Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 552 Tragedy In Tulsa and This Journey Is Critically Important

Day 552

Tragedy In Tulsa and This Journey Is Critically Important

This isn’t how I planned on starting out this Saturday post. But as I sat down to write early on this Sunday morning, I was made aware of something that just zapped me. I didn’t know Bethany, I didn’t read her blog, even though she lived and blogged not even 100 miles from my doorstep. We just never found each other in this worldwide weight loss blogging community, I wish I had known her. I’ve learned this morning that her desire to lose weight was fueled by many reasons, but most pressing was a heart condition. She was only 33 when she passed away late Friday night of a heart attack while shopping in Tulsa. I read her post this morning from Thursday and had chills overcome me, because I knew it was her last post before this tragedy. Normally when I feature someone’s blog address, it’s a positive happy thing. Not today. It’s so sad. Bethany leaves behind a family, including a husband and two young boys. You can visit her blog and if you have the time, leave your condolences. I’m sure her family will read your words. Rest in peace Bethany. Your family is in my prayers.

This journey is life or death. It’s serious business. I remember about a year ago, a friend of mine commented “wow, you’re so over-dramatic, lighten up a little!” No, no, no! This is too important to lighten up a little! If you’re struggling to keep a hold of this weight loss road you’re on---don’t ever give up. You’re too important. Bethany wasn’t giving up either; she was working hard and moving forward. This whole tragic situation makes me thank God for the blessings in my life—and it reinforces the importance level of this mission. Call me over-dramatic if you wish, but where is your importance level? The time is now my friend. Live, learn, laugh, love, lose weight, get in shape---do it all like you’ll live to be 100. This journey is about living. But never minimize the importance level of what you’re doing in your pursuit, because we’re not guaranteed tomorrow.

Now what do I say? You know what? I’ll give you a quick re-cap and close it down for today. I woke up early, I blogged, had a good breakfast, and a decent indoor workout. I went back to bed and slept for several hours as the blizzard raged outside. I reported to the studio shortly after 4pm for announcing duties during the storm. Met a friend for dinner, and then retired back to my place for a goodnights rest before having to return to the studio at 6am Sunday morning.

We’re headed to Stillwater Sunday. Amber and Courtney will accompany me as we visit and catch up with the family. We don’t make that 45 mile trip enough. Thank you so much for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. Thanks for this post, Sean. Bethany's death shook me to my core, and will linger over this blogging community for a long time because of just what you said. We have no guarantee of time. How often have I said to self, "I'll binge this afternoon and get right back on track tomorrow." But I might not have a tomorrow. And even if the binge or weight or overeating plays no role in my demise, I still want to live each day fully present and pursuing the best life I can. Every time I choose overeating, it's a choice away from my deepest truths and my best self.

    Bethany's passing is a stark reminder that everything, including this precious life, is impermanent. It's a gift for however long it lasts. It is serious business. And striving for optimal health and fitness is a matter of life and death.

  2. it's a difficult issue, because it says two things at the same time....

    1) this journey is so, so important

    2) this journey is not so important after all, if it will take over your life to the extent that you cannot enjoy it. i am not talking about "i should enjoy 10 cheeseburgers because life is short.." i'm talking about "i should not judge and hate myself every day, and make calories the only focus of my mental energy, because what a waste of life that would be."

    I guess the only answer is to enjoy the journey.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. What a tragedy. Drive safely.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I seem to be getting hit from all sides with the message, "This is serious, this is life or death, this is not something to play with!" Thank you.

  5. I joke around a lot at Foolsfitness but fighting this fight is truely a fight for our very life.

    I know you've read it but maybe you should mention the other person's post too:

    together if the news of that person passing away that you mentioned and the haunting post of the doll at the other person's blog, it just brings it into focus why we are all doing this.

    Foolsfitness- Alan

  6. I have to agree with Alan, that though we have fun along the way, and I use the phrase "enjoy the journey" a lot... I have also said often that this is life or death for me.

    I'm glad you honored this lady's life today, Sean. I didn't know her either, but when I read her blog, which was honest and heartfelt, I could see she was fighting the good fight right up til the end. I think I would have liked her.


  7. How very sad to read of the struck deep.....sure makes you think.
    Have a safe trip, Sean.

  8. "No, no, no! This is too important to lighten up a little! If you’re struggling to keep a hold of this weight loss road you’re on---don’t ever give up"


    Loving your perspective on this journey. You scream success at the top of your lungs!


  9. But even life and death isnt enough to do it for most people. It's something else. More. I didnt care if I lived or died. In fact I wanted to die. That's not what motivated me. It's more.


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