene's hot chocolate. We listened to traditional Christmas music while we decorated, and I have to say, with the wintry white ice and sleet on the ground, it felt very christmasee. Honestly, we didn't really miss the homemade cookies. I will say this: I'll never waste another 60 calories on a Chips A'hoy Chewy Chocolate Chip cookie! Very small and very unsatisfying. I use to dunk five to ten of the original crunchy Chips A'hoy in a big glass of milk. I bet I would go through 1,000 calories in cookies and milk every time. And when we had freshly baked, oh my, add about 500 more calories, just for milk and cookies! No wonder Santa is an obese man. It is a beautiful tree, and it was a wonderful experience for the three of us. Amber can add some decorations when she comes home after Christmas!

Tomorrow is weigh day! I'll be sending out the weigh day text message update just as soon as I step off the scale! Good night and...

Good Choices,

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