Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 557 Speaking Engagement Day and A Happy Emotion

Day 557

Speaking Engagement Day and A Happy Emotion

I arrived at the Conoco-Phillips complex about forty minutes before I was to speak today. I met Amy, my contact there, and she showed me to the auditorium and introduced me to the audio/video guy. This event was open to employees on the complex, so not everyone attending was interested in losing weight, but some were. It was a nice experience. After my talk, I opened up the floor for questions and a nice man shared the story of when he first saw me years ago. He said he had been listening to me on the radio for years, when one day he drove by a remote broadcast and noticed the voice he had heard all this time was coming from a most unexpected person. He didn't expect to see such a huge guy behind the voice he was hearing. I don't remember his exact words, but it was something to the effect of: You had to have been one of the biggest guys in Ponca City. He complimented me on the drastic change and then approached me afterward to tell me that when I walked in the room, he didn't know it was me. He was still looking for one of the biggest guys in town. That's certainly not me anymore, thank goodness!

I started by going all the way back to my birth. I was a really big baby, a ten pounder, easily the biggest baby in the nursery. This trend of being the biggest continued into pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school, and right into my adult years. I talked about hitting the snooze button on wake up calls, like my devastating doctors visit June 10th, 2008---the one that convinced me of my imminent death, yet still wasn't enough to make me really do something. I talked about what finally motivated me to start and how strange it was that the fear of death wasn't enough. I talked about the simplistic approach from Day 1 and how it differed from my past failed attempts. And I focused heavy on the mental aspects and since I noticed many people in attendance that may have not been interested in weight loss, I mentioned how these mental "gymnastics" can be applied to other areas of life. I used my favorite little words and phrases. The Calorie Bank and Trust, Steel Curtain Zone, Motivating Thoughts, Iron-Clad Decision, Importance Level, and several others. Words and phrases that mean so much to me and my journey. And although my self-critical nature found so many ways I could have communicated better today, Amy--and several others told me it was wonderful. And it was, I sincerely appreciated the opportunity to share my story.

After the talks, it was back to the studio for some work---and then home for a much deserved nap! My workout tonight included the Hutchins Trail, where it all began on September 15th, 2008. I guess that's why I like going back there so much. It is a strong reminder of how far I've come. I completed a 5K tonight, and although it may not have been my best workout performance, it was highly satisfying and enjoyable.

By the time I returned home and returned a few phone calls and text, it was almost 9pm and I still had 600 calories on the table. I needed dinner! A late dinner. I prepared a large chicken breast on the Foreman grill, sliced it up and put it inside a big three whole egg omelet with mushrooms and salsa. I was out of cheese, time to go to the store! It was really good and still fell a little short of the 600 calories, but it was close enough.

I sat in my recliner tonight, turned the TV off, and just reflected on this entire journey amid the quiet of my apartment. Alone with my thoughts, I started to get a little emotional, and then I realized---it wasn't a bad thing. It was a happy emotion. Because despite the challenges and setbacks along this road, the ups and downs, the stressful situations, the marital issues, despite is good. I feel great. I didn't wear an over-shirt today or an over-sized sport coat to cover me up...I just put on a collared shirt, and I still received "wow" reactions of "you look great!" Not once did I focus on those clothing insecurities today. I was calm, cool, and confident. It felt amazing.

Tomorrow is very busy. I have my show to do from 6-9am and then two remote broadcasts all day long until 6pm. It's going to be crazy busy! But we'll be fine and probably ready to go to bed way early again on a Friday night.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and...

Good Choices,


  1. I'm glad the speaking engagement went well, and I'm proud of you for not hiding under layers of clothing! Hope you have a fabulous weekend babe. :)

  2. It's amazing how much confidence we gain was we lose the weight, isn't it?

    Kudos on everything you've achieved, my friend.

    You're right: life is good.

  3. You should be proud of yourself Sean. I know a lot of us (your followers) are. Life is good!

  4. I would love to hear one of your talks one of these days! You still inspire me all the time.

  5. Glad your talk went well:o) Life get better every day when you are fit and healthy.

    Congratulations on being an inspiration to so many.

  6. Sean,
    I never cease to be amazed by you and I am so glad to have the opportunity to be a witness to your external and internal transformation.
    I am so excited to see where all life will take you!

  7. The first of many Sean and i look forward to being in the audience at one of your talks over here!!

    Well Done I am so Proud of YOU



  8. I just nominated you for something on my blog - come and check it out:o)

  9. Great job on the talk!

  10. Hi Sean ... glad your speech went well. I'm happy that you didn't wear an over shirt or jacket. That means your confidence is shining through.

    I wanted to ask, since I haven't heard it mentioned in a long time .... are you still a non-smoker? I'm hoping so. You have come a long way, baby!

  11. I'm glad you're speech engagement was a success, not that I doubted it. Also, I am very struck by your thoughts tonight. You're right, even when life is hard and everything doesn't go as planned, every day we suck air into our lungs is a good one! Inspirational as always. :)

  12. I'm glad the speaking engagement went so well!

    And I liked how you said that the principles you were talking about are applicable to other areas of life, not just weight loss. I'm sure that engaged the interest of more people in the audience... which will widen your target audience. You are on your way!

    And inquiring minds want to know... did you tuck? ;-)

  13. Sean,
    You were better than wonderful! I had at least 10 emails from COP employees. All were inspired and singing your praises :)
    -your contact, Amy
    I don't really know how this posting thing works, I hope anonymous is okay

  14. Hi Sean,

    Well done on the speaking engagement, its fabulous you are sharing your story in hopes to inspire others a long the way.

    I just wanted to say thank you for your comment on my blog, for some reason when you comment, "the guy with a million followers", I feel rather emotional I know you dont have a lot of time and for you to use some of it to read my blog is really special to me.

    So thank you can again, well done.
    BTW reflection seems to be the time of the moment I have been doing a lot of that recently, and all I can say is, it helps...


  15. You know what happens when your wildest dream comes true? You live happily ever after. I am so there with you Sean. Those quiet moments reflecting on life future and past are the most meaningful to me too. I'm proud to know you Sean.

  16. Sometimes you have to get quiet for everything to hit you.
    You have created, out of whole cloth...a new life.
    A new start.
    Great job bud.


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