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Day 455 It Sure Is Sunday and Planning To Succeed

Day 455

It Sure Is Sunday and Planning To Succeed

Day 455 turned out to be a day of relaxation. Translation: I was lazy today. I had planned so many wonderful accomplishments today and just didn't seem motivated to get them done. I wanted a day where I didn't have to do anything I guess, and I took it. I'm not knocking on myself, I'm just saying—I'm completely rested and ready for a wonderful week! There's that positive spin!

I stayed up late last night hooking up the television and trying to motivate myself to organize and put away more boxes of stuff. I'm also trying to figure out how to arrange the furniture to fit this living room, a living room about half the size of our previous. We've had cable on since we moved in, but we hadn't yet hooked up a TV, I'm telling you---we just don't watch much TV these days. We really got out of the habit as this journey started and progressed. It was a very natural thing and it's not like we miss it or anything. Two of my biggest pre-journey habits: watching TV and playing poker on the internet were easily and naturally replaced with working out and writing. I started wondering about you last night. What habits in your life have naturally moved aside for better choices? I'm not talking about things you meant to change, I'm talking about the changes that just naturally occur and then one day you realize, wow—I don't do that anymore, nice.

I prepared lunch for Courtney and me before Courtney had to run to work. I bought a package of super lean hamburger patties and some crinkle cut fries. The burgers are so lean, you have to spray the pan with non-stick cooking spray or they will stick. They cost a little more, but are nearly half the calories of the full fatty versions, and with mustard and veggies—or whatever you top them with---you can't tell the difference, at least I can't. Instead of cooking an entire two pound bag of fries, which is something I would have done 456 days ago, I measured out two 150 calorie servings, and into the oven they went! Our entire lunch, bun and all---checked in at just under 500 calories. And considering it was a 'brunch,' we were actually behind calories for the time of day.

I say “behind calories” because I'm usually at a certain point calorie wise by certain times throughout the day. By mid-morning, I'm usually somewhere between three and four hundred calories, by mid afternoon I hit between seven and eight hundred on a typical day. I usually have between five and seven hundred calories remaining by dinner time, and after dinner---typically a couple hundred—maybe a little less. This is a normal kind of calorie day for me. It keeps me eating throughout the day. When I tell people that I'm hardly ever hungry, they sometimes find that hard to believe, but seriously...I'm hardly ever hungry. The only exception is a little hunger sometimes when I first get up of a morning.

Irene dropped in this evening and helped Courtney with some homework. She couldn't believe we still had some things in boxes after more than a week here, but hey---we're busy...and sometimes a little lazy. It's not like we're getting the place ready for company. Then Irene reminded me that Amber and KL will be in on Thursday for Christmas break. Oh yeah! I can't wait! But I don't consider my oldest daughter “company,” she's part of the family—our home is her home wherever “home” is located. Maybe she can assist in organizing and decorating! I bet she'd be excited to do just that!

I'm looking forward to a very productive week. I plan on playing racquetball at least three times this week and weight training at least four times. A night will not pass this week without a workout in the fitness room downstairs. I mean really, it's right outside our front door, hard to make an excuse to miss a workout huh? That's a good thing.

Thank you for reading! If you missed reading Day 454, it's right below here. It was a fun Saturday that included a really cool trip to Wal-Mart. Today was, well, it was what it was...a lazy Sunday. Here's to an amazing week ahead filled with good choices! (I'm raising my coffee cup) Again, thank you for your support. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. I have changed several things and they were not a planned change. I stopped drinking dark pop...I don't know if that really helps w/ anything but I only drink sprite and I rarely drink that, I have maybe 2 a week (if that).I also cut down on creamer in my coffee. I allow myself one cup of coffee and creamer in the morning and the rest of the time it is black w/ maybe a little sugar depending on where the coffe is made.I'm sure there have been more changes but those are just right off hand.


  2. We all deserve a lazy Sunday every so often.

    Hope your holiday season is rocking and rolling, Sean!

  3. Glad you had a good weekend....finally caught up on your last few posts....maybe I'm finally coming out of my fog. :)

  4. I was behind with my reading too, good catching up with you. Glad things are going well and that you had a nice lose this weigh-in.

  5. Wow. You work out more often than I do when I'm training for marathons. I suddenly feel very lazy.

  6. I.did.the.same.thing...
    burn out you gotta give yourself a break every once in a while.
    keep up the great work sean.

  7. I function better if I get the odd lazy day in every now and then!

    Boxes still unpacked after a week? I still have some from 2 years ago, lol.


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