Sunday, December 7, 2008

Day 83 Cold Chill Walkin' and New Clothes Talkin'

Day 83

Cold Chill Walkin' and New Clothes Talkin'

Today was a fantastic day. I stayed within my calories and I walked throughout our neighborhood tonight. It was only a 30 minute walk. Too cold! But still over a mile based on time. I have a cold already, so I bundled up, and I was fine until I had a sneezing attack. I sneezed four times in a row, without any tissues. I was a mess! So I decided to cut my adventure short. I haven't had any problems today at all. It wasn't the 180 over calories that upset me last night. It was the deliberate action of going over. I really couldn't believe I had done it. But it's behind me now and we've moved on. I sincerely appreciate all the support everyone expressed. It really helped me get over it.

I've decided to buy a new pair of jeans on Monday. I really wanted to wait as long as I could, but I can't wait any more. It'll be interesting what size I'll need. I'll be sure to post it here! I'll have to get rid of these new jeans soon, I don't plan to be in them very long. Maybe a couple months if I use my belt to hold 'em up. I'm really looking forward to getting down to a size where I can wear what I want and not what I have to. I've shopped for clothes before and been limited to one or two racks in the entire store. And that's at a big and tall store! I've flirted with the largest sizes they carry for years. I remember one trip to a big and tall in Tulsa, I could barely button the largest pair of jeans they had. I don't know what I would've done had they not fit. I guess I would have had to wear elastic banded wind pants everywhere. The nice thing about buying new jeans is how they'll make me look smaller. Right now my jeans are so baggy that you really only notice my weight loss so far in my face. A much smaller pair of jeans will be a little more revealing of my results. Not needing the largest pair of jeans they sell will feel really nice.

I just finished off my calories for the day with some green apple apple sauce and 100 calories worth of mini brownies. It sounded like a strange combination but it really was good together. I'm really not much into brownies, but these were just the sweet I was craving. Mini-brownies may not be my first choice for a little low calorie sweet treat but I forgot to pick up the Dream Bars today! I say I'm not a brownie person, and this probably will confuse my girls, because every time they've baked them in the past I've had two or three with a big glass of milk. Now that isn't a low calorie treat.

Today wasn't the “day after” I thought it could be. I didn't feel out of control, I didn't lose myself, I didn't let myself down at all. Last night was a very minor infraction. Getting all bent out of shape doesn't help, it only hinders the situation. See, I'm learning from my mistakes! Isn't that what makes us successful? Trial and error? Practice makes perfect! I've practiced for many years, I've put myself through more trial and error than I care to mention. So I can be successful now. I deserve success now. I will have success now. It's right here for the taking. I'm taking it.

I'm very tired tonight, although I don't really know why, after all I had a nap. But I think I'll call it a successful day and turn in for the night. Thank you for your support! Good night and...

Good Choices,

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