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Day 635 Back To The Future and Two Weddings In One Day

Day 635

Back To The Future and Two Weddings In One day

I slept a little too late this morning. I did. I really needed it, so I'll refrain from talking about how it disrupted my plan of routine. Being flexible along this road is important, as long as it doesn't become a constant excuse for doing less than our best. I believe it's healthy to have just enough flexibility, so that when your schedule doesn't go completely as you planned---you don't spend too much time beating yourself up. All that does is complicate this road. Yes, this is coming from someone who has routinely beat himself up over missed workouts and momentary lapses of judgment and control. But---and this is big, I'm always learning, constantly analyzing where I am and what I've done to get here. I don't know it all, probably never will---But I'm open to learning always, and that's a key element of my success. Admitting that you don't know everything is vital. Because if you already know everything, then you completely cut yourself off from learning. This entire journey is about learning.

I found a fun little excerpt from these writings on June 12th, 2009. One of my favorite movies of all time is Back To The Future. Lessons can be learned from this film that I relate to my transformation. At the heart of these lessons is a very simple truth: Everything we do or don't do, changes the course of our future. The choices we make today can have a very profound effect on the rest of our lives. It's so simple, but still---very profound when you sit and think about what that means, or potentially could mean. This excerpt comes from those thoughts. Travel with me back to June 12th, 2009:

A couple of my friends are having a really tough time lately. Their journey's are young and they're doing fantastic, however they're experiencing critical slumps that threaten their success. Remember in the movie Back To The Future when Marty gave Doc a note warning him of the Libyan terrorist? Marty had witnessed what had happened in 1985, and although Doc didn't want to hear about what happens in the future, he eventually read the note. When the Libyan terrorist showed up to kill Doc Brown in 1985, Doc was ready with a bullet proof vest that saved his life. Since I'm on Day 271 on this journey, I sometimes feel like Marty McFly when I warn of the pitfalls that can hit hard along this road.

I understand the feeling of it all being over. I don't have enough fingers to count the number of my weight loss attempts that seemed so promising before crumbling to pieces along the way. Every now and then a certain mood can hit that really shakes us. Every now and then circumstances become too difficult and the added stress takes us down. Every now and then, for no apparent reason at all, we feel controlled by some kind of evil force that makes us want to binge regardless of how on track we've been. Those feelings and those circumstances, the stressful triggers and completely unexplained feelings of hopelessness can still roll up in their VW Bus even after 271 successful days.

You have to put on your bullet proof vest. I'm warning you of these future situations, I've been there, I know what happens. If you don't protect yourself from the “weight loss terrorist” your weight loss journey will die. Put on the vest! You have to defend your journey with everything you can muster. You have to make one of the most solid decisions you've ever made. You have to decide that there isn't a circumstance, a person, place, or thing, or food and drink that can shake you. Once I decided that I would defend my success with everything I am, it made it so much easier to identify the potentially journey ending situations, circumstances, and emotions that always laid me out before. Life is always full of ups and downs. I knew that if I was waiting for a year or two free of weight loss pitfalls, so I could finally do it, I would never be successful.

Don't let these 'downs' steal this away from you. You've worked way too hard to have it all stop now. Fight for yourself, you're worth it! Don't throw it all away over a slump. Slumps are temporary. Put on the bullet proof vest and survive the assault, then you'll be lifted by the 'ups' that come frequently and often in the nick of time along this wonderful road. You've got to believe you can. You can ya know. Seriously, I know I can, and do you realize how hopelessly lost I was for nearly two decades at 500 pounds plus? I know you can do it too.

I had two weddings to attend today. I haven't been to a wedding in well over a decade, and boom---two in one day. Strange really. I was really looking forward to the events, not only because of the beautiful ceremonies—and the love that surrounds such an incredible day, but also for selfish reasons. I was looking forward to seeing people from my past. I was going to absolutely blow some people's minds! Especially at the first wedding.

I started working with David when he was 13. His dad owned the radio station---and I'll never forget meeting him and his dad the day I was hired. Dave didn't like me at all, but he grew up---and so did I, and now we have a mutual respect for each other that is solid. This kid is an Eagle Scout---I always bring that up---and Dave laughs at me, but it's just one of the elements that have come together to make him an outstanding man.

Most of the people that were around that radio station in the early nineties were in attendance. I kept hearing “I didn't even know it was you.” Yes! I just LOVE the completely unrecognizable “wow” reactions. Word started to spread quickly among old friends and colleagues---and a couple of more people approached me throughout the event with wide eyed amazement at this transformation. I soaked it in---it's situations like this I always dreamed of having. And it's so good. Every now and then, someone will come up and say “Hey Sean, how are you doing?” And I know they haven't laid eyes on me in forever, but they make absolutely zero mention of this transformation---and that used to bother me. But then I started thinking, maybe---yeah, maybe my weight was never an issue or concern to them. They liked me and accepted me completely before this transformation...and now, I'm still the same guy they remember, just smaller. It's not an issue. So now, this kind of reaction is also appreciated.

I didn't stay for the amazing reception—I hung around to try and get a picture with David, but they were busy with the wedding photographer. I waited as long as I could and finally, David's dad John—my old boss, took a picture of me with David and Crystal in the background. It was funny really—totally cool.

I had friends waiting for me at Buffalo Wild Wings, I had to get back there and on to the next wedding. I was hungry and my friends hadn't finished their celebrating by the time I got back, so I ordered some food. I picked the “naked” wings kids meal. It was more food than I wanted, so I shared some of the “buffalo chips,” ate a few, and left half the order on the table. I knew there would be more food available later at the second reception of the day.

The reception was beautiful, out in the country at a long-time co-workers house. The spread was incredible. I enjoyed some roast chicken, cheese and crackers, a few chips and dip, and some tea. It was good and by the time it was over, I was exhausted from the day.

Tomorrow is interesting, very interesting! A friend from my hometown, who now lives very far away—and is a successful weight loss blogger too---is in Louisiana, not that far away! She's invited me down for a couple of days. I requested the days off yesterday and they were granted, made arrangements for my show to be covered, and by Sunday evening---I'll be on my way to New Orleans! I'm thrilled! I've never been there, ever! I'll be blogging from Louisiana and I'll make sure to include pictures! I'm so excited for a variety of reasons---on that list: Flying for the first time since losing weight. I guarantee I will be completely free of any worries on that plane. I will not crowd anyone next to me, I will not need a seat-belt extension, I will not feel the dread and worry about the entire situation---and I will not request to move to a vacant row, so I can have room to move. I'll have plenty of room in a normal seat...thank you very much!

Thank you for reading! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

Dave and Crystal—they're back there somewhere! Very fun!


At The Wine Bar between weddings. (water for me!)

Tucked. I really don't know if this tucking counts, since I did have the comfort and security of the jacket. It was still a mental battle---even though I completely ignored it's significance in the above post.

My kids meal lunch between weddings. I needed something. Not sure the Buffalo Chips were the best choice, but I had a few anyway---and they were good. I shared with friends and left most of them on the table.


  1. Sea, Hi... was introducedto your blog today. After reading a bunchof posts, WOW is about how I'd sum it up. Amazing progress, beyond amazing. nearly two months ago I started my own journey, have found so much support here in the blogs and look forward to attaining results such as yours. Back To The Future being referenced in weight loss, who'd have thought it.

  2. So many fun firsts... Louisiana, skinny flying, no seatbelt extension, seeing old friends from a decade ago... I love hearing about it. Gives me stuff to look forward to!

    I LOVE the Back to the Future movies, for the same reasons as you. One of my favorite quotes is from Back to the Future III, where Doc Emmett says:
    "The future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one."


  3. Well, Sean, I do not know WHAT you are doing! With every picture in each subsequent post--even those that are only days apart--you look more handsome than you did in the one before! You do.

    This set is phenomenal. You're such a handsome young man. :D (Okay, I'm allowed to say that since my sons are your age.:D)


  4. What an exciting day! Tucking the shirt. Friends getting married. "Wow" reactions! Flying! Taking a vacation to New Orleans! I hope you have an absolutely tremendous time away from home!

  5. The novelty of flying while fitting into the seat has yet to wear off on me. I think you'll be amazed at how roomy the seats actually are. Unless your tall and then it still sucks...

    Enjoy your trip!

  6. Wow - amazingly handsome. Thanks for the tucked shirt - it counts. I love it. I'm so happy for all your accomplishments and achievements. Enjoy your little vacation, New Orleans is awesome!!

  7. I stopped by your blog today - very inspiring. Congrats on the amazing weight loss.
    Less of Me

  8. Sean,

    Have a wonderful time on your trip! You look so handsome! Not gaunt or anything:) Sleep does miracles:)

  9. Sean, you look soooooo good!!! I WISH more than anything I had your will power. I have all but given up.

    - Lisa

  10. Have fun on your trip! You look great all dressd up and WITH your shirt tucked. Anyone who knew you before this journey (or amybe just me) will tell you how good you look now and the tucked shirt looks even better man.

  11. You are truly an inspiration. You look great. Keep it up.

  12. You really look amazing in these photos Sean...and that's only part of the fun...the confidence that shines through you is just as attractive as your regal looks. You're so happy and healthy..and it shows..:)

  13. Wow, you have really white teeth!!

  14. I was thinking the exact same thing - your teeth are so beautifully white in every picture. They really stand out (not in a bad way but a very good way)


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