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January 28th, 2020 A Beautiful Smile

January 28th, 2020 A Beautiful Smile

Since our last edition, I've maintained the integrity of my food plan boundaries, I've remained refined sugar-free, I've met or exceeded my daily water goal, and I've stayed well connected with exceptional support.

When I arrived in mom's room today, I found her peacefully sleeping with her bipap mask securely on her face. It was such a blessing to not be greeted with the wide-eyed frantic and frightened looks from her. Normally, I'd go over and try to rouse her with a kiss to the forehead, but I let her be today. She needed as much time on that machine as possible. She didn't have a good night last night. But this morning, they were able to calm her down enough to stop fighting and simply rest. She slept right through breakfast and lunch, resting well into the afternoon. The bipap machine was clearly helping her expel the Co2 from her lungs because by the time I arrived for my evening visit she was awake and calm.

I walked into her room and she smiled. What a beautiful smile. We were able to have a rational conversation. She still has some confusion, but she's able to listen and understand where she is, why she's there, and what they're doing for her. It was wonderful. Prayers answered, for sure. There's certainly more work and recovery to come for her--but this, the fear and panic being lifted from her mind, was a super-blessing.

As long as the Co2 numbers continue to decrease and her kidney function improves, she'll be released back to the nursing home midday tomorrow. She's had quite a rough week.

The diligence in my daily plan practice through this experience with mom continues with consistency. I'm grateful for this in the biggest way. It could have gone either way, honestly. I mean, let's be super-honest--it can go either way any day if I don't do the things that give this practice the structure and support it needs. I tend to play with fire a little too much during times like these. I must admit, I've done that with really poor sleep and a severely tilted eating schedule. In the spirit of progress instead of perfection, I was eating dinner two hours earlier than last night! Hey, that's an improvement!

The compulsive food thoughts from over the weekend seem to have passed. I reached out for support instead of following their lead into the food. I'm also VERY grateful for this. I've personally prepared all my meals of late simply as an extra measure of caution. I'll likely allow my favorite Mexican place to prepare the ingredients for tomorrow evening's dinner--I'll still assemble it on the plate, but that might be a nice break for my food plan. Yeah, I think that'll be part of tomorrow's food plan.

Thank you, Facebook, for helping keep memories alive. It was eight years ago today when my grandma joined me at a book signing for Transformation Road. It's hard to believe it's been eight years. Really?? Yes. Time moves so quickly. I cherish this photo. Grandma has been gone for years and I still miss her telling me, "don't you lose another pound." I still had nearly 100 pounds to go before reaching a healthy weight range when she started saying that each time we were around one another. That phrase, repeated every single time was her way of saying, you're fine--just as you are, always. Grandma always loved me unconditionally regardless of my weight. I always felt that. I also knew she constantly worried about my 500-pound existence and what it was doing or what it would eventually do to me. Having her by my side at that signing January 28th, 2012 made for a very special day. 
January 28th, 2012


I haven't promoted the next session of the private, small, and exclusive support group I facilitate quite as much this past week for obvious reasons. I've mentioned it a couple of times, shared some testimonials--but mostly, I've resigned myself to having a smaller group for the next two months. The next session of weekly group coaching conference calls starts tomorrow and Thursday. If you've thought about joining this exclusive support team, I'd love the opportunity to personally mentor you through the process of creating your very own daily plan practice. All of us on the team would love the opportunity to support you through your transformation! If you want more information about how it works and the fee, simply email me as soon as possible: transformation.road@gmail.com

I can't thank you enough for all of the prayers and positive energy generated for my mom in the last week. The outpouring of support has been a tremendous blessing. Thank you, again and again. Also, a big thank you to everyone reaching out to me to see how I was doing! Your concern helped in powerful ways.

If she's released, Picking up mom tomorrow will be a beautiful thing. I really wasn't sure if that was happening this time.

Do you own an "I'm Choosing Change" wristband? I wear mine daily as a constant reminder of why my daily practice of things is important. I'm not alone, either. This powerful message is worn on the wrists of people in a dozen states, maybe more, I haven't counted--but it's up there!! From New York to California and from Canada all the way to Scotland, they're out there! For me, it's simply a daily reminder to be open, willing, mindful, to pause, and to be intentional. If I'm not those things, I get stuck at the line of least resistance and back there is where the old patterns and behaviors thrive. Your order includes priority shipping so you'll get it quickly! Here's the link to order yours right now: https://imchoosingchange.com/product/wristband/

My website shares a phone number with my podcast, Transformation Planet, and it's always available for you! Have a question? Want to share your story? Leave a voicemail or Text me! 580-491-2228 I'll text you back!

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