Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 184 Weigh Day Eve and Proper Rest

Day 184

Weigh Day Eve and Proper Rest

Something unexpected happened today that was really cool. The broadcasting company I work for was contacted by ITV in the UK seeking permission to use audio of me doing weather coverage during a tornado outbreak in May of last year. Apparently a film crew was in the area shooting a documentary on tornadoes and they just happened to be listening to my reports on the radio while the cameras were rolling. It was a short clip with me reporting “spotters have confirmed a multiple vortex tornado on the ground.” Then I go on to say what you need to do if you're in the path of this killer storm. The permission was granted with a request for a DVD copy of the finished documentary, and they said they would try. Try? Really? Is a DVD copy too much to ask? I'm afraid had we asked for a small sum of cash, they would have simply put me on the editing room floor. I really don't care either way. But still, it's kind of cool. I wonder if the Brits will say “listen to that American radio presenters accent, I just love the way they sound.” Because that's what I'd say about them.

Tomorrow's weigh day for me. As usual I have the normal weigh day eve thoughts and concerns... “what if I've hit a plateau?” “Everyone says I'll hit one eventually, hasn't happened yet, but will tomorrow be the day?” I seriously doubt that I'll hit one tomorrow, or that I've hit one yet. Because the belt doesn't lie. I'm on the very last notch in this belt, and before long I'll be pulling up my britches with it “maxed out,” so I'm really not too concerned. I feel like I'm in a steady groove. That can be good and bad. I always want to challenge my limits without risking injury by going too far. That's the only way to measure progress. I definitely feel the need to step it up a level or two. In order to do that, I seriously must re-organize my schedule and budget my time in a strict fashion. I may start writing this blog at 3:30pm, instead of late at night. That way after a tough workout I can get home and drop in bed for a good nights rest. I credit this blog with bringing me to another level in weight loss. It's seriously the most important thing I do in these efforts. Without this daily written therapy, I doubt I would have willfully examined my actions and reactions over the last 184 days with such honesty. I would have simply gone through the motions like many times before: Eat less + Exercise=Lose weight. I've discovered the true secret to losing weight, and it's not just about food and exercise. It's all about the mental workouts. I've changed the way I think about food and exercise. It's a decision that once made, cannot be broken. So the time I spend writing this blog is extremely vital to my success. Good rest is also vital to my success. So I'm cutting tonight's blog a little short. I hope you don't mind. Good night and...

Good Choices,

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