Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 195 Big Cheese Day and A Friends Success

Day 195

Big Cheese Day and A Friends Success

Tonight I DJ'd a wedding for the first time ever. I think I did OK, except when I was suppose to play the wedding march, I accidentally played “Baby Got Back.” I'm kidding. That didn't happen, would have been funny years from now, but certainly not tonight. No, despite my constant worry, everything went off without a hitch. Everyone was happy, I could tell because as soon as it was over they handed me a check. Cool, I'll take that as “job well done.” The food was really nice. Little BBQ sandwiches, at least I think that's what they were, plus plenty of cheese and crackers and meats, and some tortilla chips and cheese dip. I waited until it was almost over before grabbing a few chips with a little cheese dip and some cheese cuts and slices. I spent nearly 400 calories on cheese today. That's got to be a record one day total. Well, I started the day with some cheese and turkey, plus an apple. Then I snacked on cheese later in the afternoon, then at the wedding, more cheese! Hey, I'm not complaining really, but I normally don't invest that many calories in cheddar in a single day. I had a couple of ounces of “real” Coke tonight. I needed something to drink and they didn't have diet available, I really wanted bottled water. So with tap water as the only alternative, I decided to drink a few sips of syrup. I couldn't stand it! I use to be addicted to that stuff? Are you serious? I couldn't take another sip. I'm completely serious, it was that repulsive. Not another sip I say, even if tap water is the only alternative. I mean really, what kind of spoiled rotten guy am I, refusing to drink tap water? I really disappoint myself sometimes. To think there are people in certain parts of the world who walk for miles several times a day so they can capture drinking water from a river, and I refuse to drink it when it's so conveniently been tapped for me! We certainly are blessed to be so fortunate, huh?

After the wedding, the last thing I really wanted to do was go exercise. But I knew I would feel horrible if I didn't at least get in a couple of miles. So I quickly walked the “hard two” in right at 30 minutes. It was cold out there! I also did it without my music. I really don't like exercising without my music. I know I spent the first three months of this journey without music, but once I got a taste of working out with my favorite tunes, well, I'm spoiled now. After finishing the walk, it was time to locate a late dinner. I really didn't feel like cooking, and since I only wanted to spend about 400 calories, I decided to go for the grilled talapia at LJS. They were closed so I ended up at Taco Bell. I had a crunchy grilled chicken taco and a crunchy taco supreme. If you want to cut calories, go for the crunchy corn shell instead of the soft flour tortilla. I do that all the time, even if the item normally comes on soft, I ask them to switch mine to crunchy. It was incredible and cheap, coming in at just under 400 calories. Perfect indeed!

My day started with the realization I was late for work! I needed to be at the studio by 8:30am to take over “winter storm warning” duties. Gayle was very kind in staying an extra hour until I arrived. My phone started ringing right after I opened my eyes and discovered my tardiness. But it wasn't the station wondering where I was, it was my friend and fellow “Lose To Win” teammate Brandon. Brandon thought he woke me up, but he didn't! I'm sure it sounded like he did, because I had been awake maybe 30 seconds when he called. Brandon was excited. This call couldn't wait, and I understand why. Brandon was celebrating fitting back into size 48's! I know exactly what he's feeling. It's very nice to see and feel the results of our hard work. And Brandon always works the hardest, he deserves the best always! While we talked he told me that he really connected with the message from Day 192. I've heard directly from several people saying the same thing. I hope the initial target of that blog paragraph read it, I have no idea if he has or not, but it certainly has had a profound effect on others that I know have read it. And that is so fulfilling to me. I'm very happy to have Brandon on our team. Here's a guy that works at a car dealership, and in his position he can probably drive anything he wants, anytime. If he wants to drive the latest and the greatest new vehicle out there, all he has to do is grab the keys. I mention that because Brandon has been known to actually ride a bike to work! Just for the exercise benefits! That's commitment. Not me, if I had his position, I'd be driving that sweet little Chrysler Crossfire. OK, I'm not sure if I could fit in a Crossfire just yet, maybe a 2009 Dodge Charger! Yeah, there we go. But a bike? That's real commitment my friend. Way to go Brandon!

Irene has assembled a folder containing a bunch of “before” pictures. I asked her to do it so I could post a bonus blog of her “before” and “in progress” pictures. I tried to find some pics of her that were unflattering, but they all look perfect to me. (I'm so smooth sometimes) Seriously, she looks great! Anyway, she needed to be the one to pick 'em, not me. Tomorrow we'll take some new “in progress” pictures of her, then tomorrow night we'll post them! She's done incredibly well, shedding over 100 pounds over the last year and a half by being more active and cutting back. It's been a very steady and quite weight loss and now the results have added up and the differences are amazing! Her drivers license photo doesn't even resemble her in the least, neither does her security badges at her job. Congrats buddy! In case you haven't figured it out, “buddy” is our pet name for each other. We're buddies forever! We have received some strange looks before when I've called her “buddy” in public places. And when we sing our “My Buddy” theme song (from the mid to late eighties TV commercial), look out! Have a wonderful Sunday, thank you for reading! Good night and...

Good Choices,

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