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Day 467 Christmas Day 2009

Day 467

Christmas Day 2009

I jumped up this morning and finished writing yesterday's post. It wasn't long before everyone started getting up one by one. I promised everyone I would prepare breakfast, a grand feast indeed, and I did. I scrambled eggs, made breakfast sausage, and even put some pre-cooked bacon slices in the microwave. By the way, if you love bacon---the pre-cooked slices are the best calorie value. You can have four slices for 90 calories. That's a value compared to the kind you have to cook from raw, much less grease of course. It was a calorie laden breakfast—but only if the portion sizes were bad. I had a small serving of the eggs, a small sausage patty, and a couple of bacon strips. It still came in at 400 calories, and since I allow 2500 calories on Christmas, I didn't mind. I do think I would have felt better with lighter fair, but anyway.

We were headed to Stillwater today for Christmas with the grandmas and family. Last night's blizzard gave way to sunshine today, still freezing, but sunny. We'll take it! The roads were not too bad, although we did see some six to eight foot snow drifts along the highway. Some of these drifts turned the highway into a 1.5 lane, but we managed. Well, we managed until we arrived at our destination and got stuck in the driveway. Uncle Keith noticed our dilemma and rushed out with a snow shovel. After the digging and the rocking—we pushed the vehicle out—and finally made it up to the parking space.

The plan would be different today. We cooked everything at mom's house and then carried it all across the street to grandmas house. None of us wanted grandma to attempt the ice and snow covered trek across to mom's—it was best this way. We napped while the turkey cooked. Hmmm, isn't it suppose to be the other way around, with sleeping after the dinner?
My dear grandma is convinced that I do not need to lose one more pound. She told me repeatedly “Sean, don't you lose anymore weight!” I've been hearing this from grandma for the last couple of months at least. Every time I see her! I thanked her for the compliment and assured her that I still had a ways to go, but she wasn't buying it---she's so wonderful, I love her. Compared to where I was for so many years, this is a nice weight for me, but it isn't what I want.

I was very content with my food selections today. I had some turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, green beans with cheese, and a couple of rolls. Then I went back and grabbed another roll. I'm not big on bread, but these rolls were those Kings Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, and they're so wonderful, oh my...they're good. I enjoyed one small slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream and one of Amber's chocolate chip cookies from the night before. By the time the feast was finished, I was almost finished with my calorie budget! I was satisfied completely, not stuffed, not miserable---just satisfied. And I still had 250 calories remaining. Notice I turned down pecan pie again. I just can't spend nearly 500 calories for one piece of pie, not even a half a piece---forget it. I'm so negatively impressed by the calorie content of that stuff---it's totally turned off my love for pecan pie. And I don't miss it!

The visit was short, as we needed to get back sometime around 9pm. But it was a wonderful visit—it was a good Christmas gathering. We departed with one thing in mind---avoid the drifts and get home! We rolled back into Ponca City around 9:30pm and delivered Irene to her house, then made it back to the apartment all safe and sound. I enjoyed some cheese and crackers and a little more visiting with Amber and KL. Courtney decided to stay with her mom tonight. The two of them plan on doing some shopping in the morning.

One thing that's missing from this Christmas is our annual Christmas Day 5K! Since none of us own snow boots, we decided to not even try hitting the lake today. I told myself that I would do a treadmill 5K in the fitness room upon our return home, but I must tell you---I didn't. I planned on it, then I got to visiting and my cousin Steve from Minnesota called and we talked for awhile. I decided to hit the fitness room in the morning instead. I must tell you, I really wish I would have hit the fitness room last night---I feel horrible for not. But that's the plan right now. (It's actually the next morning as I write this post)

Thank you for reading. I leave you with some pictures from Christmas Day. I hope you had a good Christmas too. My best to you my friend. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

A good amount of food. No seconds—well, OK---except for another roll...

Courtney, Mom, Me, Irene, Amber, and KL


Amber and Courtney

Aunt Kelli and me

Grandma telling me not to lose another pound!

Mom and me

I think we may have a new profile picture. I like this one. I don't look tired, no bags under the eyes. Maybe the lighting was just dim enough...whatever, I like it. Should have smiled, oh well...I like the smoothness and the facial definition. Yes, I'm ultra critical! I shouldn't be huh? I've come a really long way...

...from this. Oh my word. I love this transformation stuff!


  1. Aren't Grandma's great?! I can just hear her now--"Sean, you are too skinny--don't you lose another pound." Gotta love it!

  2. Hi Sean. Glad the weather didn't stop you getting to Stillwater. Love your photos! Looks like a great day.

    Enjoy that workout!

    Bearfriend xx

  3. You DO look great, which is probably why your grandma says that. Gotta say you're looking pretty hot anymore! Must be nice! :)

  4. Glad you had a great time! I am a little afraid of your picture...without a smile you look a tad menacing. But I agree about the smoothness and definition.

  5. Sean i'm glad you were finally able to visit your mom and grandma! I'm sure it made their day to have the family together.
    I love your new picture!

  6. well, you look a little 'intense' but other than that it's a good picture...
    maybe you could add a tag underneath that says
    "exercise, or else!" lol.
    That'll do.
    Your gramma looks like a sweetheart.
    What a nice holiday, all of ya'll together.
    Here's to a new year.

  7. Great pictures Sean!!! Sounds like you had a terrific Christmas.

  8. Love the pictures Sean! Keep up the good work!


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