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Day 563 It's Time To Play and Do We Have To Talk About Weigh Day?

Day 563

It’s Time To Play and Do We Have To Talk About Weigh Day?

I sincerely appreciate all of the wonderful advice and kind words regarding yesterday’s blog. Over the last several months, I’ve received many wonderful comments and e-mails regarding my often times frustrated tone when it comes to my workout routines. I’ve received some wonderful advice and even offers to be virtual “workout partners” in accountability. I sincerely appreciate all of this! And trust, I’ve reached a point where I must buckle down and get to where I want to be. All of the wonderful communication has made it very easy to decide to turn up the accountability factor in the exercise department. Every Sunday post will now include my workout plans and goals for the upcoming week. It’s time to get back to some basics, the consistent fundamentals that brought me this far in the first place.

In reading some of the comments and e-mails I’ve received on this topic, and “listening” to the many personal stories that have been shared---it’s clear to me what is happening, why it’s happening, and what I need to do to correct. My journey has been remarkable so far, I really can’t complain. And I refuse to make another excuse for my lack of effort in the exercise department. I wouldn’t be where I am today had this lax effort settled in early on. That drive and consistency---the kind that made me walk in the rain/snow/sleet storm, that unstoppable attitude---I demand that it return. So busy schedule? Listen up! Feeling wonderful and breathing easy? Spread the word! Confidence in my appearance that I’ve never known before? Check it at the door. It’s time to play.

Yesterday, David at offered this: I don't comment on blogs very much, but after reading your post I actually think I have something to offer up.
When I started my weight loss journey 47 weeks and 4 days ago, I made a decision to work out a minimum of 4 times every week. I also made the decision that I would only do things that I enjoy. I enjoy the elliptical machine, playing soccer, playing tennis, cycling, and running (sometimes). I hate the stationary bike. Working out has to be fun. If I forced myself to ride a stationary bike, I wouldn't have made it this far. Workouts also don't have to mean gyms and sports. A workout can be anything that gets your heart rate into the fat burning zone -- ANYTHING. Consider creating a menu of fun things and then the days you work out you pick the item off the menu that is the most fun. Make it Playing Out instead of Working Out.

Like I said, it’s time to play! Thank you David and to everyone else for the incredible support!!

OK, I’ve avoided the weigh day topic long enough. Today was weigh day. I fully expected a two or three pound loss---putting me solidly into the 250’s for the fist time since I was like, wow…maybe twelve years old? What I got was exactly what I deserved. You see, I think a while back I started taking regular pounds off the scale for granted. If it was weigh day, I would see a loss…it was just automatic in my mind. I’ve prided myself on being a borderline fanatic about my calorie budget and the mental aspects that have kept me on the straight and narrow path to big-time weight loss success. But as we’ve already covered, I’ve allowed myself to rationalize bad choices and a lackluster commitment in the exercise department---while still fully expecting to sail right down the scale like always. Well, I’ve said it many times: You get what you give. And I received a one-pound gain today.

This makes the second time I’ve had a gain, and honestly, I’ve been very lucky that it hasn’t been more. My metabolism and body has been very kind to me, very forgiving. 261 on that scale today really stung. I just knew I would see a new set of numbers. But you know what? It happens to the best of us. I will keep trucking along and adjust where I know I need to adjust---and we’re going to be just fine.

This new exercise commitment starts now. Not next week, or this summer…it’s now. The truth is, I feel so good when I have a great workout. I do! Chris from A Deliberate Life reminded of that feeling with this:

You know, it's funny because many times it's the food I struggle with...wanting to eat some crackers with butter when I know that will put me over my calorie goals. Exercise...I could do it all day. Maybe if I told you what I get out of it, you could see it differently..maybe not. lol. anyways. I was talking to my good friend amber yesterday. She can't run for two months. It really upset her. I know why... She explained it (the exercise thing) better than I ever could. She said "I am making the world around me move by...I am propelling myself forward into the world. Using my strength." That's it. Everytime I get out there, or into the gym...I have created a moment where I have conquered something. Maybe it was my laziness that day. I have that one moment where I have controlled my environment, how I moved in it...I said go, I said stop. I beat the machine...or the five miles...or that hill. Eleven months ago, I couldn't walk a quarter mile. Now I can jog three. I made my body do that. I disciplined my body with my will. You enjoy the food part because you control it, it doesn't control you. Now do the same with your body. You control it, it doesn't control you. You can make it into anything you want it to be. go get em.

I hit the trail tonight feeling good and ready to sweat. It wasn’t that hard, it was still warm---I started jogging at a slow pace and it wasn’t long before the sweat started rolling. I ended up slowly jogging a majority of a 5K. I was very satisfied with this workout! Afterwards I returned home and prepared a chicken breast and green beans. I had some cottage cheese a little later too. The cottage cheese was a treat really, I very rarely allow it in my house, and when I do…it’s in controlled portions. I love cottage cheese a little too much!

I dropped into bed with a renewed spirit. Before I did, I talked with my mom, Amber, and a couple of blogging friends. Everyone had encouraging words, and I thank them for that! I pulled an early April Fools joke on Tammy. When she texted to ask about the weigh-in, I replied with my one pound gain. When she replied asking if I wanted to talk about it, I told her no and that all I wanted to do was “focus on this large pizza and half-gallon of ice cream in front of me---I’m done!” Tammy didn’t believe it for one second. She’s read everyday of this blog, she knows better. And so do I. I needed today. I thank you for helping me get here.

Thank you for reading. Goodnight and…

Good Choices,


  1. David's comment jumped out at me, too. I loved that he looked at exercise as Playing Out, instead of working out, and he said to make up a "menu" of fun things to do. I'm so glad his ideas sparked you! They did for me, too. :-)

  2. This is what it's all about. Helping each other. Giving support when we can, and asking for support when we need it. (Even if one chooses to be anonymous!) I love the idea of playing out rather than working out. Play is what I did to have fun as a kid. Why turn something good into something dreaded? That David is one smart dude. And you are one inspiring guy, Sean, for always telling it to us straight. Thanks to both of you.

  3. I like the way you are counting the days on your weight loss journey. I also liked David's comment. I never thought about making my work outs fun things to do. Keep up the good work.

  4. Lol....I should have BEAT you for that comment yesterday!! I DID have a 2-second heart attack before I realized you were bullsh*tting me...but no, it didn't take long to realize that Sean would NEVER, EVER do something that monumentally stupid. You're only 30 lbs from goal babe...there's no turning back now!!! :)

  5. The scale has been a pain to me as well lately.
    I have been keeping my cals pretty high so I know it's time a drop a few digits off the intake.
    That is what April is for.
    Great job on the workout.
    Kick it in the can...I know you will..

  6. Sean, if you didn't occasionally struggle, we'd hate you because you'd be so perfect and we'd be so jealous. ;) We can count on you to show us, by example, how to handle the struggles. You are solid. Keep your chin up.

  7. "Make it Playing Out instead of Working Out" - I rally like that!! I learnt quite a while ago that, especially as my #1 value is fun, if it's not fun for me I won't do it. At least mot more than once. So a menu of *fun things* sounds perfect for me.

    That TOPS lady is right. If your weight loss journey were perfect, we wouldn't respect (let alone relate to you) as much as we do.

    You are doing FABULOUSLY. Keep up the great work!!

  8. I totally get how much that one pound gain sucks, but I think we all need the occasional reminder to not take any of this for granted. You're back on track and all will be well for next time.
    Thanks for sharing the very insightful comments from Deb and Dave. I love the idea of creating an exercise menu!

  9. The one point I'd add to the "have fun" aspect of working out is to keep pushing yourself. Your body does adapt, albeit slowly, to your getting fitter. That's why it's vital to do a little more, a little longer, a little more intense, to get the same level of benefit. Nobody said any of this was gonna be easy...


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