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Day 468 No Egg Nog---Shhh! and Jogging Into The Store

Day 468

No Egg Nog---Shhh! and Jogging Into The Store

Today has been a very lazy day after Christmas around here. We didn't accept any of the leftovers from yesterdays dinner, notably the pie, but I should have grabbed some turkey. Turkey omelets were so wonderful after Thanksgiving, what was I thinking? I really need to cook a turkey every now and then. I cook one twice a year, that's it. I have no idea why I wouldn't do it any other time, it just doesn't seem natural for some reason. It's so good and such a wonderful calorie value—I think I'll go get one right away!

We skipped the egg nog on Thanksgiving and decided to enjoy some at Christmas. You know what? We completely forgot to have the egg nog. Didn't even buy any egg nog. And, shhhh! Nobody has mentioned it yet. I can totally do without that horrific calorie value. It's good, but not that good!

I jumped up this morning ready to hit the treadmill for a 5K. OK, I wasn't really ready, but I needed to get it done. I decided to write my Christmas Day post first. After posting yesterday morning, I decided to lounge around a little first (big mistake) and I ended up going to sleep. This wasn't what I needed to be doing! I did make it to the fitness room for 3.1 miles and it did feel good, real good. I completely ignored the elliptical...pretended it didn't even exist. I was there for a 5K---not a quad burn. The elliptical and I still do not care for each other, even though we know we're good for one another. It's a love/hate relationship at best.

I made it to Wal-Mart today for some grocery shopping and wow---that place was crazy busy! I didn't have anything to return, good thing, I was just there to grab a few items. It was cold and slushy in the parking lot---so I navigated around the puddles of slush and lightly jogged into the store. That's right, lightly jogged into the store! Imagine that. Me, lightly jogging into the store after parking really far away. It wasn't always this easy. Remember Day 7? Here's an excerpt:

I made a trip to Wal-Mart this evening. Normally I drive around the parking lot until a space opens up as close as possible to the front doors. I've driven around that lot for ten minutes or more before, just to save a few extra steps. That's crazy! Today I found myself doing that exact same thing again! Old habits die hard huh? When I realized what I was doing, I immediately drove out to almost the Murphy Oil station and easily found a space. It was a nice little hike to the store, but really it wasn't that bad. We all have those moments when we know that it's time to really do something about losing weight and getting in shape. It's funny because one of mine happened just a couple of months ago in the Wal-Mart parking lot. I found a space not too far from the front doors that day, I got out at the same time a nice, little old lady was getting out of her vehicle. We were almost side by side. As we walked I noticed she was starting to get ahead of me! I was walking as fast as I could, and she was beating me!!! She was at least 80 years old and she had more spring in her step than me, a 36 year old man. I tried to catch her, and almost did, but as if she knew of the race I had created in my head, she accelerated as she approached the door, leaving me in her dust. “Wow”, I thought...”Did I just get beat by her?” Yes, yes I did. I don't remember what I was going to Wal-Mart for that day, but I'll never forget the realization that I really needed to do something soon. Oh, yeah, I remember...Ice cream and Coke-A-Cola. That's what I was after, and yes, even after getting beat by the nice older women, I still bought what I was after. Well, I did say “do something soon”. I've used the word soon way too much in my life. “I'm going to do that soon”...What is “soon”...How much time is “soon”. When does “soon” end? Not soon enough, I know that! My “soon” ended a week ago. Soon is here and NOW my friend.

I think of that little old lady every time I go to Wal-Mart these days. Every time I jog into the store. Every time I reach the front door without the slightest feeling of being winded. I think about her and how she beat me that day. She probably has no idea that I even exist, not to mention what kind of wonderful motivation she sparked in me that day.

Tonight was Team Radio night at the Festival of Angels. Several station employees volunteered to greet the cars and accept the donations at this most wonderful holiday tradition. It was good and cold. With the snow on the ground and the roads still pretty bad, the turnout wasn't great---but expected. I was so cold, and honestly I didn't dress warm enough at all---my fault, so no wonder I gave in and enjoyed some high calorie cider.

You know me---I do not like spending calories on drinks. Yeah, yeah, yeah---the coffee creamer issue...whatever! Let me re-phrase: I don't like spending calories on drinks unless it's a vital part of my morning routine. There. But it was so cold out there! And the apple cider packets were looking real nice. I picked one up and turned it over to the nutrition label. 80 calories! Ouch. For a small cup of cider? A hot steamy cup of cider that would warm me from the inside out? OK, I'm in---let's do it! Before my two hour shift ended, I spent 160 calories on hot apple cider. Hmmm. That's fine really---It's not like I do that all the time. ---OK---enough with the coffee creamer issue! Yes, if you're just now tuning in---I'm arguing with my conscious over my coffee creamer consumption issue. I spend entirely too many calories on that stuff, I do.

Courtney is taking me to the store tomorrow to buy me a couple of shirts for Christmas! She didn't get a chance before the blizzard struck, so we're doing that on Sunday! Have a great rest of your weekend. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. The eggnog was the worst of my holiday eating decisions this season. Somebody gifted us with a bottle of real cream eggnog blended with rum, brandy and whiskey. I had a couple shots Christmas Eve and then poured liberal doses in my Christmas morning coffee. Since I almost never drink coffee (or eggnog), it was a double-whammy treat.

    The half-pound gain for the week felt almost worth it.

  2. Aggh yes the not dressing warm enough issue. I have this alot, I think I will be fine in what I have on and we get somewhere and I freeze, have blue hands to match, its not so nice. But I would rather put on more clothes in winter than carry the extra weight all year round.

    I hope Courtney can convince you to buy some shirts that are not baggy, put something a little more fitted !! Would love to see a pic of the shopping and trying on routine!!

    take care


  3. Sean,

    What a great story and a great reminder of the freedoms that we lost, but are currently regaining. Its great to no longer be a prisoner in your own body. So proud to be on this journey with you.

    Oh wife has bought 2 quarts of "lite" egg nog over the past few weeks. I haven't touched a drop of it even though the Captain Morgan's spiced rum is shouting from the cabinet.

    Let him shout until he goes hoarse.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Sean - love reading your posts each day they are so inspiring.
    I am about to start calorie counting on New Years Day - have been doing WW so wanted a break.
    Any tips or a days post that is helpful - I am slowly getting thru the older ones.
    Enjoy your snowy christmas - here in NZ we had a sorcha of a day on Christmas nice and hot - I even got sunburnt!
    Lisa in NZ

  5. Opps apologies for hte bad spelling - that should read a scorcha of a day

  6. I try to keep eggnog out of the house. My nephew loves it though so I've let him have a few quarts. He drinks the whole darn thing in like a hour. At 1440 calories per quart that seems insane to me yet not so many years ago I could drink a gallon in a day, ekkkkk. Anyway as you see it brings back memories.

    As for the creamer issue, I had it too so now I try to use either vanilla whey protein powder or just 1% milk instead so I get some protein out of the deal.

  7. I too still cling to my coffee creamer...but have switched to the sugar free one...only 15 calories per serving, I use more than "one lil service" but still only add 45calories (1 WW point) per cup.

  8. I spend 100 calories on milk and sugar-free vanilla coffee creamer for my homemade chai latte, and I have 2 or 3 of them every day, but its the one vice I am unwilling to give up. I simply won't hear of it... besides, I'm supposed to drink milk anyway... so the say... and all of my milk comes mixed with my chai. Its fat free milk, and every cup of chai has one cup of milk in it, plus the sugar free powdered creamer, which has about 10 calories a teaspoon, so it comes to about 90 calories... though I usually do count it as 100.
    Did I have a point? Yes... its that we all have to allow ourselves little indulgences or we might go crazy...

  9. I drink two cups of coffee and expend 220 I givin it up...Nope.
    Life is short. I love my coffee...I already cut back to two cups. It's as low as I go baby.
    Some things are worth it.


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