Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 190 Buffet Ignored and Much Bigger Mental Than Physical Differences

Day 190

Buffet Ignored and Much Bigger Mental Than Physical Differences

Part of my job as a radio announcer is occasionally covering severe weather. The weather tonight never became too bad where we are, but it was still threatening enough to be on the air and in the studio. I knew that spring time storms would eventually threaten my workout routine, and it certainly did tonight. But that's OK, it's my job! The plan tonight was arms and shoulders weight training followed by some cardio on the treadmill at the YMCA. Instead I'm going to settle for a brisk walk at the trail. I'll make sure to get that upper body weight training in sometime tomorrow.

Today a client asked me to lunch. The place? El Patio Mexican Restaurant. Guess who suggested it? I did, even though the place is known for their lunch buffet. I'm confident enough now to walk in, walk right past that buffet, sit down in a booth that I couldn't think about sitting in six months ago, and order ala carte. I had two crunchy chicken tacos and a few chips and salsa. Easy as anything, and I got out of there for under 450 calories. I originally estimated those tacos at 240 a piece, but after comparing the calories of the same thing at several large mexican restaurants around the country, I had to count them as 170. Had I left the mounds of cheese on them, both tacos total would have been 600 easily. But I just left enough cheese to taste, a wise calorie budgeting decision indeed. We had four of us at the table, and not one ordered the buffet. This losing weight and feeling great stuff is contagious! The biggest difference I noticed in my behavior was the fact that I didn't miss the buffet. I didn't sit there and salivate over the endless supply of enchiladas and cheese dip. It wasn't a big deal. I was there on business and the chicken tacos were very satisfying. That change in mindset is huge for me. I can honestly say I had zero desire for that buffet today. The coolest thing about the meeting today at the restaurant was the greeting I received. I've worked with this particular client a few times, but not at all in the last six months. I was met at the front doors of the place with a big “wow, what have you been doing? You've lost a bunch of weight!” And that reaction came from someone who's been around me maybe sixteen hours total over the last couple of years. When someone has that reaction it feels absolutely amazing! The difference physically is dramatic. The difference mentally is even greater.

I wish I could find the words to describe my mental state at 505 pounds. It was a constant obsession with food. Food was the answer to everything. It didn't matter how much was on my plate, in not long I'd be eating again. I would eat often enough that I felt I needed to hide some of the consumption. That's just disturbing really, but I did it all the time. A burrito on the way home or a couple of double cheeseburgers or maybe a filet of fish and a double cheeseburger. A large fry and a large shake from Braums, all without anyone knowing but me. I would secretly binge all the time and then pretend to be hungry once I arrived home. Irene use to occasionally discover the evidence in my vehicle, confirming what she already knew, I was deeply and hopelessly addicted to food. That's what I mean when I say the difference mentally is even greater than the physical difference. It's a phenomenal transformation.

Tomorrow evening is another “Lose To Win” Seminar. The program tomorrow night will feature fitness and life coach Melissa Walden. She'll be a guest on my radio show in the morning. She's an amazing teacher and coach. Her almost spooky insight into our thoughts and feelings about what we're experiencing is amazing. I'm looking forward to a wonderful program. I've been asked to speak for five to ten minutes after Melissa's presentation. I look forward to that too!

I better hit the trail before it gets too late. It's funny that my biggest challenge on this journey isn't the food and exercise. It isn't the mental gymnastics I've had to perform, not at all, my biggest challenge is time management. Good night and...

Good Choices,

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