Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 447 Move Continues and Showing The Kid How To Handle A Restaurant

Day 447

Move Continues and Showing The Kid How To Handle A Restaurant

I am officially whipped. Did I mention I hate moving? The move was less than a mile away, but that really doesn’t matter, it’s still a move. I didn’t realize how much stuff we accumulated. We had several closets just bursting at the seams with junk. I guess when we didn’t like something or no longer needed it; we just threw it in a closet.

I hired a couple of brothers, both high school football players, to assist in moving the big stuff, and I’m so glad I did. I don’t know what I would have done without them. Whatever I paid them wasn’t enough, those kids worked hard! One of the young men was interested in weight loss advice. We actually planned on getting together earlier this year to discuss weight loss, but our schedules didn’t mesh. I gave him the quick basics of it all when I ran into him at the lake over the summer. The one thing he has focused on is eating smaller portions. I don’t want it to sound like I’m taking any credit for his success, because I never fully consulted him, and even if I had---he’s the one that has to do it…and he has. When he showed up at the house, I couldn’t believe the difference in him. He’s dropped 50 pounds, and now weighs in at exactly 300 pounds. I said “You look incredible,” and he returned the compliment with “you do too!” He told me that he hasn’t been at this low of a weight since sixth grade. Oh, how he reminds me of me. I’m so happy that he’s doing something about his weight at a young age.

After the biggest part of the move, their job was done and I invited the two brothers to JW Cobbs for lunch. I wasn’t paying them what they were worth, so at least I could buy their lunch. J was interested in how I would navigate the menu and stay within the calorie budget. I showed him how ordering from the senior menu or children’s menu, if allowed, is the best move. I ordered the senior portioned chopped beef with mashed potatoes—gravy on the side and fried okra. The order of okra is so small, and so good. Still much higher in calories than the green beans would have been, but at 150, it was worth it to me today. I skipped the roll, the butter, ordered water with extra lemons and made lemonade with zero calorie sweeteners. I only used a teaspoon of the gravy. That’s it, a teaspoon---and it was all the mashed potatoes and I needed. The entire meal checked in at 540 calories. I usually like to keep it at 500 or less, but that’s all right, 540 is workable. When the food arrived, J commented that the portions were perfect. I told ya! It works every time. If we’re at a restaurant that’s strict about the age requirements for certain menu items—we just split something. Portions are so big at most restaurants around here; it’s easy to feed two from one entrĂ©e.

Earlier in the week I questioned if moving was a sufficient replacement for a regular workout. YES. Yes it is, absolutely! No doubt my friends. A big thanks to Irene, Courtney, J and E, and my buddy Dan for supplying the truck and trailer---we all worked together on this one. Splitting a household into two separate households is tricky. But we all worked together and made it happen.

I’m so sick of eating out! Getting back into the groove of eating good home cooked meals is so important. The kitchen stuff is the first thing I plan on unpacking and organizing!
Thank you for reading. I’m absolutely beat! Tomorrow (Sunday), we deep clean the old place. Oh joy! Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. Good job managing the stresses of the move (esp eating out so much). You've got this, Sean.

  2. You did a great job handling everything!! Moves are tough but you will get back into the cooking groove soon. This stuff is just temporary.

  3. Once again just so good to hear the happy Sean. Glad the move is over. Hope you can get the kitchen done today!

  4. That must be a GOOD feeling, inspiring that young man to take ahold of his life and lose the weight. I know there are many more lives you are touching through this blog, mine included. You may not always see the results like with him, but I know they are out there, for sure.
    = ^..^=

  5. The hardest part is done! Now you just have to unpack everything :)
    Good to see you're handling this move well.

  6. I have moved too many times to count, I have done it myself...been moved by the military (in which case, anything NOT made out of the stuff which constitutes those voice recorders off airplanes, you can kiss goodbye...the stuff you do see in one piece will be one month late and missing vital pieces).
    I once moved across town...same know why...same stuff.
    Moving it, is moving it.
    all of it.
    You are always like...
    Why do we have a three foot tall ceramic clown?
    Theeeere is my third grade spelling participation ribbon!.....
    Do you think I will need a spatula once I get there?...hmmm...maybe I should put it in the carry on baggage. (have actually done this).
    I once refused to allow the military to move my vacuum and computer from North carolina.
    I put them in the trunk of my car. And if you think I am nuts with the vacuum, it was a Kirby.
    I KNEW I would never see it again, if ye olde movers got a hold of it.
    I am Glad your move is about done.
    Hope you settle in and things get sorted out.
    all the best.

  7. I STILL have boxes left unpacked since I moved 2 years ago.

    I feel your pain. Moving is such hard work!

    Soon you will be settled in though - enjoy the deep clean, lol.

  8. I just told my hubby over the weekend that this summer will be 4 years that we've moved into this house and it's time to clean out! We literally still have boxes in our garage that we've never unpacked. Which obviously means we don't need what's in them. Cleaning up the old place is my least favorite thing about a move. Because, you know, once I've left, I just want to move on - forward - not look back.


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