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Day 532 Getting Close To Me and Second Chance Workout Works

Day 532

Getting Close To Me and Second Chance Workout Works

It wasn’t long after yesterday’s post that I noticed a wonderful comment from Irene. It was simple and sweet. She simply said: “I will always love you bud!!” We always called each other “buddy,” as in “my buddy,” remember the “My Buddy” dolls? Don’t make me start singing the song! Anyway…that was good to see, it was. I didn’t realize she still reads everyday, that’s good. Her and I have both moved forward, apart from each other, and we’re both feeling good about our decisions. But that love, although a little different, that love and caring for one another will never go away. We’ll look out for each other for the rest of our lives.

I have kept quiet over the last couple of months or so about our personal divorce pending status, because really---I had to draw the line on sharing everything. I crossed that line a couple of times back then---and in the aftermath of those post, decided not to get that personal again. It’s just not appropriate, and often times can be reckless and hurtful. This is a weight loss blog pure and simple. But as new readers come, so do the occasional questions in e-mail. A recent e-mail question:

So are you and Ann aka “Pretty Woman” dating?

I guess I deserved that considering we did spend four days together recently, that’s no secret. I could and probably should just ignore non-weight loss related questions. But dog gone it…I understand that the personal and open story that has unfolded in these writings over the last 532 days, lends itself to curiosity concerning these things. So I’ll address this quickly, then we’ll move on to weight loss related stuff:

Ann and I are friends and will probably be friends for a very long time. I’ve dated others recently, and so has she. I can’t speak for her, but I know that I’m not ready to go from a twenty-year marriage into another committed relationship before the first one is even legally over. Ann and I have much in common as far as weight loss and how this transformation can affect us psychologically. We understand each other very well. But, dating from 1600 miles apart? No. Good supportive friends along this road? Absolutely.

You know whom I’m really getting close to right now? Me. And honestly, that’s the way it should be. I have many wonderful goals and dreams to see to fruition. An occasional night out with someone is fine and harmless, but seriously---my attention must be focused on my journey. I’m too easily distracted otherwise. I recently told a love-sick relative, whom I love dearly—one who struggles horribly with morbid obesity, that the best thing she could do for herself right now was to forget about romantic relationships and give herself a solid 365 days of attention. 365 days can change your life forever---I told her. Give yourself that gift…put the focus on you and watch what happens. Give yourself 365 days. I lost 212 pounds in 365 days and gained insight over the course of that year that will help me be healthy the rest of my life. My life will never be the same. So I’m taking and applying that advice to my own situation. Time can heal, but only if you stop scratching the scab.

I jumped out of bed so late today; I skipped straight to lunch and a mushroom pita pizza with a banana on the side. I sat down to write Saturday’s post and then headed to the workout room. I wasn’t in it. I just wasn’t feeling it at all. Maybe it was the emotional draining of my Saturday post---I don’t know. I quickly returned to my recliner and pondered my situation. After a little break and some reflection, I decided to head back down and focus a little stronger. It was good. I did get it together and I did complete a nice 5K and some non-weighted strength training exercises. I also did some stretching, which is very important, and something I haven’t been very good at doing. I need to stretch! Oh my, do I ever. I’m super careful too, probably too careful really. I feel like if I stretch too much---something might snap. We don’t want that.

I enjoyed a good omelet tonight for dinner, yes---breakfast for supper! I really should start ordering mushrooms in bulk. I love mushrooms, fresh only---no canned or jar mushrooms. The mushroom and swiss omelet tonight was big and hearty. Even with the whole eggs and the 110 calories of swiss, it still checked in at only 330 calories. I grilled a chicken breast a little later, sliced it up---and wrapped it up in a 60 calorie pita. I was eating really well today. I grabbed another banana right before bed. When I get a craving for something sweet, the banana usually handles the situation. My other option would have been ok too---some steel cut oatmeal with a teaspoon of brown sugar and cinnamon.

Tomorrow I'm training on the machines at the YMCA and getting on the treadmill for some after lifting cardio. I’m looking forward to that workout!

Thank you for friending me on facebook! I’ve had several new friend request---and look for more…so if you haven’t already, send it my way! Just search for me with my e-mail address: Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. Awww....friends for sure Sean. :)

  2. Ahem. I believe I pointed out your mushroom fetish a few posts ago when you were rhapsodizing about cheese... Glad to hear you're not willing to jump from the frying pan to the fire so to speak. Besides, you never know what can happen with friendships you develop now. Anything is possible!

  3. Shhhh...Helen....that's what he keeps telling me. :)

  4. You should be getting close to you! We all should. It is excellent to know other people understand. Friendships are essential, we are after all social creatures and affirmation for your successes is encouraging. Not to get all deep and stuff, but this is a path, even if next to another, one must get REAL about alone because we all have our reasons and angles and personal solutions for taking this journey.

  5. Sean anyone would be crazy if they thought you and Irene did not have some sort of love for each other anymore. You all were together for many years and have 2 amazing daughters together. I am glad you are our dating ladies and having fun; but I must say Ann looked really good sitting next to you in the picture you posted while she was visiting you. =) Sean you are doing great and I wish you nothing but the best in your future endevors. You have a very bright future just waiting for you out there.

  6. Dude, this is very "touchy-feely", but I understand. Your vulnerability is one of the key reasons why we are drawn to your story. Thanks for opening up a bit.

    You are dead-on with fresh mushrooms! Never eat them from a can!

  7. Great post as always.

    Though I have to say that within a month of deciding to dedicate 2007 to focusing on myself I met the man who is now my husband! To back up your point though I weigh still what I did then!!

  8. A lot of weight loss success is about setting healthy boundaries for oneself, so it makes sense to set healthy blogging boundaries (re discussion topics); it also makes great sense to explore your horizons as a single guy. In AA, they often suggest taking it slowly when it comes to starting new romantic relationships--and getting to know your own strengths and weaknesses as an individual before you become a couple. Wise move on your part.

  9. I loved "Time will heal all wounds IF you quit scratching the scab". Wow! I need to think on that one for a while. I think I scratch too much on my scabs, metaphorically speaking.

  10. Thank You Sean!!!!!! I won't let you down. Most important, I won't let me down.


  11. I am glad you are getting closer to you. You do have to live with you!!! Great post

  12. yeah...when i started I said...just give yourself 18 months. It's how long you nurtured your children in your womb...if you can do that for your kids, you can do that for yourself.
    now 9 months later..I am 90 pounds lighter.
    9 months can make a difference.
    I can't wait to see what the next 9 bring.

  13. I hope your love-sick relative listens to you and focuses on herself. Life is full and rich even without a significant other. The funny thing is, once she focuses on improving and enjoying her life, the right person will probably walk into her life.

  14. I don't think that there is any doubt that the key to all of this... better life, better health... is a better relationship with yourself.


    Keep it up!!

    Rob Dyess


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