Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 85 Jeans That Fit Just Right and Holiday Lights

Day 85

Jeans That Fit Just Right and Holiday Lights

Today has been a really long day. It started at 5am and it's not over yet! Kelli and I went to Oklahoma City, Kelli for a birth certificate, I was driving Kelli, and since I was down that way picked up a pair of Levis at the Big and Tall store. The other day I predicted that I would fit into a mens 54. After picking out a few 54's and a couple 56's, I went in to the dressing room to get some proof positive results! I tried on the Levis 560 54 inch waist first. And from the moment they buttoned and zipped without trouble, I knew they were the ones. Eighty-Five days ago I was a size 60 or 62, then I nailed the guess the other day! And these will only cover my hide for a very short time, I know, but it felt so good to get into them comfortably. I immediately ripped off all the tags, put on my shoes, and made my way to the checkout with the jeans I wore in the store bundled in my hand. I was buying these jeans. And I wasn't even going to take them off for the ride home. They were mine. They felt good, they were Levis! It's been a while since I could fit into Levis comfortably. On the way out of the store I gave a little wink to the 36's on the top shelf, as if to say... “I'll be back for you someday soon!” And I will! I wonder what that will feel like? I can't wait to find out! Before that triumphant jean buying trip, I'll buy bigger sizes along the way, sure. Size 42 will be a milestone size. That's the size I was wearing in 9th grade. I'm really not that far away!! It felt so good to wear those jeans out of the store, I didn't even notice how tired I was. After making it back to Stillwater, we picked up mom, grandma, and Keith and made a run at the Ponca City Festival of Angels holiday lighting display. The lights here are amazing! If you're ever in the area you should check them out!

I had a wonderful visit with everyone tonight. But I have to say, it's made for a really late night. And I haven't exercised yet! As much as I hate to, I'm going to have to miss the walk tonight. It's really late and the alarm is set for 4:45am. Although I try my best not to, occasionally missing a trip to the YMCA or the walking trail isn't the end of the world. There's only so much time in a day. But believe me, if there's any way, even if it means walking in the cold and rain, I'll do it 90% of the time. Tonight I'm just too exhausted. And that's OK.

Tomorrow is weigh day! I so look forward to weigh day every two weeks. At last check I had lost 67 pounds and now what will it be? We'll find out tomorrow! I'm getting closer and closer to the 100 pound mark. And like I've said, the 115 mark will be a really exciting moment too! Remember, everything after 115 lost will be a new personal record. If it's snowing tomorrow, weigh day may be postponed until Wednesday. I think it's going to be just fine. If you've been receiving my weigh day text message updates, then I'll send another one tomorrow. If you haven't, I'd be happy to add you to the list...Just send me your cell number in a private message and it'll be added to the mass text update every weigh day!

I will post “before and now” pictures in the next day or so. I'll have Courtney help me with that. I do plan on taking a bunch more pictures! I'll do it! I promise. But I have to tell you, I still don't like what I see in pictures. I'm still over 400 pounds. The after pictures I'm looking forward to will be taken at 230 pounds. But I will show progress pictures along the way, even if I can't stand them!

What a great Monday. I never say that by the way. But it was a really nice Monday. I still can't believe I nailed my guess of size 54. I guess I can “feel” my size. And of course I had those size 50's in the closet that I couldn't get into, but almost, so I guess I was making an educated guess. But still, it was a guess!! Thank you for giving me your continued support! Good night and...

Good Choices,

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