Sunday, December 4, 2016

December 4th, 2016 Large

December 4th, 2016 Large

I spent some time today with mom at the hospital. Notice--she's off the oxygen except for when she sleeps. Her oxygen saturation has improved wonderfully. I was surprised to walk in her room and find her without the tubes. She's expected to be released tomorrow. She's re-hydrated, feeling much better and her blood work numbers have improved. All good things.

I tried something I rarely do, this morning. I got my workout in early. This is something I'm contemplating for early mornings a few times a week. It was midmorning today, because I slept in, so the challenge will be--can I, or will I do it at 4:30am? On those nights before, it will certainly depend on me making sure I drop in bed early enough to support that action.

My food was solid today. I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget, I remained abstinent from refined sugar, I exceeded my daily water goal, I stayed connected with great support, and I had a great workout this morning.

I bought a coat today. My brain immediately takes me to the XL size--automatically, and I'm not extra-large anymore. I corrected my perspective, tried some size large coats and found one that fit perfectly. With various discounts and coupons, it ended up being almost 75% off. Sold!

Living at a healthy weight--after living life as a 500-pound man--my goodness, I don't even know how to accurately express how this feels, physically--and mentally--emotionally...I mean, my coat is size large for goodness sakes!!! I can remember times going without a coat because I couldn't find one big enough without making the trip to Oklahoma City or Tulsa to the big and tall stores. Then, it was 5XL or 6XL--and super expensive of course. It was a wonderful NSV today--a very nice moment in the coat section of that store.

The Sean & Kathleen Support Group's December Speaker Series is fast approaching! It starts Wednesday! Have you signed up? Join us every Wednesday night in December for powerful perspectives!! (All calls are via teleconference line--and recorded for playback by members in case you miss it LIVE!)

If you're ready to choose change before change chooses you--this speaker series might just provide the spark you've been hoping to find.

December 7th- Dr. Marty Lerner Ph.D is a world-renowned clinical psychologist who specializes in eating disorders and recovery. Dr. Lerner is published in several professional publications. He's been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, on ABC's 20/20, NPR and many more media outlets.

December 14th- Winifred Morice is a nutritionist, writer, and actor. She spent many years working alongside Richard Simmons in the development of Deal-A-Meal. She's co-authored cookbooks with Richard and served as a food and nutrition consultant.

December 21st- Life Coach Gerri Helms is a Certified Master Spiritual Life Coach. She's the author of Trust God Buy Broccoli, is an accomplished international speaker and has lost over 100 pounds, maintaining her weight loss for twenty-three years.

December 28th- Cindyellen Robinson is a retired nutritional counselor. She has twenty years experience in treating eating disorders and addictions.

Fee- $60 Includes membership in the exclusive Speaker Series Private Facebook Group where members will have the opportunity to submit questions for our experts, interact with other members in special discussions, enjoy Facebook LIVE presentations with Sean and Kathleen and more!
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  1. It is hard to adequately describe the difference between being super morbidly obese (as I was) to normal sized, especially to someone who hasn't experienced it. It's a wonderful world and life is easier and so much better at normal size isn't it Sean?


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