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Day 574 Dusting Off Forgotten Dreams, The Mexican Indulgence, and Workout Report

Day 574

Dusting Off Forgotten Dreams, The Mexican Indulgence, and Workout Report

My Sunday started out solid, was shaky in the middle, and ended strong. I always start out solid, I have a routine after all, and that routine lays a good foundation for the rest of the day. Or, it's supposed too. Amber and I attended the Playhouse production of “The Cover of Life” this afternoon. It was wonderfully directed and the actors were absolutely incredible. I think Amber secretly shares my love of acting. She's very encouraging for me to continue acting, and I think someday, she'll want to do it too. It was always a dream of mine, completely silenced by my obesity---and one that came roaring out last year in a leading role for “Call Me Henry.” I think that production fueled the same desires in her. It's a beautiful thing really, dusting off forgotten dreams and experiencing life. I was going to say “again,” but many of the experiences this weight loss has afforded me, are ones once only dreamed about. I see those same kind of suppressed dreams in Amber and Courtney both, and I can't wait to watch them come alive someday.

After the play, we were hungry and Amber had very little time before she had to get back to her college campus, so instead of heading home and cooking, we stopped at a favorite little Mexican restaurant. This is where things turn from solid to shaky. My strategy is always the same at this place---and we have enjoyed it several times over the course of me losing 244 pounds, so it's not a bad strategy really. But I must be honest with myself. I over did it on the chips and salsa, I did. I normally allow for about ten chips and salsa, and today I probably doubled that. Easily 400 calories worth, I'm least that's the amount I deducted from my Calorie Bank and Trust account. I never order a meal here, just a crispy beef taco and a crispy chicken taco. I don't need or want the rice and beans, I'm on a budget by golly. It was all good really, but I seriously didn't need to spend 900 calories on this trip, and that's exactly what I did. Of course, that's probably 1500 calories less than I would have devoured pre-journey, so even when it's bad, it's not that bad. And sodium...uh, yeah...OK---new topic please... :)

It's time to come clean on the workout commitments. Oh boy, I knew this paragraph was coming. I meant to get out early enough to do my weight training at the YMCA before the play, but didn't. My fault. My failure. Every one of my stated goals for the week were hit, except for the weight training. I did my non-weighted strength training routine everyday, I did four 5K's, one more than I planned, and I faced and triumphantly conquered my first of many spinning classes. But the weight training, oh my...yep---Just like this entire journey, the weight training was my weak spot. I somehow ended up only doing one weight training session all week. There's just not a good excuse for this. And really, with weight training, the consistency must be there for benefits. I fell two sessions short in that department, and really, I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this...but that's the deal, open and honest. What? You thought I'd be perfect? Well, here's a news flash my friend...I'm not---I never have been, and really, I don't want to even try for perfection. But I've proven that it doesn't take perfection to have phenomenal success. I've had that success and will continue that success in a perfect-imperfect way.

I did my fourth 5K of the week tonight. It was incredible really, almost effortless, and that's exactly why I must continue seeking out greater challenges along this workout road. How will the next week be different? Well, my time frame will be Sunday through Saturday instead of Monday through Sunday. But this upcoming week, I'll be short a day to do this. So---here we are, time to state my workout goals for the next six days. Here we go:

Monday: Morning non-weighted strength training. Weight training at the YMCA and Spinning class at 5:45pm
Tuesday: Morning non-weighted strength training. 5K or better.
Wednesday: Morning non-weighted strength training. Weight training at Y and Spinning class at 5:30pm
Thursday: Morning non-weighted strength training and another 5K or better walk/jog.
Friday: Morning non-weighted strength training and weight training at the YMCA.
Saturday: Morning non-weighted strength training and I will try to arrange a tennis match—if not, then at least a 5K walk/jog.

I'm still working on the bike acquisition, that will be nice! And I'm trying to fix my schedule to include a trip to Stillwater for swimming at least once a week. I believe this is a pretty solid plan. And honestly, it shouldn't be that hard to accomplish. I'm seriously looking forward to tennis with Whit and biking. I must get a bike very soon, I'm getting tired of dreaming and talking about it!

I only had a few hundred calories remaining tonight and that was OK. I grilled a small chicken breast and opened a can of green beans---no cheese. What? Me, eating green beans without cheese? Yes, I can do that when the calorie budget is lean, no problem. They were good. Not as good as when they're covered in melted American cheese, and not even close to being as good as when they're deep fried. I'm kidding, a little bit. I also had a half a banana afterward. Not a bad day really.

Amber made it back to school safely and I made it into the grocery store tonight to buy a few things. Sunday is in the books! And I'm looking forward to a good Monday start of the week!

Oh--and one more thing. Amber and I planned on taking pictures for the shaving of the goatee, but we couldn't find her camera. I'll be doing that with Courtney some time this week. I'll of course share the comical pictures here, as we plan to shave it off in stages, creating many different looks and styles. Fun with facial hair, oh boy!

Thank you for reading! Goodnight and...

Good Choices,

From last years production "Call Me Henry." Dusting off those long forgotten dreams is so very important along this weight loss road. It's very sweet when you realize you're free to live without the chains of morbid obesity.


  1. so where is the shaving nickname isn't the badger for nothin'.
    anywhoozle. I only go to a mexican restaurant once a month...on my no count calories day....and it's the tortilla chips I am aiming for.
    now get to weight training. I do it and I'm a chick.

  2. Glad you had a nice visit with Amber! :)

  3. You didn't ask for advice, so take this for what it's worth... The strength (weight) training? This is what I finally had to do recently when I realized I was managing to avoid it more days than I wanted to admit: I broke it down into smaller chunks, and committed to doing LESS, not more. Yes. Oh my, yes. So, instead of doing my whole repetoire of upper body routines during each session, I now do half of what I had aimed for before. But...and this is a big but (PI), this strategy has actually resulted in a net increase in strength training because I no longer avoid it. The thought of it doesn't overwhelm me. Now where would I get an idea like this? Where would I be inspired to use my superb mental gymnastics to outwit my natural resistance? Yes. Oh my, YES. You! Thanks!

    *tips my cap jauntily to one Sean Anderson*

  4. Just my observation but, seems like your workouts evolve and change every weekend you see one of your girls. Do you do strength training that is body weight based??? ie push ups, crunches, lunges, pull ups, dips etc???? you can do a lot with out actual at the Y weight training. The swimming will build lean muscle too...good for you! I often find myself munching 10 more chips than I planned if they are authentic and fresh, thanks goodness Portland lacks in the good mexican food department says the girl from san diego who used to live on carne asada burritos with guacamole AND sour cream.

  5. I'm with Chris. Mexican only on my no count days, unless I make it at home, of course!

  6. Yep... I'm not perfect either... never will be. But, I keep trying!


  7. I i hear you on the forgotten dreams... Great job on the workouts Sean.

  8. I find Mexican restaurants really challenging. I've been to them through my journey and don't touch the chips/salsa and try and get a grilled chicken oriented item. I've only gone for my wife's birthday and for work meetings at a Chevy's where their grilled chicken salad with the FF salsa is very reasonable on calories. Otherwise, it isn't worth it for me to set foot in the place really.

  9. you always do a good job brother..i still love mexican food but wont touch a burrito anymore..loveya,kelli

  10. I've noticed that whenever you don't meet your workout goals, you post a recent picture of yourself. As if to say, "I didn't do it, but look how pretty I've become anyways!" (It's become kind of a game for me -- and I mean that in the nicest way.) Maybe on those days you want to post a pic of the old Sean, so you remember why you don't want "right now" to be the end of your journey.

  11. I love that you're posting your workout schedule. I may do the same. I could use a little added accountability!

    You've changed so much since this picture was taken! You look great, my friend.


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