Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December 7th, 2016 Stressful!

December 7th, 2016 Stressful!

In honor of Pearl Harbor Day...

My grandpa Roy T. Anderson is the first sailor on the right. This photo was snapped during a night away from the ship during World War 2.

My grandpa on my dad's side, Silas B. Haynes also fought in World War 2, was a Prisoner of War and a Purple Heart recipient.

My grandpa Anderson didn't live long enough to see me finally achieve a healthy body weight after years and years of struggle at over 500 pounds.
 photo GrandpaandMe.jpg
I certainly can't change the past--but boy-howdy, I would've loved for him to see me succeed.

Today was a great work day at the studio. Great, as in-- busy, but accomplished. I was getting things done, and that always feels good. I made certain I had what I needed in the way of food, and good thing--that decent sized breakfast carried me until a relatively late lunch.

I made it home in time for a short nap before visiting with my oldest daughter for a little while and then getting ready for tonight's December Speaker Series event.

The event was great! Although, we did have a major technical difficulty with our Canadian members not being able to join the LIVE call. I've felt horrible all night about this. I accepted responsibility for the issue, apologized for the issue and immediately went to work correcting the situation as best I could. The great thing was--and I'm so glad--the presentation was recorded for digital playback--meaning, members not able to make it tonight--or in this case tried but wasn't able to connect, can listen to the entire presentation at their own convenience without issue. I was finally able to get an exclusive number for our Canadian members to use for the series.

That was stressful! I didn't turn to food in an effort to buffer that stress. I reached for support instead.

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained abstinent from refined sugar. I exceeded my daily water goal. And I stayed well connected with great support. I'll aim for another day like today, minus the technical difficulties, tomorrow!

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  1. Sean, my one regret with my weight loss is that neither of my parents lived to see my success. They both lost weight after they were 60 years old, but Mom only lived a few more years before a sudden heart attack took her in 1990 when she was only 65. She was not morbidly obese like I was, and only had to lose 30-40 lbs., but my Dad was heavier, and had to lose about 100 lbs. They both embraced a new healthier lifestyle, having given up cigarettes a few years previously. Dad rode his bike all over the countryside, averaging 30 miles per day, and Mom walked and got a 4-wheel bike which she rode around their small town. They both extensively used a stationary bike and various other exercise equipment, and ate well. Although Mom didn't get to live to prove she would keep the weight off, Dad did. He lived another 17 years after Mom passed, and kept every single pound off by continuing his healthy habits, even riding his bike well into his 70's. They are my role models, and I know they would have loved to see me at a normal size, and so much healthier. I like to think that wherever they are, they DO know, and are proud of me and happy for what I have achieved.

  2. Just contrasting what you wrote above..... being in a war is stressful.... technical difficulties, not so much comparatively speaking. Perspective sometimes is everything!


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