Thursday, December 8, 2016

December 8th, 2016 A Little Longer

December 8th, 2016 A Little Longer

Instead of creating roadblocks to success, let's create a new route toward positive possibilities.

I spent many years aligning my focus on all the reasons why it wasn't the right time, or why my body just wasn't able to lose weight or citing whatever stressful or emotional things were in play at any given time--perfect distractions, perfect detours prolonging my trip down this road. Instead of focusing on the possibilities--and creating a new way forward, I was attracted to the line of least resistance these detours provided. Because there, I didn't need to face the truth. I didn't have to admit I was lost. I could just be in it another day, like the day before and the day, week, month and year before that. Nothing changes if nothing changes and since change felt uncertain and rather scary--uh, yeah--I'd wait a little longer to get started.

I'm so glad I stopped that pattern in my life.

Keeping my mind open for learning along the way and keeping a nice warm embrace of the daily non-negotiable elements of my plan helps keep me from falling back into those old patterns, where everything is negative and nothing is possible.

It is possible to create a food plan that's sustainable long term. It is possible to redefine the boundaries of a lifelong unhealthy relationship with food. It is possible to drop the pride and ego, humbly admit I don't have all the answers--ask for help, open my mind and learn.

Why do we sometimes insist on being so smart??? I'll tell you this-- pride in my natural intellect kept me closed from learning and growth for a very long time.

Success or failure along this road has ZERO to do with intelligence.

We're not stupid when we fall and we're not smart when we have success.

The physical transformation from losing weight doesn't make us a better person and the physical transformation from gaining weight doesn't make us a bad person.

Step away from the experiences, deeply ingrained personal behaviors and our pre-conceived notions--take away our instinct to hold in contempt what we've yet to explore---and now, nurture that dream and cradle that desire for dramatic change-- and get real about what's been blocking the road ahead. And...

Can we find willingness? 

I'll tell ya--when I stepped away 164 pounds heavier than my initial weight loss, and I looked at what others had--the things I wanted---long-term weight loss maintenance--A peace and calm nature about them--I had to ask--what are they doing?? And--am I willing to design a similar plan that fits me?

Open and willing.

Let's do something different than any other time, ever. 

Throwback Thursday Pictures:
 photo revisedbeforeandafteronthegrill.jpg
Amber put this together for me--it was my first "Before&Current" seven years ago!

 photo IMG_0884_zpsxoujf755.jpg
April 2016-- I fell in love with NYC! RadioCity!!!

 photo IMG_1010_zpsrek6anu0.jpg
ThrowBack Thursday: Behind the scenes of Today on NBC-- Hope Williams Church and me getting prepped with Joy Bauer minutes before our appearance.

Today: I maintained the integrity of my maintenance calorie budget. I remained abstinent from refined sugar. I met my daily water goal. And I stayed well connected with great support contacts.

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  1. "Success or failure along this road has ZERO to do with intelligence." Oh, boy, that hit home. I can't think my way out of this. I just have to do the change.


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